Brawl is like Bomberman spawned from nightmares

by David Pooleon May 24, 2015
Welcome to the Emporium, an abandoned department store where horrific creations thrive. Brawl is an action game focused on multiplayer, using strategic elements and efficient trap placement as the key to victory. Much like the Bomberman franchise, this game uses a grid-like map for characters to maneuver on. Destroying crates yields the possibility of revealing […]
3d realms

The 3D Realms Anthology Has Some Good Gems In This Collection

by killatiaon May 19, 2015
Whether you got it straight from 3D Realms website last or the recently released Steam version there no denying the value in this collection even without the sales. 32 games from the company’s archive for about $40 is a steal when you take into account that’s almost every games they have ever developed and published. While this […]

GGTV – CES 2015: Zano Mini-drones with Reece Crowther

by Steve Masterson May 18, 2015
Whats cooler than a mini-drone? Absolutely nothing thatapos;s what! Reece Crowther shows us Zano mini-drones in our final CES video for 2015. Check it out! Like this: Like Loading...


GGTV – 8 More Minutes of In Depth Rocket League Gameplay with Jeremy Dunham

by Steve Masterson May 15, 2015
Rockets, cars and soccer who could ask for anything more. Jeremy Dunham, Director of Marketing and Communications at Psyonix gives us an8 minutes preview of the fun. Check it out! Like this: Like Loading...

GGTV – 22 Minutes of Van Helsing 3 Gameplay with Viktor Juhász & Linda Bozoradi

by Steve Masterson May 13, 2015
Viktor Juhász and Linda Bozoradi from Neocore Games are here to show us 22 minutes of the upcoming final installment in the Van Helsing series. Check it out! Like this: Like Loading...
The Hunter_AITD_GamerU

Alone In The Dark: Illumination — The Hunter Character Preview II

by GamerUon May 11, 2015
In Alone In The Dark: Illumination, The Hunter is undeniably one of the most powerful characters in Atari’s upcoming action-horror game. This comes across pretty clear the first time players see him roasting approaching enemies with his flamethrower. And now, in the second part of The Hunter’s AITD: Illumination preview, players have the opportunity to discover even more about […]

ARK - Hunting

Survival, Story, and Dinosaurs: Inside ARK: Survival Evolved

by Josh Boykinon May 11, 2015
With survival sandbox games like DayZ, Don’t Starve, and State of Decay taking up plenty of time in gamers’ days, there’s interest in the market for a new take on the genre. Studio Wildcard thinks it has the solution to breathe some fresh air in to the space: take your open-world survival game, add nonlinear […]
AITD_The Priest_GamerU

Alone in The Dark: Illumination — The Priest Character Preview

by GamerUon May 6, 2015
In Alone In The Dark: Illumination, The Priest uses his enhanced spiritual power to annihilate the evil taking refuge in the town of Lorwich, Va. Possessing huge reserves of spiritual energy, he’s able to both heal his companions and execute powerful attacks when confronting the evil forces in Atari’s upcoming action-horror video game.   GamerU provides players with […]
SmuggleCraft - Header

Preview | Hands-On with SmuggleCraft

by Josh Boykinon May 5, 2015
EDIT: Originally the story said there is no crafting in SmuggleCraft; in fact, there will be a crafting system used to create new ship parts used to customize the hovercraft. Also, Ben Triola was noted as a lead programmer; though he has done some programming, he actually is the gameplay designer and producer. To dispel […]

The Engineer_GamerU

Alone in The Dark: Illumination — The Engineer Character Preview

by GamerUon April 28, 2015
In Alone in The Dark: Illumination, the Engineer has chosen to use her talents to combat the evil lurking within the darkness. Possessing ingenuity and intellect, and motivated by an intense desire to surpass her father, the Engineer has always been drawn to machines. And since light sources are scarce in Alone in The Dark: Illumination, […]
LEGO Jurassic World_Screenshot_1

GGTV – GDC 2015: LEGO Jurassic World Sneak Peak with Mike Taylor

by Steve Masterson April 24, 2015
What could possibly be better than LEGO and dinosaurs? Absolutely nothing! Check it out! Like this: Like Loading...
The Hell Hound_GamerU_AITD

Alone In The Dark: Illumination Character Preview — The Hell Hound

by GamerUon April 23, 2015
In Alone In The Dark: Illumination, rather than trying to escape from enemies, it’s often best to stand and fight. This is definitely the case when confronted by the “Hell Hound.” Possessing incredible speed and power, the “Hell Hound” is one enemy not to be underestimated. With its keen senses and ravenous appetite, combined with […]