Preview | Riders of Icarus

by Josh Boykinon May 27, 2016
Mounts aren’t unusual in MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars, but a whole game that revolves around mounts? Nexon’s newest game does just that: players in Riders of Icarus explore the land in search of new, powerful mounts with special abilities. I checked out a small demo that Nexon hosted to show off the gameplay […]

GGTV – HTC Vive Preview and Product Roundup

by Steve Masterson May 25, 2016
We get inside a few of the launch titles and some of the other new products from HTC. Check it out!
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Preview | Grand Kingdom

by Charlie Grammeron May 6, 2016
PlayStation 4 and Vita gamers looking for a great tactical turn-based role-playing game may have their wishes fulfilled when MonoChro and Nippon Ichi Software America unleash Grand Kingdom on June 21, 2016. The game, featuring a vibrant and colorful 2D art-style, places you in the shoes of the leader of a band of mercenaries, one hundred years after […]

Valkyria Chronicles_20151218093807

Preview | Valkryia Chronicles Remastered

by David Pooleon May 4, 2016
Sega was kind enough to give GotGame the opportunity to play an advance copy of Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, releasing exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Releasing back in 2008 on the PlayStation 3 and 2014 for PC, Valkyria Chronicles has become a sort of cult favorite in the previous generation of games. With an innovative take […]

LawBreakers First Impressions (Updated 4/30/16)

by Charlie Grammeron April 26, 2016
Update: Finally got the videos to cooperate, and have shared the versions with commentary. Recently I was lucky enough to travel to Raleigh, North Carolina and check out the upcoming title from Cliff Bleszinski (well known for his work on the iconic Gears of War series) and his team at Boss Key Productions, LawBreakers.  After playing a couple […]


10 Minutes of Necropolis Gameplay with Christopher Kohnert

by Steve Masterson April 25, 2016
Christopher Bohnert, CTO and Project Lead on Necropolis gets us inside the game. Check it out!

Preview | Ray Gigant

by Charlie Grammeron April 22, 2016
The latest dungeon-crawling epic from Experience Inc., Ray Gigant, is set to bring quite the grand adventure to the PlayStation Vita on May 3, 2016. How does it compare to previous titles by the studio, such as Stranger of Sword City? To begin with, Ray Gigant places more emphasis on story compared to their previous dungeon-crawling role-playing games. If you […]

GGTV – Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Gameplay with David Bonacci

by Steve Masterson April 22, 2016
David Bonacci, Brand Manager at Bandai Namco, gives us some exclusive gameplay with Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade. Check it out!


GGTV – Ziro Robotics Kit Demo with Raja Jasti and Tanuj Siddharth

by Steve Masterson April 18, 2016
Raja Jasti and Tanuj Siddhartha are here from ZeroUI to show off their new Ziro Robotics Kits. Check it out!

GGTV – GDC 2016: Manus VR Glove Preview with Maarten Witteveen

by Steve Masterson April 6, 2016
Maarten Witteveen is here to show us why a glove is just as important a part of the VR experience as the headset. Check it out!

GGTV – GDC 2016: KOI Gameplay Demo with Larry Hu

by Steve Masterson March 31, 2016
Ever wondered what life would be like as a goldfish? Well wonder no more Larry Hu from Oasis Games gives us a first hand look at KOI. Check stout!