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    Fields of Fresh has been in development for about 2 years now, and we need your support for the final stages. We want to provide the best pixel-arted, side-scrolled, action packed, overly dramatic, farming RPG game possible.

    Things we need to fund are our voice actors, musicians to create unique music for the game, spriters and animators.

    This project has grown constantly overtime, with us going from developing the Game in Game Maker to C++. That conversion process has taken up quite the amount of time. If you are tired of all of the bad social farming games, please back our project to support a farming game going to the roots of what a RPG game should really be.

    Thank you for your support.—————————————————————————————————–

    More Screenshots





    On the official release of the game we plan to have exports for Linux, Mac, and Windows.
    -Other platforms we plan to port to is the OpenPandora and possibly the new OUYA console


    Use the Arrows the move
    X = Action/Command Key
    Z = Exit/Stop Key
    C, V, B, N = Used for harvesting, and other reasons
    Mouse = Used in certain menus
    Esc = Exit Game.


    Fields of Fresh is a Farming Simulation/RPG centered around the protagonist Mark Seed.
    In the game, you receive a farm from a man named Mr. Way. After working on the farm, you discover
    valuable allies and enemies. The main enemy/boss in the game is Jezebel, who wishes to run you out
    of business, since you refused to tell her the secret formula to Way Nog. But the story is still
    being sketched out. In the game you can own pigs, cows, sheep, and chicken and raise crops as well.
    Some cutscenes are done, but not everything. Please note, I would love to receive help in finishing
    this game


    Actual Game Site
    Development Blog


    ^^^Simply click the link above to our kickstarter page. Also please share/repost/tweet. We’d really appreciate it!^^^

    Thanks again your support to indie gaming everywhere!

    Ramon Aranda

    Looks like The Adventures of Link (graphically)


    Thanks for the encouragement brah!

    Still a nice little way away from our goal.


    Just posted Update #4 last night too.

    I hope ya like.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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