Review | Paper Mario: Color Splash

by Adam Larckon October 21, 2016
Paper Mario: Sticker Star was a good direction for the Paper Mario series. Sure, it was polarizing for some, but it made for a good risk/reward system and a fun game. Now, the Wii U Paper Mario: Color Splash has taken everything that made the 3DS game good and improved on it, making this one […]

Review | Dragon Quest Builders

by Adam Larckon October 21, 2016
Years later, Minecraft is still a fairly big phenomenon. Sure, it’s not as big as it once was, but it still has a pretty large following. One thing the block builder always lacked was a full story mode, though. Something to make your building really feel accomplishing and wanting you to progress forward. Dragon Quest […]

Review | MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies (PC)

by Charlie Grammeron October 17, 2016
  MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies recently arrived on the Steam scene, aiming to bring some hack and slash fun to PC that it did on Vita. Story The story takes place in GamiAcademi, a school which the diety-like CPUs utilize to learn and become closer to their people.. Gamicademi is on the brink […]


Review | Touhou: Scarlet Curiousity (PS4)

by Charlie Grammeron October 10, 2016
Before we dive into the review, here’s a quick bit of background for those that may not know. The Touhou series began twenty years ago as a budget indie bullet hell title in Japan, and, over the years, managed to grow into quite a phenomenon. There are now over a dozen official games, but there are hundreds […]

Review | E-Blue Auroza FPS EMP011 Mousepad

by Josh Boykinon October 10, 2016
You’re probably thinking, “Why are you reviewing a mousepad? Seriously?” When I saw the box for the E-Blue Auroza Mousepad I thought the same thing, really. “Oh, it’s a mousepad. Great.” Turns out it’s actually one of my new favorite pieces of hardware on my desk. Tons of us have encountered those traditional, throwaway mousepads that […]


Review | E-Blue Auroza EHS 950 Gaming Headset

by Josh Boykinon October 10, 2016
If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times: a quality gaming headset is one of the best ways to dramatically improve your gaming experience. Even just using headphones is better than most TV speakers, but headsets deliver better sound and clearer communication with teammates and rivals.E-Blue Gaming sent over their newest audio hardware for review, […]

Gaming With Killatia MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies

by killatiaon October 10, 2016
Halloween is around the corner so not not talk about a game with zombies in it? Today on Gaming With Killatia we take a look at MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies Youtube Channel: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Website:

Review | Enhance GX-H3 Headset

by Adam Larckon October 9, 2016
Wrapping up our reviews of the budget gaming accessory Enhance line is the GX-H3 headset, one that can easily support gamers, no matter what side they like the mic on. The headset goes great with the mouse reviewed a few days ago, coming with a blue and black design style (don’t worry, if you weren’t […]


Review | E-Blue Auroza FPS Gaming Mouse

by Josh Boykinon October 8, 2016
When it comes to gaming hardware, the mouse is a critical component to success. When you’re PC gaming, an enjoyable mouse improves the entire experience. E-Blue Gaming sent over the Auroza FPS Gaming Mouse for us to check out and review. Boasting an 8200 DPI sensor, the Auroza offers a lot of power at a budget price. Overall, […]

Review | E-Blue FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

by Josh Boykinon October 8, 2016
Plenty of companies want to take advantage of the passion games have for their hardware. PC gamers want great function and great fashion as well, and much of this shows through the choice of keyboard. E-Blue Gaming sent over a sample of their FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for review, and we tested it out. Though […]

Review | Enhance GX-M2 Mouse

by Adam Larckon October 5, 2016
Continuing with the Enhance line of reviews, we now have the GX-M2, the blue and black mouse. While the image above may have the mouse looking odd, keep in mind that it does come in traditional black as well for those that want a more standard looking mouse. Personally, I liked the different touch compared […]