GGTV – Pepcom Holiday 2017: Modern Movement M-Pad with Tom Holland

by Steve Masterson November 8, 2017
Next stop at the holiday show is with Tom Holland, Fitness Advisor for Modern Movement who’s showing us their M-Pad dynamic balance training board, which allow you to become a better snowboarder, surfer, or whatever balance sport drives your passion. Check it out!

GGTV – Pepcom 2017: Lenovo Yoga 920 Laptop, Explorer VR & Jedi Challenges with Kelly Corrigan

by Steve Masterson October 27, 2017
Our last stop at Pepcom might be the best with Kelly Corrigan Product Technologist at Lenovo whos showing us their Yoga 920 Laptop, the Explorer Mixed Reality VR system & Jedi Challenges. Check it out! Pepcom, Lenovo, Explorer, Mixed Reality, VR, Jedi Challenges, Kelly Corrigan, Steve Masters, GotGame

Impressions from the Dragon Ball FighterZ Closed Beta

by David Pooleon September 19, 2017
This past weekend, Bandai Namco held their closed beta test for their popular fighting game, Dragon Ball FighterZ. It wasn’t easy to get a code to participate, but we at GotGame were lucky enough to obtain one to give the new characters a test drive. Since the test was only at certain times, I was […]

Preview | GRAVEL

by Josh Boykinon September 13, 2017
Racing games these days seem to scratch one of two itches: simulation, or kart racing. Series like Forza and Project Cars reach for realism, with tons of customizable car parts and unforgiving controls. If that’s not your speed, there’s always Mario Kart and the like: light customization, weapons, booby traps… It’s been a while since […]

SDCC 2017 Preview | Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

by David Pooleon July 26, 2017
Square-Enix allowed fans from all over the world to try out their newest fighting game, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, at San Diego Comic-Con 2017. Not only did they give players some casual free-play, but they even hosted a tournament with lots of cool prizes. During the casual play, I was given a chance to get […]

Watch us stream Earthfall today, a Left 4 Dead-style FPS

by Josh Boykinon July 17, 2017
Valve doesn’t seem to like the number “3.” Whether it’s Half-Life, DOTA, or Left 4 Dead, Valve seems perfectly happy leaving us hanging for years. That doesn’t mean other developers aren’t trying to scratch those itches, though. Holospark, a developer based out of Bellvue, Washington, is working on an FPS that brings Left 4 Dead […]

E3 2017 Preview | Outreach with Adam Harrington

by David Pooleon June 27, 2017
Gambitious Digital Entertainment and developer Pixel Spill invited GotGame during E3 2017 for a hands-on demo of their new title, Outreach. Developed for PC and Mac, the game aims to take players back in time to the 1980s during the Cold War. Backed by talent like Adam Harrington (Bigby Wolf in The Wolf Among Us […]

E3 2017 Preview | Elex

by David Pooleon June 27, 2017
During E3 2017, THQ Nordic invited GotGame once again to check out Piranha Bytes’ upcoming action RPG, Elex. The game was shown to us at last year’s E3, but THQ Nordic wanted to show just how far the development has come. Elex is a brand new IP that merges science fiction, fantasy, and medieval elements […]

E3 2017 Preview | Bionik Accessories to Power Up Console Gaming

by Josh Boykinon June 26, 2017
E3’s main highlight is the games, but many companies show up to debut new hardware, too. Though we generally remember the cheap, off-brand controllers we used years ago, third-party hardware’s come a long way. Bionik focuses on hardware to optimize console gaming experiences, creating hardware for both casual and dedicated gamers. I spoke with Head […]

E3 2017 Preview | Super Mario Odyssey

by David Pooleon June 21, 2017
Nintendo is always a fun place to check out during E3, whether it be to see their fantastic displays, or to see the awesome games they have to showcase. Last year, they went all in with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but this year, they had a bit of a different strategy. […]

E3 2017 Preview | Absolver is a mind-over-thumbs fighter

by Josh Boykinon June 20, 2017
E3 always brings plenty of new games, and the indie games at the Devolver Digital lot, usually make a splash. Developer Sloclap brought a fighting game that takes a different approach to the genre: Absolver. Wearing a mask of a “Prospect” that makes you immune to hunger, thirst, and death, you fight others to prove […]