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    I’ve played each of the AC games, the first one had a lot of issues to it, but they were adding a huge map to the gaming world and some new things. I thought they kinked everything out pretty decently with the 2nd game. They continued the story line and made it interesting. However, as I continue to play this game I cannot state how downhill it is going. AC: Brotherhood was a very entertaining game, it was on a very personal level with Desmond and with Ezio as he discovers things as the messenger for Desmond. Some of the improvements of the game were the fighting and having Assassin’s help you out. The storyline was beginning to sink at this game, it just was not as strong as it’s predecessor.

    However, the game was still very good and I decided I would buy AC: Revelations when it came out. This game was beyond disappointing in my eyes. First Ezio goes through a massive age process. This could have been a simple solve by the makers of Assassin’s Creed if they would have aged Ezio in the other games. (Remember, there were spans of 10 or so years that would fly by and you would see no age change.) He looks older than dirt in this game, this isn’t so much of a big deal as what I’m about to go into.

    1. The title itself should be some massive revelations to the game. I, as well as millions of others, were expecting some major revelations and plots. I felt there were questions that were still unanswered from Brotherhood, such as Machivelli, it still seemed as if he was a little bit corrupt. They put Da Vinci in AC II and Brotherhood and it’s not like I was expecting him to be in Revelations, but there could have been some sort of farewell process, this game is struggling with closure at the proper times.

    Then as you play this game the story is becoming a little more dull and boring. They showed this movie of the first civilization, this should not have been toward the end of the game, it was a major, MAJOR, letdown. Then at the end of the game Desmond just says ” I know what we need to do.” Now, Brotherhood ended on a cliff-hanger, while this game ended as a swift kick in the groin.

    Also, let’s not forget about the massive unanswered questions about Lucy. Why did she have to die? Who was she? And why was there little or no mention of her in this game. It’s not going to take long before fans forget about her completely. (I almost forgot about her already.)

    2. Why must you start of dirt poor in every game, it’s so stupid and repetitive. Think about it, you’re filthy rich by the time you end the other games (assuming you opened up all the shops and so on and so forth), why do we always, always, have to start out so poor? I’m sick and tired of waiting to build up funds so I can buy some armor that doesn’t completely suck. AC needs to re-think this. I know you should start out a game with a struggle (which is why I’m not so angry about armor, but damn.)

    3. You don’t get closure with Ezio – So Ezio lays his arms down at the end of the game and tells you to listen. I was thinking maybe Ezio was going to say some wise words or something, or maybe you would get some closure with him. Maybe they are going to add that into the next game, but that would make me angry because that is going to fill up game time for the next one which should have been on this game.

    4. Subject 16 character doesn’t fit – In the other games this guy is like some wise, all knowing guy. In this game he knows everything but just seems like a crazy douche. It just doesn’t seem to fit his character at all and I didn’t like it. I also suppose he got deleted, but he said he would be with you to the end in another game so I’m not actually sure what AC is doing with this one. Once again, you don’t get closure with him.

    5. Why not let Ezio handle rifles? – He has a hidden gun and other Assassin’s use rifles.

    6. Finally, let’s get rid of all this finding 10 of this, or 100 of that or all the treasures. THIS ISN’T GAME PLAY!!!! This is just busy work, it makes you seem like the game is a lot longer than what it actually is and that you didn’t get all that much entertainment for what you are paying .

    Here are some of the things I loved about the game:

    1. Assassin’s den fights – Those were pretty fun to play, I enjoyed holding them off, it was really more strategy based on how you did things but it was very, very entertaining.

    2. They made the fighting a little more difficult with some of the moves and the enemies a little bit stronger.

    3. Altair missions – His missions were extremely fun, this was helping to build the story of Assassin’s Creed and maybe this is what they meant by ‘Revelations’, if this was the case it should have been called Assassin’s Creed: Crap We Should Have Put In The First Games But Just Thought Of It Cause We Aren’t Taking Our Time. It gives you a good background on things and just playing as an improved Altair was fun.

    4. Desmond missions – This was good because it gives you a better background to Desmond, not just some guy picked up off the streets, it really gives you something to work with, once again you can refer to what the title had been with reason #3.

    Overall – this game is decent, decent at best. There is a lot of the same stuff they are doing over and over again. They make it seem like you are getting a lot of game play, and you clearly are not and the story is just getting flat. It’s getting a little bit old of ‘Find this secret location in 6 minutes and so on’ I really wish the company would take its time and think of some new stuff instead of rushing. Unfortunately, I do not think it is going to get better from here, only worse. Far worse.

    They are probably going to add another new character for you to learn about in some point of history (American Revolution maybe?), I wouldn’t see why they wouldn’t add a new character, the Animus has been the key to this whole story, so they can’t ditch it in a snap. They are probably going to start answering stuff about the game that SHOULD have done with this game. Instead of taking their time and making 1 solid, longer game they decided to break it up in what will most likely result in 2 crappy games. It all comes down to the money they want to make off of it. Shame on Ubisoft.

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