GGTV – Pepcom Holiday 2017: Garmin Speak Alexa Connected GPS with Cesar Palacios

by Steve Masterson December 15, 2017
Garmin Speak combines Garmin’s awesome GPs with Amazon’s Alexa in a compact smart driver assistant. Cesar Palacios, Media Relations Associate at Garmin gives us all the juicy details. Check it out!

GGTV – Pepcom Holiday 2017: Ubtech Robots with Noe Sacoco Jr

by Steve Masterson December 12, 2017
What could be better than a robot under the Christmas Tree? Noe Sacoco Jr, PR Manager at LMGPR shows us why nothing can top Lynx, Jimu and all their robot buddies! Check it out!

GGTV – Pepcom Holiday 2017: Piper Computer Kit Details with Tommy Gibbons

by Steve Masterson December 8, 2017
Next stop at the Pepcom Holiday show is with Tommy Gibbons, Head of Customer Experience at Piper showing us their DYI computer kit for kids based on Raspberry Pi and Minecraft. Check it out!

GGTV – Pepcom Holiday 2017: Noon Home with Kathy Sanders

by Steve Masterson November 21, 2017
Next stop at the Holiday 2017 Pepcom show is with Kathy Sanders, Marketing Lead/CMO at Noon, showing us the Home Smart light switch which will turn your existing home lighting into professional level smart lighting. Check it out!

getgeeked Free Gadget and Tech Show in San Francisco Tonight 11/15/17

by ubernauton November 15, 2017
Hey GotGamers it’s your friendly neighborhood ubernaut here to tell you about a really fun Tech and Gadget Event free to the public tonight in San Francisco! I went last night and it was pretty amazing, some of the things they had there and a sort of Kuerig machines for Beer and Spirits called PicoBrew […]

GGTV – Pepcom Holiday 2017: Modern Movement M-Pad with Tom Holland

by Steve Masterson November 8, 2017
Next stop at the holiday show is with Tom Holland, Fitness Advisor for Modern Movement who’s showing us their M-Pad dynamic balance training board, which allow you to become a better snowboarder, surfer, or whatever balance sport drives your passion. Check it out!

GGTV – Pepcom Holiday 2017: The ONE Smart Piano Hi-Lite with Gisela Michan

by Steve Masterson November 3, 2017
From one Pepcom to the next our first stop for the holiday edition is with Gisela Michan, National PR at BAM Communications who shows us The ONE Piano Hi-Lite, Light keyboard and Piano Classroom program, which can teach anyone to play piano like a pro. Check it out! pepcom, ONE Music Group, The ONE Smart […]

GGTV – Pepcom 2017: Lenovo Yoga 920 Laptop, Explorer VR & Jedi Challenges with Kelly Corrigan

by Steve Masterson October 27, 2017
Our last stop at Pepcom might be the best with Kelly Corrigan Product Technologist at Lenovo whos showing us their Yoga 920 Laptop, the Explorer Mixed Reality VR system & Jedi Challenges. Check it out! Pepcom, Lenovo, Explorer, Mixed Reality, VR, Jedi Challenges, Kelly Corrigan, Steve Masters, GotGame

GGTV – Pepcom 2017: Kingston DataTraveler Bolt Duo & Nucleum USB Type-C Hub with Shealyn Johnson

by Steve Masterson October 16, 2017
As we wind down our Pepcom 2017 coverage we stop by the Kingston booth and spend some time with Shealyn Johnson, PR Specialist at Kingston who’s showing off the DataTraveler Bolt Duo and the Nucleum USB Type-C Hub. Check it out!

GGTV – Pepcom 2017: MediaTek Technology with Russ Mestechkin

by Steve Masterson October 2, 2017
Russ Mestechkin, Director of Corporate Sales in USA and Latin America at MediaTek tells us all about the chipsets that probably powers yourAndroid cell phone. Check it out!

GGTV – Pepcom 2017: PhotoSpring PS10 Digital Photo Frame with Dan Ho

by Steve Masterson September 29, 2017
Our next stop at Pepcom 2017 is with Dan Ho Co-Founder and CEO of PhotoSpring who’s showing us the PS10, a Digital Photo Frame and Digital Photo Album in One. Check it out!