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    This is the first Battlefield game I have ever bought, I purchased it on Black Friday and I have not had that much time to play the game but there are already things that I have noticed that annoy me. I was a guy who always played the COD games, they were getting a little re-hashed and boring to me (Battlefield may be that way to some of you, but since I’ve never played it, it was something new to me,) so I was hoping Battlefield would be a little bit different, perhaps better.

    While I do think the game is overall better than COD online play here are some of the annoying things that I just cannot stand:

    1. Tactical light – This is a bright light that pretty well completely blinds you from seeing what your enemies look like. However, this works perfectly well in the daylight too. It gives a HUGE advantage to people that have this and I find it to be annoying. Personally, I do not think it should be on there at all but if it is a must then it needs to be patched to reduce the beam. I also think if anyone uses this then it should be auto radar against them, even things out a little bit.

    2. Random Spawn Points – Literally, these are some of the worst in game play. They will put you in direct site of your enemies and you’ll die before you even get started.

    Those are the two biggest I have for now, I may have some more as I continue to play the game.

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