Galaxy of Trian now available on Steam

by Charlie Grammeron October 20, 2016
Grey Wizard Innovative was excited to announce the launch of Galaxy of Trian on Android and Steam recently. This title expands on the popular boardgame of the same name, as well as the previously released iOS version. It features fast-paced turn-based strategy across a variety of play modes, and is available on Steam for $9.99/€9.99/£6.99, while […]

Crazy Machines 3 now available on Steam

by Charlie Grammeron October 19, 2016
Daedalic Entertainment and FAKT Software were recently proud to release Crazy Machines 3 on Steam for $19.99 recently. This title tasks  you with solving 80 tricky puzzles, and, if you want more to do, you can create your own machines by utilizing more than 220 objects and 300 parts via the editor, proceeding to share your invention […]

Trillon: God of Destruction heads to Steam with week-long launch discount

by Charlie Grammeron October 17, 2016
Idea Factory has begun to unleash a powerful menace upon Steam, as Trillion 1,000,000,000,000: God of Destruction plans to make a Steam assault on October 25, 2016 with a 40% discount during the entirety of the launch week. In addition, all free content that was released on PlayStation Vita is free and pre-installed in the PC […]


Total War: WARHAMMER to receive The King & The Warlord DLC

by Charlie Grammeron October 14, 2016
Creative Assembly has recently announced The King & The Warlord downloadable content for Total War: WARHAMMER, which includes the second Lords Pack for the game. It will bolster the forces of both The Greenskins and The Dwarfs, introducing famous rival characters, new iconic units, and new battle maps for both the Grand Campaign and Custom/Multiplayer battles. Here’s a quick […]

HomeBearStudios seeks help funding NAIRI

by Charlie Grammeron October 14, 2016
HomeBearStudios recently announced that their upcoming title, NAIRI, has successfully achieved 50% of their €7,500 goal, and are requesting help to achieve the rest of the goal. Joshua van Kuilenburg, project lead at HomeBearStudios, stated, “We can’t believe the love for Nairi and Rex! With the continued support of our fans, we can fund NAIRI and build […]


Rise of Captain Longbeard to arrive on Steam Early Access during 2016’s holiday season

by Charlie Grammeron October 13, 2016
Colopl Nl recently announced that The Rise of Captain Longbeard will head to HTC Vive. This single-player action-adventure pirate game is slated for release on Steam Early Access during the 2016 holiday season. Players will step into the boots of Robert Youngfellow as he embarks on a journey that sees him transform from a mere landlubber into […]

HITMAN Season Finale to arrive on October 31

by Charlie Grammeron October 13, 2016
Io-Interactive was excited to announce that the Season Finale of HITMAN will occur in Hokkaido, Japan on October 31, 2016. This Season Finale features a mission known as “Situs Inversus,” and is the culmination of everything that players have learned in terms of story and gameplay. This Hokkaido location is set within the grounds of the hyper-exclusive […]

Criminal Girls: Invite Only heads to PC

by Charlie Grammeron October 13, 2016
Nippon Ichi Software America was excited to announce that Criminal Girls: Invite Online will be arriving on Steam on January 11, 2017. This port of the PlaStation Vita game currently has a trailer, which you can check out below:   Are you excited for the arrival of Criminal Girls: Invite Only?


T.16000M joystick bundled with Elite Dangerous Arena

by Charlie Grammeron October 12, 2016
Thrustmaster and Frontier Developments plc have announced that they are continuing their joint actions with the aim of providing players with increasingly immersive experiences. They are doing so by bundling the T.16000M flight stick and Elite Dangerous Arena. In order to stand undefeated in the Elite Dangerous Arena spaceship battles, you can rely on the unique features of […]

Clockwork now available on Steam

by Charlie Grammeron October 12, 2016
Gamesoft was excited to announce that their debut game, Clockwork, has arrived on Steam for $14.99 with an additional 20% launch week discount as thanks to fans for their continued support and patience throughout the game’s development. Vishal Gumber, Managing Director at Gamesoft, stated, “We’re beyond thrilled to finally give fans their chance to explore the world of […]

Rift of the Damned update live for Riders of Icarus

by Charlie Grammeron October 10, 2016
Recently, NEXON was excited to unleash the new Riders of Icarus update known as Rift of the Damned, which delivers more mounts, new bosses, and a new level cap of 40. Hoon Seok, producer of Riders of Icarus, stated, “The Rift of the Damned is one of our most unique content updates yet. The otherworldly lore behind this area allowed us […]