GGTV – E3 2105: Guitar Hero Live Details with Jonathan Napier

by Steve Masterson July 2, 2015
Jonathan Napier Development Director at FreeStyleGames gives us all the inside scoop on the newest addition to the Guitar Hero series including the all new guitar controller. Check it out! Like this: Like Loading...

Preview | Into The Stars

by David Pooleon June 30, 2015
Many gamers having grown up with the classic title Oregon Trail, developer Fugitive Games have decided to create a similar experience for a modern generation of gamers. Instead of using threats and dangers of the western frontier however, their journey takes the player across space. Into the Stars is like Star Trek meets Oregon Trail, […]

E3 2015 Preview | Owning the skies in Strike Vector EX

by David Pooleon June 27, 2015
PC players have been enjoying the multiplayer dog-fighting of Strike Vector for over a year now, but now the title is coming to Xbox One and PS4, and it’s bringing a brand new single-player campaign. Running on Unreal Engine 4, an upgrade from the PC version running Unreal Engine 3, Ragequit Corporation brings fast action […]


E3 2015 Preview | Enter Röckheim with the Super Dungeon Bros.

by David Pooleon June 27, 2015
In what feels like a combination of Castle Crashers and the classic Gauntlet, developer React Games brings us Super Dungeon Bros. Giving an isometric view and procedurally generating dungeons, the game encourages on or offline co-op with up to four players. The game stars four protagonists (brotagonists?) that are all named after iconic rock and […]
Mad Max

GGTV – E3 2015: Mad Max Update with Marcus Andrews

by Steve Masterson June 26, 2015
What’s more awesome than Mad Max’s dystopian future car battles? Actually getting to take part in them! That’s exactly what Mad Max the game gives you, check it out! Like this: Like Loading...
Lego Avengers

GGTV – E3 2015: LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Preview with Phillip Ring

by Steve Masterson June 24, 2015
Everything is cooler when it’s made out of LEGO and The Avengers are no exception. Phillip Ring, Executive Producer at TT Games gives us some scoop on the newest LEGO game. Check it out! Like this: Like Loading...

Skylanders SuperChargers_Sky Slicer and Stealth Elf 1

GGTV – E3 2015: Skylanders: SuperChargers Sneak Peak with Josh Taub and Karthik Bala

by Steve Masterson June 23, 2015
First stop at the Activision booth is Skylanders: SuperCharger. Josh Taub and Karthik Bala gives us all the details this radical new chapter in the Skylanders series. Check it out! Like this: Like Loading...
Just Dance

GGTV – E3 2015: Just Dance 2016 Live Gameplay Demo with Marine De La Seiglière

by Steve Masterson June 22, 2015
Time to get into the groove with Marine De La Seiglière and some dancers from Ubisoft. Check it out! Like this: Like Loading...

E3 2015 Preview | Cuphead will make players thirsty for more

by David Pooleon June 19, 2015
Indie developer Studio MDHR has come up with a nifty little game in the form of Cuphead. It may not be releasing till next year, but from what was seen here at E3, it should be one of the titles people should keep in mind. Cuphead may look like a 1930’s era animated cartoon, a […]


E3 2015 Preview | Playing Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson can be a challenge

by David Pooleon June 19, 2015
To clarify, it isn’t that the game is overly hard to play, though that isn’t to say the game is easy either. No, the challenge of playing Tamsoft’s little “busty” brawler is due to the fact that it heavily consists of softcore eroticism. Nintendo luckily drew a line as to make it so that the […]

E3 2015 Preview | Adam Jensen gets upgraded in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

by David Pooleon June 19, 2015
Being a huge fan of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the sequel to the hit cyberpunk stealth-action game was already sounding pretty captivating. Square-Enix and Eidos Montreal invited GotGame to a private demo of the game, giving a bit more detail on the story, as well as the new features of the combat. The demo starts […]
E3 J-Stars

GGTV – E3 2015: J-Stars Victory VS+ Gameplay with Dennis Lee

by Steve Masterson June 19, 2015
Last stop with the folks at Bandai Namco is with Dennis Lee who gives us a full battle of gameplay in J-Stars Victory VS+. Check it out! Like this: Like Loading...