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    Titans Clash, the real-time action-RPG and matching game that represents and bring Attack on Titan storyline back in mobile, is now available worldwide for Android and iOS.

    Featuring real-time fast-paced puzzle combat, Titans Clash showcases fine graphics with classical human and titan characters from Attack on Titan story. Players can recruit and train their favorite heroes in their journey of taking back the glory and freedom of humanity

    1. Real-time and fast paced puzzle combat. Each player has to consider not only the training and enhancing of heroes to conquer tough quests, Titans Clash is also a game combined with tactical match-up battle features. The more skill blocks matched, the more devastating hero attacks will be. Furthermore, the symbolic “Vertical Maneuver Gear” is also involved in battle, which makes the whole game more “AoT” likes.

    2. One Hit Kill to wipe out titans. The game restores the coolest “One Hit Kill” QTE system, it allows players to trigger and slash to the back nape of Titans, the only weak point of them, in order to cause great damage and finish battle quickly.

    3. Besides above game system in Titans Clash, there are numerous tasks await you to conquer. If you favor in PVP, try to fight your way up to the Top!

    Download for free now!
    Google Play :….aotol2.ggplay
    AppStore :…l=zh&ls=1&mt=8

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