Zelda Beta Quest Stones Thumb HD

Zelda 64 Beta Questin’ – Giant Pillars | Strange Cubes | Spinning Slabs – H4G

by hard4gameson August 4, 2016
What is a Zelda 64 beta quest? It’s where we hack Ocarina of Time to discover unused and removed beta elements that didn’t ma...
Unicorn Fountain Glitches Thumb HD

Zelda 64 Beta Glitchin’ – Glitch Into the Unicorn Fountain? – H4G

by hard4gameson July 16, 2016
We were challenged to glitch into the supposed Unicorn Fountain – underneath the ice of Zora’s Domain in Zelda Ocarina of Time! We used cartridge tilting, ...
SMW Thumb Special HD

Super Mario World Review | Secrets – H4G Reviews

by hard4gameson July 9, 2016
H4G Reviews debuts with a pants-down (optional) exploration of Super Mario World, one of the defining classics of the Super Nintendo. Did you know that the Forest of Illusion is a metaphor for female anatomy? W...

Doom Thumb HD

Doom (1993) – H4G Reviews

by hard4gameson June 12, 2016
Welcome to H4G Reviews! Let’s rock DOOM – the original 1993 version by id Software! JOIN US ►► Facebook: Patreon: Twitter:
Easter Egg Hunter on H4G

Top 5 N64 Zelda Glitches w/ The Easter Egg Hunter

by hard4gameson May 8, 2016
  The Easter Egg Hunter hosts and covers the top 5 Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time & Majora’s Mask glitches / cartridge tilts! Hop walls, access the debug menu, and more! Easter Egg Hunter ►► https://www....

Zelda X HD thumb

Zelda X & The Hidden Ura Zelda Product ID Code

by hard4gameson April 22, 2016
H4G brings the mysterious Zelda X screenshots to light. Originally found on the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest Debug Rom – we debate their meaning and legitimacy. H4G also covers the product ID cod...
REZ Dreamcast v2

Rez Master Collection (Dreamcast) – on Absinthe

by hard4gameson April 5, 2016
H4G plays the Rez Master Collection, which includes the Japanese, PAL, and BETA versions of Rez for the Dreamcast – on Absinthe! Rez was not available on the Dreamcast in North America, it was only availabl...
Marble Madness Drinking Game 720 HD

The Marble Madness Drinking Game

by hard4gameson February 28, 2016
MADNESS! H4G pours head-first into the Marble Madness drinking game while playing on the Sega Genesis! Facebook: Patreon: Twitter: Instagr...

Hard4Games Nintendo 64DD Development Kit Thumb HD Red 2

Rare Nintendo 64DD Development System – H4G

by hard4gameson February 18, 2016
The Hard 4 Games team has acquired a rare Nintendo 64DD Development system! We are now on the hunt for the rare, blue, beta Nintendo 64DD disks. Together let’s find them and share them as a community, answering t...
hh 85 title card

Pax South 2016 Haunted Halloween 85 Interview

by killatiaon February 14, 2016
Looking for a brand new Halloween theme game for you nes? Then Haunted Halloween 85 is the game your looking for. Also on steam greenlight but the nes cartridges are cool looking if I do say so myself. Go check out https:/...
BS F-Zero Review Final HD THUMB

RARE F-ZERO GAMES | BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 – Satellaview

by hard4gameson January 29, 2016
Hard 4 Games finishes their rare F-Zero series with BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2, released in 1997 on the Satellaview attachment for the Super Famicom! Facebook: