Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo Available Now!

by David Pooleon March 30, 2016
Square-Enix announced only a couple hours ago that there would be a new free demo for Final Fantasy XV, titled Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV. Unlike Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae, which was a part of the main story, Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV is actually an exclusive story that takes place during Noctis’ childhood. […]

Final Fantasy XV Release Date Revealed! Special Editions Announced!

by David Pooleon March 30, 2016
Square-Enix held a special fan event tonight in Los Angeles, CA, dubbed as Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV. This event was intended to cover all things Final Fantasy XV, making several announcements, 15 to be exact, but perhaps the most important one was the revelation of the release date. Earlier this week, it seemed that the […]

Alex arrives in Street Fighter V

by Charlie Grammeron March 30, 2016
Capcom has released the first post launch character for Street Fighter V. This character is the fan favorite who first appeared in Street Fighter III, Alex, as he once again hits the street as a brash grappler whose bold attitude gets him into trouble. Alex’s parents died when he was young, and so, his father’s friend raised […]


Trillion: God of Destruction has begun its assault on North America

by Charlie Grammeron March 30, 2016
Players will need to begin training as hard as they can, Idea Factory announced recently, because the powerful Trillion 1,000,000,000,000: God of Destruction has begun its assault on North America, devouring PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV systems as it goes. Europe is safe…. until April 1, 2016. In order to stand a chance against this mighty beast, […]
unepic 1

UnEpic arrives on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita

by Charlie Grammeron March 29, 2016
A Crowd Of Monsters and Francisco Téllez de Meneses were thrilled to unleash the side scrolling role-playing game, UnEpic on PlayStation 4 and Vita today. UnEpic has been inspired by the MSX title, The Maze of Galious, and tells the story of Daniel, a normal guy who likes video games and Dungeons and Dragons. Daniel is transported into a sinister castle […]


Nights of Azure arrives in stores

by Charlie Grammeron March 29, 2016
KOEI TECMO America was excited to unleash the new action role-playing game by GUST, Nights of Azure. This title, available exclusively on the PlayStation 4, marks a darker direction for GUST while still maintaining many of the gameplay elements fans have come to expect. That said, the game’s protagonist, unlike in previous GUST games, has […]

Nicalis reveals plans for Full Mojo Rampage

by Charlie Grammeron March 28, 2016
Nicalis Inc. was excited to announce plans to publish the voodoo-infused roguelike action role-playing game, Full Mojo Rampage, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this spring. The console version of Full Mojo Rampage features a brand new Endless mode, as well as visual, content, and gameplay improvements that have been made based on feedback from the players. The […]

Idea Factory shares final Trillion: God of Destruction gameplay trailer

by Charlie Grammeron March 25, 2016
With Trillion 1,000,000,000,000: God of Destruction a mere four days away, Idea Factory has shared the final gameplay trailer, showing off what it will be like to battle against the mighty Trillion. This trailer, which you can view below, shows off the showdown with the powerful God of Destruction, sharing a variety of skills and strategies that […]

System Update (10)

Grand Kingdom gameplay systems detailed

by Charlie Grammeron March 25, 2016
Nippon Ichi Software was proud to unleash a new trailer, screens, and website section showing off the gameplay systems of their upcoming title, Grand Kingdom. Check out the trailer below: The above trailer walks viewers through the game’s battle system, introducing us to a number of elements that players will want to keep in […]

Review | Assault Android Cactus

by David Pooleon March 24, 2016
Last year, Witch Beam invited us to play Assault Android Cactus at PlayStation Experience, giving a hands-on demo of the PlayStation 4 version of the game that had released on PC last September. Our preview was very positive and it ended up being one of the most underrated highlights of the show. Even last month, […]

Mekazoo receives new gameplay trailer

by Charlie Grammeron March 23, 2016
Good Mood Creators was today excited to reveal a new Mekazoo gameplay trailer showing off the 2.5D platformer in the fully 3D world with its fast-flowing gameplay, fluid control dynamics, and the cast of kinetically-diverse Mekanimals. This trailer, which you can view below, also shows off one of the imposing bosses the Mekanimals will need to face […]