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Gunpey EX WonderSwan Color Review – H4G

by hard4gameson October 8, 2015
H4G reviews Gunpey EX for the JAPAN-ONLY WonderSwan Color! Gunpey EX was named after the beloved creator of the Gameboy and WonderSwan, Gunpei Yokoi. The EX version is a colorized remake of the original Gunpey, and was released for the Bandai system in 2000. MORE WonderSwan INFO: We produce the in-depth reviews on the […]

GGTV – Halo 5 Details and Gameplay with Josh Holmes and Quinn DelHoyo

by Steve Masterson September 28, 2015
Time to get all the scope from Josh Holmes and Quinn DelHoyo from 343 on the all new Halo 5: Guardians, including details and gameplay footage from the campaign and multiplayers modes. Check it out!

LSD: Dream Emulator – on Absinthe

by hard4gameson September 24, 2015
LSD: Dream Emulator for the PSX – on Absinthe. Released in 1998 and only in Japan, LSD is a first-person experience in a psychedelic dream world. Check out our Animator/Illustrator’s Site:

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12 Is Better Then 6 is The First Kickstarter I Backed

by killatiaon September 21, 2015
  Killatia was given the chance to check out the Kickstarter game 12 Is Better Then 6 by Ink Stain Games. How is this Wild-West-style top down shooter? So good that he backed the project with his own money! If you are interested in backing this awesome game check out the Kickstarter page: Link for […]

GGTV – Logitech Showcase with Vincent Tucker

by Steve Masterson September 18, 2015
Vincent Tucker Director at Logitech G Gives us all the details on the G920 Driving Force wheel pedal and shifter and as bonus we talk about the Artemis Spectrum Headphones as well. Check it out!


Metal Warriors – SNES Retro Review

by hard4gameson September 17, 2015
Metal Warriors! An expensive hidden gem that was developed by LucasArts and published by Konami for the Super Nintendo. What are your memories of this game? Is it something you’d pick-up? Join us on social media!
smm stage on smash WiiU 3DS

Super Mario Maker Stage Coming To Super Smash Brothers Wii U & 3DS Sept. 30th!

by killatiaon September 14, 2015
Yes the latest craze on the Nintendo Wii U, Super Mario Maker, will be getting its own special stage in Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS. Just like in Mario Maker the stage will be designed differently each time you selected thanks to the hand. It will also fixed up and broken boxed […]
Elemental Gimmick Gear THUMB HD

E.G.G – Elemental Gimmick Gear Dreamcast Review

by hard4gameson September 12, 2015
DREAMCAST fans: H4G reviews E.G.G / Elemental Gimmick Gear, a beautifully hand-drawn hidden GEM for the console. Support Hard4Games!


GGTV – 17 Minutes of Clandestine Gameplay with Alex Mintsioulis

by Steve Masterson September 9, 2015
Alex Mintsioulis, Marketing and PR Manager at Logic Artists Gives us a run-through of this asymmetrical co-op spy thriller where one person plays as 3rd person and the other plays as a windowed 2D hacker. Check it out!
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: New Trailer and Details for Hearts of Stone Expansion

by Jeffrey Harrison September 8, 2015
CD Projekt Red announced this week some new details for the first story expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, including the release date and a new preview video. You can check out the preview in the player below. The Hearts of Stone Expansion will launch next month on October 13. According to CD Projekt […]
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Ura Zelda – DeepWood Shrine Beta Dungeon Re-Creation

by hard4gameson September 6, 2015
H4G demos the new Ura Zelda DeepWood Shrine from Project Beta Triforce!   The DeepWood Shrine is based on the prototype/unused Temple of the Woods or early Deku Tree. The goal of the project is to bring to light possible development/beta elements from the pre-release version of Ocarina of Time. These include not only textures, […]