GGTV – 12 Minutes of Path of Exile: Ascendancy Gameplay with Chris Wilson

by Steve Masterson November 20, 2015
Chris Wilson is back from Grinding Gear Games to give a sneak peak at the new expansion for Path of Exile, Ascendancy. Check it out!
Pepcom JLab Audio

GGTV – Pepcom 2015: JLab Audio Bluetooth Headphones and Earbuds with Terra Teat

by Steve Masterson November 19, 2015
Terra Teat, Senior Brand Marketing Manager at JLab Audio Shows us their Epic earbuds, JBuddies and Flex headphones. Check it out!

GGTV – 5 Minutes of Adrift Gameplay with Adam Orth

by Steve Masterson November 18, 2015
Adam Orth, Creative Direktor at 505 Games, shows us what he’s been working on for the last two years, Adrift. It’s amazing, check it out!

Jenny LeClue

GGTV – Jenny LeClue Gameplay Demo with Joe Russ

by Steve Masterson November 16, 2015
Joe Russ from Mografi is here to show us a little bit of the Jenny LeClue playable teaser. Check it out! at
crypt thumb hd 2

Crypt of the NecroDancer Review – H4G

by hard4gameson November 16, 2015
H4G reviews Crypt of the NecroDancer! Released in 2015, this rhythm roguelike was published by Klei Entertainment and developed by Brace Yourself Games. We produce the in-depth reviews on the old-school games you love. H4G Game Reviews is a YouTube channel featuring high quality and unique gaming videos! We cover rare and retro games, game […]

Afterglow Review

Gaming With Killatia Afterglow Prismatic Xbox One Controller Review

by killatiaon November 14, 2015
Whats this? A new Afterglow controller for the Xbox one? You bet Killatia’s gonna check this one out! Youtube Channel: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Website:
DoD Rising Thunder

GGTV – 3 Rising Thunder Matches with Seth Killian

by Steve Masterson November 13, 2015
Seth Killian has a new free to play fighting game he wants you to try, Rolling Thunder. Check it out!
Pepcom Playmation

GGTV – Pepcom 2015: Playmation Marvel’s Avengers Info with Elise Leonard

by Steve Masterson November 12, 2015
Claymation has a brand new way to play with wearable gear, smart figurines, power activators and an app all coming together. Check it out!

Zeno Mira

GGTV – Zeno Promenade 2015: Mira Smart Jewelry with Suzanne H. EL-Moursi

by Steve Masterson November 11, 2015
Jumping back to Zeno Promenade we find out from Suzanne H. EL-Moursi, Creative Director at Mira, that fitness and fashion can go hand in hand with their smart jewelry. Check it out!
Pepcom Master Lock

GGTV – Pepcom 2015: Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock and More with Cris Smyczek

by Steve Masterson November 10, 2015
Cris Smyczek, Product Manager at Master Lock shows what they got lined up including the new Bluetooth enable smart padlock. Check it out!
Pepcom PDP

GGTV – Pepcom 2015: PDP Afterglow Headset and Controller with Jake Strouckel

by Steve Masterson November 9, 2015
Meanwhile back at Pepcom we catch up with Jake Strouckel from Performance Designed Products who’s showing off their Afterglow line up this year. Check it out!