GGTV – Holiday 2016: ZTE Axon 7 Smartphone with Jeff Norris

by Steve Masterson January 30, 2017
Jeff Norris, Marketing Communications Manager at ZTE is here with us as we continue our Pepcom coverage showing us their new Axon 7 smartphone. Check it out!

GGTV – Holiday 2016: HyperX Stinger Headphones with Mark Tekunoff

by Steve Masterson January 27, 2017
Mark Tekunoff, Corporate PR Manager for HyperX is with us as we continue along the way of our Pepcom tour he showing off the Stinger headphones as well as few other goodies. Check it out!

GGTV – Holiday 2016: Neato Botvac Connected Robot Vacuums with Nancy Nunziati

by Steve Masterson January 23, 2017
Nancy Nunziati, VP of Marketing at Neato Robotics shows us their new line of Botvac Connected robot vacuums. Check it out!

GGTV – Holiday 2106: EZviz Cameras with Zachary Erwin

by Steve Masterson January 19, 2017
Next stop on the Pepcom floor is with Zachary Erwin who shows us EZviz’s lineup of Security Camera Kits, Wi-Fi Cameras, and Action Cams. Check it out!

Project Ariana wins several awards during CES

by Charlie Grammeron January 9, 2017
During this year’s CES, Razer’s Project Ariana gaming projector managed to snag several awards, including the “Best Gaming” honor and distinction as Engadget’s “People’s Choice”. It was also nominated for the “Best Home Theater Product” and “Best Disruption Tech” awards. For those unaware, Project Ariana takes environmental information from within a video game and projects […]

Pco Technology unveils Pico Neo CV

by Charlie Grammeron January 6, 2017
Pico Technology has recently unveiled the latest iteration of their all-in-one fully untethered and lightweight headset, the Pico Neo CV. This VR headset, which is set to release in 2017, marks their first consumer-ready VR headset, and is being shown of at CES 2017, along with the entire VR hardware lineup. Those interested that are […]

CORSAIR has launched new CORSAIR HX and TX-M power supplies

by Charlie Grammeron January 6, 2017
CORSAIR has launched the new CORSAIR HX series and CORSAIR TX-M series of power supplies, as well as a major update to the CORSAIR Bulldog, which is their small form factor barebones kit. First up is the HX series. This power supply is equipped with 100% Japanese 105°C capacitors and offers up 80 Plus Platinum […]

SCIMITAR PRO RGB gaming mouse is now available

by Charlie Grammeron January 6, 2017
CORSAIR has unleashed the new SCIMITAR PRO RGB gaming mouse, which is based on the same award-winning Key Slider 12 side-button design as the original SCIMITAR RGB. The new SCIMITAR PRO RGB adds in a comprehensive set of hardware playback options for both programmable buttons and RGB lighting effects by allowing users to save up […]

CORSAIR announces K95 RGB Platinum keyboard

by Charlie Grammeron January 5, 2017
CORSAIR was excited to announce the K95 RGB Platinum keyboard, which combines a trademark CORSAIR anodized aluminum frame with the latest in premium keyboard technologies. These keyboards are built to last, thanks to the aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame, and, as with all of their mechanical keyboards, utilizes onlyCherry MX key switches. In addition, it […]

GGTV – Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset Preview with Doug Sharp

by Steve Masterson January 4, 2017
Doug Sharp, Global Product Manager, Gaming Audio at Logitech is here to show us the all new G533 Wireless Gaming Headset. Check it out!

CORSAIR prepares for seventh Generation Intel Core processors with PSU, DRAM, and CPU coolers

by Charlie Grammeron January 3, 2017
CORSAIR was excited to announce that they are ready for the new seventh Generation Intel Core processors and Intel 200 series motherboards thanks to full compatibility CORSAIR Performance DDR4, the award-winning Hydro Series liquid CPU coolers, and their wide-reaching compatibility on their quiet and efficient CORSAIR PSUs. The DDR4 features performance frequencies skyrocketing beyond 4,000MHz, […]