E3 2015 Preview | Enter Röckheim with the Super Dungeon Bros.

by David Pooleon June 27, 2015
In what feels like a combination of Castle Crashers and the classic Gauntlet, developer React Games brings us Super Dungeon Bros. Giving an isometric view and procedurally generating dungeons, the game encourages on or offline co-op with up to four players. The game stars four protagonists (brotagonists?) that are all named after iconic rock and […]

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance arrives on October 6

by Charlie Grammeron June 26, 2015
Nippon Ichi Software America was thrilled to announce that the newest title in the popular Disgaea series, Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, will be launching both physically and digitally on October 6, 2015 in North America. European gamers will be able to look forward to adventuring in the Netherworlds on October 9, 2015. Disgaea 5: […]

Amnesia: Memories arrives on August 25 (26 for Europe)

by Charlie Grammeron June 26, 2015
Idea Factory was thrilled to announce that North American gamers will be able to experience all of the mystery and love that Amnesia: Memories has to offer on PSN and Steam come August 25, 2015. European gamers will be able to enjoy the PSN version the very next day on August 26, 2015. It will be […]

Xur: Agent of Nine Location and Item List for June 26-28

by Tatiana Dinuon June 25, 2015
Starting with today, Xur: Agent of Nine has a new location and he’ll stay there until Sunday. Not only the location is new, but also the items and the upgrades are new. This weekend Xur can be found in the Hall of Guardians, to the right of the Vanguard meeting table. Below is the list […]

Earthbound Beginnings / Mother – Review, Overview, & History

by hard4gameson June 25, 2015
With the E3 2015 announcement of Earthbound Beginnings on Wii U, we review the original Mother.  How does one review a Mother game in a sea of fandom? Very carefully! Mother マザー was first released for the Nintendo Famicom in 1989 as a joint collaboration between Nintendo and Shigesato Itoi.  The game garnered a cult […]

Xbox Games with Gold Revealed for July 2015

by Mihai Cosmin Naeon June 25, 2015
Microsoft has revealed the free Games with Gold that will come for Xbox Gold members in July and there are some great news! In July, Microsoft is celebrating two years of its programme and because of that, starting next month Xbox One owners will get two free games each month instead of one.  After Assassin’s Creed […]

Steampunk styled game The Swindle revealed

by David Pooleon June 25, 2015
Indie developer Size Five Games and publisher Curve Digital have revealed their stealthy action-platformer, The Swindle, which will be releasing starting on July 28th. Set in a steampunk world, levels are procedurally generated and made similar to a rogue-like game. Tasked with becoming a master thief, players will have to put their skills to the […]

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition arrived in stores

by Charlie Grammeron June 24, 2015
The time has come and so have I. Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition will laugh last because you came to die. That’s right, folks, Nero, Dante, and the rest are back on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC at the MSRP of $24.99/€24.99/£19.99 across North America and Europe. This new Special Edition of the original […]

MARVEL Future Fight receives Guardians of the Galaxy update

by Charlie Grammeron June 24, 2015
Netmarble Games revealed the release of the first major update for their blockbuster mobile action role-playing game, MARVEL Future Fight. This update features the characters from Guardians of the Galaxy and will see the introduction of new heroes, villains, a new mission stage, and several additional in-game features. That’s right, you’ll be able to see […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Launch Trailer Glides to Dispense Justice

by Jeffrey Harrison June 23, 2015
After numerous delays, Batman: Arkham Knight finally launches in stores today. To celebrate the occassion, Warner Bros. Interactive and Rocksteady Studios have released the new launch trailer for the game. You can check out the new launch trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight in the player below, featuring the track “Mercy” by Muse. The voice-over for […]

Warship Battle takes to the seas on Android

by Charlie Grammeron June 23, 2015
Recently Joycity was thrilled to announce the launch of their new mobile 3D action game featuring authentic military vessels and missions based on true historical battles. This game is none other than Warship Battle, which follows Gunship Battle, a title that featured authentic jets and helicopters. Warship Battle will take you into the waters of […]