Terminator joins WWE 2K16 as Pre-Order exclusive

by Charlie Grammeron July 27, 2015
Today 2K had an announcement that Science Fiction fans may be thrilled to hear. With the debut of the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame, 2K revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger, a longtime WWE fan and WWE Hall of Famer, will be joining the upcoming title as two different characters. Gamers who pre-order the title will be […]

Armello coming in September for PS4, PC

by Adam Larckon July 27, 2015
The fantasy board game Armello is almost set for release. The League of Geeks title will be available on PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac and Linux on Sept. 1. In addition, two new characters have been announced for the title. Zosha the female rat, who goes into Stealth every sunset, and Barnaby the male rabbit, who […]

Preview | Battleborn

by Jose Ortizon July 27, 2015
From the makers of Borderlands comes a new adventure called Battleborn. Once I heard about this new game from 2K I had to check it out, this was one of my first stops at E3. Once I walked through the doors I looked to the left and saw the 2K booth. I quickly got in […]

Horizon bird

First Look | Horizon, The Last Guardian, and Uncharted 4

by Jose Ortizon July 26, 2015
At E3 I got a chance to have a first look at Horizon, The Last Guardian, and Uncharted 4. This experience was not hands on, so I can’t tell you how the games play.  Although, they did give us a deeper concept of the game (mostly Horizon and The Last Guardian) than they did at […]
destiny oryx

Preview: Destiny – The Taken King DLC

by Jose Ortizon July 26, 2015
New weapons, maps, shaders, titles, ships, raid and exotics? This recipe only means one thing… A new DLC for Destiny!  This DLC will also come with the third subclass for every character (Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters). Titans will have their solar subclass that will allow them to have a flaming hammer that they can hit […]

PS4 firmware update 2.57 out now

by Dragos Dobreon July 22, 2015
Sony has just announced that firmware update 2.57 for PlayStation 4 is now live for everyone. The update weights 245 MB and offers stability improvements “during use of some features” — which is the company’s standard blurb. If you don’t want to update your console, you don’t have to, as the update is not mandatory. […]

630x (1)

Future PS4 Firmware Update May Include a Calendar App

by Dragos Dobreon July 21, 2015
For those who like to be organized and have a strict schedule, Sony might have a surprise coming up in the next firmware update. A rumor has been traveling the internet showing a picture with a new calendar app for PlayStation 4 consoles. Based on it, there’s a possibility that Sony will add an app […]

Street Fighter V’s first new character is Necalli, DLC plans detailed

by David Pooleon July 19, 2015
Capcom has been on a roll these past few weeks as far as character announcements go for Street Fighter V. E3 2015 had the announcements of Birdie and Cammy, then we had Ken revealed with a new look at San Diego Comic Con. Now, just before the Ultra Street Fighter IV finals matches, Capcom has […]

European PS Store Sale Week Three Debuts with Great Games

by Dragos Dobreon July 16, 2015
The third week of the PSN’s Summer of Digital sale is now live and features a ton of great games discounted. The sale is available across all PlayStation devices, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. Surprisingly enough, the sale also features newly releasing games, such as The Fall and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. […]


Preview | Mad Max should be witnessed

by David Pooleon July 15, 2015
It isn’t uncommon for movie tie-ins and licensed titles to have a bad reputation in the video game industry, so it is fairly easy for one to be skeptical when one comes around. People shouldn’t have to worry about that with Avalanche Studios’ Mad Max. The talented team has taken their gigantic sandbox expertise and […]

Review | Batman: Arkham Knight

by David Pooleon July 13, 2015
At long last, Rocksteady Studios’ Batman: Arkham Knight has finally released to the world, marking the franchise debut on the current generation of platforms. For years, this franchise has shown that a video game based on a high profile comic book license can work, not only in the storytelling department, but also in the gameplay […]
disgaea triple play

Disgaea Triple Play Collection heads for the PlayStation 3

by Charlie Grammeron July 12, 2015
Nippon Ichi Software had more news regarding their popular Disgaea series. Having already unveiled new mechanics for Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, they went on to announce that PlayStation 3 gamers will have a chance to catch up with the series via a special Disgaea Triple Play Collection. This collection, set to be released exclusively […]