Cynane the Queen Slayer enters the battlefield of Total War: ARENA

by Charlie Grammeron November 20, 2015
Creative Assembly has today unleashed a new Commander in their free-to-play team strategy game, Total War: ARENA. This Commander is known as Cynane the Queen Slayer, and is a brilliant female military strategist and field commander. Here are her four unique orders, courtesy of the official press release:  Shock creates a scattering cavalry charge that ramps […]
albion online

Albion Online Closed Beta starting times announced

by Charlie Grammeron November 20, 2015
Sandbox Interactive yesterday unveiled the final bit of information before their upcoming cross-platform sandbox MMORPG, Albion Online, enters Closed Beta on Monday. This information is none other than the official starting times that each type of Founder groups will be able to access the servers. Here they are, courtesy of the official press release, and […]
sociable soccer 1

Sociable Soccer gains steam on Kickstarter

by Charlie Grammeron November 19, 2015
Jon Hare’s upcoming soccer title for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, Sociable Soccer, has made quite a bit of progress as it gathered steam on Kickstarter. Here’s what has been added so far, courtesy of the official press release: GAME MODES “Sociable Soccer’s gameplay is getting crisper by the day and we have been […]

albion online

Sandbox Interactive shares video detailing Albion Online’s classless combat system

by Charlie Grammeron November 18, 2015
Albion Online has less than a week left before it enters Closed Beta, and Sandbox Interactive has decided to share a new video explaining one of the game’s most unique features, known as the classless combat system. Check out this video below: In this classless system, the role that each character plays in combat is […]

Disgaea heads to PC

by Charlie Grammeron November 16, 2015
Nippon Ichi Software America today was excited to reveal that their first entry in the popular Disgaea Strategy RPG series is finally heading to Steam for Windows in February 2016. This marks the first time that the series has been available on Steam, and gives all Disgaea fans, as well as PC gamers who have been interested in the […]


Preview | Total War: Arena

by David Pooleon November 14, 2015
Recently, Creative Assembly gave GotGame a chance to try out their new free to play multiplayer title, Total War: Arena. Not too long ago, the servers went live in North America, so North American players in the closed beta can finally start experiencing the game. Creative Assembly’s Community Corrdinator James Given, joined by Map Designer […]
clannad 3

Sekai Project reveals Steam release date for CLANNAD

by Charlie Grammeron November 13, 2015
Sekai Project was happy to share the official release date of VisualArt’s highly-regarded visual novel, CLANNAD. This release date is none other than Monday, November 23, 2015. The CLANNAD Kickstarter campaign completed a little over 10 months ago, as 5,819 backers pledged $541,161. Here’s a quick “About”, as presented on the official press release:   CLANNAD […]
total war

Total War: ARENA North American servers now live

by Charlie Grammeron November 12, 2015
Total War: ARENA’s North American servers have gone live, Creative Assembly announced, so gamers in the US, Canada, and Mexico can dive into the epic-scale battles featured within the game. Those interested in recent updates and some of the new content can see them in the official trailer: Live Operations Manager at Creative Assembly, Jan […]


Sociable Soccer arrives on Kickstarter

by Charlie Grammeron November 12, 2015
A new title designed and directed by Jon Hare, Sociable Soccer, has arrived on Kickstarter, aiming to obtain £300,000 in funding. Jon Hare stated, “A community of approximately 20 million fans worldwide have played the soccer games I have designed. I’m thrilled to return to the genre and look forward to delivering a game which once […]
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Warhammer: End Times: Vermintide celebrates 300,000 sales with free DLC

by Charlie Grammeron November 12, 2015
Fatshark revealed that, since launching, Warhammer: End Times: Vermintide has successfully sold over 300,000 copies in a little over two weeks. In celebration of this achievement, they have decided to make the first downloadable content pack, known as Sigmar’s Blessing, free to all players until December 3, 2015. Martin Wahlund, CEO at Fatshark, stated, “We couldn’t be happier […]

Review | Poncho

by David Pooleon November 7, 2015
Earlier this year, Rising Star Games invited GotGame to preview many of their upcoming games. Of those games was Delve Interactive’s Poncho, a post-apocalyptic game where players take the role of a robotic boy that wears a red poncho. It was very much a work in progress at the time, and as of this writing, […]