REDspace unleashes VR sports/shooter title for Oculus Rift

by Charlie Grammeron August 11, 2017
REDspace was thrilled to announce the official release of their new virtual reality sports/shooter hybrid title known as Gunball on the Oculus Rift via Steam. This is a wacky and action-packed game initially released on the HTC Vive back in June, and players around the world have been enjoying the gaming experience.   Jeremy McCurdy, Game Designer […]

The Walking Dead shambles towards VR

by Charlie Grammeron June 16, 2017
Skybound Entertainment and Skydance Media have partnered to announce a number of original virtual reality games set within the expansive The Walking Dead universe, with the first The Walking Dead virtual reality game to mark the inaugural co-developed title from these two companies. The titles are part of a multi-year strategy in which the two […]

Skydance Interactive shares trailer for Archangel

by Charlie Grammeron June 15, 2017
Skydance Interactive was recently thrilled to unleash the trailer for their flagship virtual reality game, Archangel, which you can check out below: In this title, you will enter a post-apocalyptic America, suiting up in the cockpit of a six-story war machine as you attempt to stop an evil corporation from taking over the country. Archangel […]

GGTV – Logitech G G903 & G703 Wireless Mice Scoop with Chris Pate

by Steve Masterson June 12, 2017
Chris Pate, Portfolio Manager of Gaming at Logitech is giving us all more info about the new LIGHTSPEED POWERPLAY Logitech G G903 & G703 Wireless Mice. Check it out! Logitech, LIGHTSPEED, POWERPLAY, G903, G703, Chris Pate, GotGame, Steve Masters

GGTV – Logitech G433 7.1 Gaming Headset Info with Chris Pate

by Steve Masterson June 8, 2017
Chris Pate, Portfolio Manager of Gaming at Logitech is giving us all kinds of scoop about the new Logitech G433 7.1 Gaming Headset. Check it out.

Apple embraces VR with HTC Vive

by Charlie Grammeron June 5, 2017
During the Worldwide Developers Conference 2017, Apple was excited to announce that they are embracing Virtual Reality, showcasing their commitment with the HTC Vive. Through the newly announced external GPU, developers and content creators can utilize a beta of SteamVR and High Sierra, the new Mac Operating System, in order to access the creative power […]

Prepare to take on the Kobayashi Maru with your HTC Vive

by Charlie Grammeron May 30, 2017
Star Trek fans should prepare their Vives to take on the famed Kobayashi Maru, as Ubisoft and HTC were pleased to announce that, starting today, those who purchase a Vive will also receive a free copy of Star Trek: Bridge Crew. That’s not the end of the bundles, however, as HTC has also announced several other bundles. […]

Vive and Sixense reveal MakeVR Pro

by Charlie Grammeron May 18, 2017
Vive Studios and Sixense were thrilled to unveil MakeVR Pro, an upgraded version of the modeling and 3D printing application, MakeVR. This version has several new features that are aimed at professional designers and creators while still utilizing the same industry standard professional CAD engine. Some of the new features take advantage of Vive’s room-scale […]

VIVE announces new standalone headset for Daydream

by Charlie Grammeron May 17, 2017
During Google I/O, Google announced that the Daydream platform is expanding to support a new category of VR devices, namely standalone headsets. VIVE was thrilled to announce that they will be building one of the first standalone headsets for the platform, with a release date set for later this year. “At VIVE,” they stated on the […]

5 Skills that Make Gamers the Best Drone Pilots

by Guest Authoron May 15, 2017
In the last few years, drones have become a global sensation and every day, more and more people decide to start this hobby. The reason for the expansion of this hobby is the fact that today’s UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, but we will use the more popular term – Drones) are far simpler to control […]

GGTV – GDC 2017: Gold Club VR Preview with Daniel Dilallo

by Steve Masterson April 21, 2017
As we wind down our GDC coverage we stop by the Gold Club with Daniel Dilallo Creative Director on the VR strip club breakthrough title. Check it out!