PDP grabbed the license to make the official Titanfall 2 headsets and controller.

E3 2016 | PDP Steps Up the Peripheral Game

by Josh Boykinon June 30, 2016
I won’t kid, one of my favorite surprise announcements this year came out of the Microsoft camp: custom-painted Xbox One controllers. Sure, practically all controllers do the same things, but there’s something special about using a controller that you’ve sp...
Crush Your Enemies - Bomb

E3 2016 Preview | Crush foes using real-time strategy in “Crush Your Enemies”

by Josh Boykinon June 28, 2016
Gambitious Entertainment shared a tent with Devolver Digital this year at E3; they’re two different companies but share a indie-like style to their games. One of my favorite games I played at E3 2016 was Vile Mona...

E3 2016 Preview | Batman: The Telltale Series

by David Pooleon June 28, 2016
Telltale Games has made quite the name for themselves with their point-and-click style adventure games. From the award winning The Walking Dead to The Wolf Among Us, this team has shown time and time again that they can deliver fantastic stories with deep and engagin...

ELEX - Combat

E3 2016 Preview | Elex Shows a “Science-Fantasy” World, Pits Logic Against Emotion

by Josh Boykinon June 27, 2016
We in the gaming world are no strangers to open-world sci-fi or fantasy games, but what about a game that’s both sci-fi AND fantasy? Nordic Games and Piranha Bytes proposes just that situation with their upcoming “sc...

E3 2016 Preview | The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

by David Pooleon June 22, 2016
Nintendo was going full force (Triforce?) with their newest entry in the Legend of Zelda franchise at E3 this year, and they didn’t disappoint. Packing in over 140 demo stations of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it was easily one of the ...


E3 2016 Preview | Attack On Titan

by Josh Boykinon June 20, 2016
Anime fans around the world await 2017, the year when the second season of Funimation’s Attack on Titan graces us with its heartbreaking trauma and fast-paced action. Players looking for new experiences in the world of Attack on Titan can get a small fix with the upcoming game fr...

E3 2016 Preview | Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Spirit of Justice

by David Pooleon June 19, 2016
Capcom was happy to present the newest entry in the Ace Attorney series, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Spirit of Justice, at this years E3 as they gave attendees a chance to try out the next adventure for the Wright Anything ...

E3 2016 Preview | Resident Evil VII on PlayStation VR

by David Pooleon June 17, 2016
At E3 2016, Capcom invited GotGame to try their newly announced Resident Evil VII in their awesome haunted farmhouse booth. Entering the dark hallways and being escorted into a small room, there was but a single chair in front of a small table, a TV...

A fog-filled landscape shot from the air. Two titans are on the right side of the image, and a helicopter hovers in the upper-left corner.

EA Play 2016 | Prepare for Titanfall 2 Multiplayer

by Josh Boykinon June 15, 2016
Typically this week, all the hot gaming news comes from E3: the Electronic Entertainment Expo. This year though, E3 has a rival: EA Play. Electronic Arts put on its own mini-convention at LA Live, showing off five upcoming triple-A titles. Though I wasn...

Preview | Riders of Icarus

by Josh Boykinon May 27, 2016
Mounts aren’t unusual in MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars, but a whole game that revolves around mounts? Nexon’s newest game does just that: players in Riders of Icarus explore the land in search of new, powerful mounts with special abilities. I checked out a small demo that Ne...

GGTV – HTC Vive Preview and Product Roundup

by Steve Masterson May 25, 2016
We get inside a few of the launch titles and some of the other new products from HTC. Check it out!
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