GGTV – AirSelfie Demo with Edoardo Stroppiana

by Steve Masterson November 17, 2016
What would you get if you had a drone that could fit in your phone case? You’d have an AirSelfie of course! Edoardo Scroppiana is here to give a live demo. Check it out!

GGTV – 10 Minutes of Watchdogs 2 Gameplay with Danny Belanger

by Steve Masterson October 24, 2016
Danny Belanger, Game Director at Ubisoft gives us all the skinny while we get a few minutes to play Watchdogs 2. Check it out!

GGTV – LEGO Dimensions Preview with Arthur Parsons

by Steve Masterson September 21, 2016
Arthur Parsons, Head of Design at Travellers Tales gives us some of the finer details on the upcoming LEGO Dimensions update. Check it out!

Conquering Melee Combat for Glory in For Honor

by Josh Boykinon September 16, 2016
If there’s one benefit to Assassin’s Creed moving to a bi-yearly release cycle, it’s that it makes space to show off other games in the off-years. Ubisoft brought three titles to PAX West 2016 for press to get their hands on, including For Honor, the upcoming multiplayer title where players cross swords as Vikings, medieval knights, and Samurai […]

Superpowers and Poo Powers Collide in South Park: The Fractured But Whole

by Josh Boykinon September 16, 2016
South Park: The Stick of Truth was 2015’s surprise smash RPG hit. The gameplay felt a bit shallow, but the visuals and comedy felt ripped straight out of an episode of the show. Featuring loads of potty humor and vulgarity, Stick of Truth left fans begging for more. There’s a new South Park game on the way, […]

Steep’s Open-World Just Might Get Me Back on the Virtual Slopes

by Josh Boykinon September 15, 2016
Ubisoft revealed Steep at E3 this year, an open-world winter sports exploration kept hush for quite some time. The last time I truly dug in to a winter sports title was 1080 Snowboarding, the Nintendo 64’s downhill racing/trick festival featuring anthropomorphic pandas and giant snowboard-able ice patches. That was a long time ago. When Steep comes out, all that […]

Depth and Story Lead Torment: Tides of Numanera

by Josh Boykinon September 9, 2016
DISCLAIMER: Josh Boykin backed this game on Kickstarter in April 2013. It’s been years since the $20 I put into inXile’s hands was supposed to turn into Torment: Tides of Numenera, but the project’s become a wholly different beast since that time. Originally shooting for a $900,000 target, the game funded to the tune of […]

Preview | Wands takes mobile VR to a competitive level

by David Pooleon August 18, 2016
Virtual Reality is still finding its footing in the mainstream world, though not because it hasn’t caught on. There’s a ton of interest in VR games, and it continues to be a new avenue that developers and publishers show interest in. Though it has a lot of interest, the fact that there are several different […]

Preview | Demons Age (PC)

by Charlie Grammeron August 17, 2016
We recently had the chance to check out the new role-playing game, Demons Age via an early build. How will the current version of the upcoming title hold up? Story The story is fairly generic, honestly. Originally the races of Demons Age lived in peace, but then the humans came around and, by utilizing trade routes and greed, basically […]

Preview | Dropzone puts the “sport” in eSports

by David Pooleon August 12, 2016
RTS (Real Time Strategy) and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games are definitely no stranger to the world of eSports, with popular titles like StarCraft II and League of Legends taking center stage on the competitive scene. Despite this, there are still a lot of elements in these games that don’t typically apply to the […]

E3 2016 | PDP Steps Up the Peripheral Game

by Josh Boykinon June 30, 2016
I won’t kid, one of my favorite surprise announcements this year came out of the Microsoft camp: custom-painted Xbox One controllers. Sure, practically all controllers do the same things, but there’s something special about using a controller that you’ve specially chosen for you based on your interests. Make no mistake though, Microsoft isn’t the only […]