GGTV – Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Details with Atsuo Yoshimura

by Steve Masterson February 23, 2015
Atsuo Yoshimura, Global Producer at Bandai Namco gives us all the scoop on the new Dark Souls 2 DLC. Check it out! Like this: Like Loading...

GGTV – 17 Minutes of Toukiden: Kiwami Gameplay with Takashi Morinaka

by Steve Masterson February 20, 2015
Takashi Morinaka gives us the grand tour of the Action RPG Toukiden sequel, Toukiden: Kiwami. Check it out! Like this: Like Loading...

GGTV – Bladestorm: Nightmare Gameplay with Hidetoshi Nakatsukasa

by Steve Masterson February 18, 2015
Hidetoshi Nakatsukasa plays Bladestorm: Nightmare for 8 minutes with us, check it out! Like this: Like Loading...


GGTV – Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Skinny with Tom Lee

by Steve Masterson February 13, 2015
Tom Lee Creative Director at Team NINJA gives all the revealing details in the final revision to Dead or Alive 5. Like this: Like Loading...

GGTV – Dragon Ball XenoVerse Details with Christopher Sabat

by Steve Masterson February 9, 2015
Christopher Sabat, need we say anything else? Details and voices galore in this interview! Check it out! Like this: Like Loading...

GGTV – Mortal Kombat X In Depth with Brian Goodman

by Steve Masterson February 6, 2015
Brian Goodman from NetherRealm gives us all the juicy details on Mortal Kombat X including the new Living Towers and the Faction War gameplay modes. Like this: Like Loading...


GGTV – 3 Worlds and 1 Boss, Shiftlings Gameplay Demo with Andrew Petrie

by Steve Masterson February 5, 2015
Check out this physics puzzle game with a twist! Event Horizon 5:00 Hyperactivia 8:52 Veraville Boss Level 10:50 Earth 2.0 14:15 Like this: Like Loading...
Namco Godzilla

GGTV – Godzilla Gameplay with Mark Religioso

by Steve Masterson February 2, 2015
Mark Religioso from Namco Bandai gives an update on what monster mashing cityscape bashing fun we can expect from Godzilla. Like this: Like Loading...
Arkham Knight

Top 5 Most Anticipated Features of Batman: Arkham Knight

by Jeffrey Harrison January 31, 2015
The release of Batman: Arkham Knight is only four months away. Come June 2, Rocksteady Studios hopes to release the developer’s magnum opus of the Batman: Arkham Trilogy. It will be Rocksteady’s last Batman game, and the company hopes to culminate the franchise with a bang. With the release drawing so much closer, I want […]


Preview | DmC Devil May Cry: Definition Edition

by Ramon Arandaon January 28, 2015
The Devil May Cry reboot seemed to divide fans, whether it was due to the overall style or the change in look of Dante himself. Nonetheless, the game was still pretty good for the Xbox 360 and PS3. However, Capcom is going to be remastering the game by way of DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive […]

Preview | Hands-on with Barry and Raid Mode in Resident Evil: Revelations 2

by David Pooleon January 27, 2015
It’s been a good few months since the last time I played Resident Evil: Revelations 2, having done a good run through part of the first episode of the campaign with Claire Redfield and newcomer Moira Burton.  As new information surfaced and we creep closer to the release date, Capcom gave me the opportunity to […]
Supreme League of Patriots - True Believers

Preview | Supreme League of Patriots

by Josh Boykinon January 26, 2015
I feel a twinge of guilt every time I see the Cognition series from Phoenix Online Studios in my Steam queue; Phoenix Online brands itself as a company focused on story, and I always love a game with great storytelling. I couldn’t look away anymore though when I heard about Supreme League of Patriots: a […]