Star Trek Timelines arrives on Facebook

by Charlie Grammeron December 2, 2016
Disruptor Beam was excited to continue celebrating Star Trek’s fiftieth anniversary by unleashing their popular strategy role-playing game, Star Trek Timelines on Facebook Games. For those unaware, the title was originally launched back in January 2016 for mobile, starting out with a temporal anomaly bringing together space and time. As such, you will be able to assemble your […]

Plarium unleashes Soldiers Inc.: Mobile Warfare on mobile devices

by Charlie Grammeron December 2, 2016
Plarium has unleashed their latest massively multiplayer online strategy game, Soldiers Inc.: Mobile Warfare, on Android and iOS recently. This title is a direct sequel to the web-based Soldiers Inc., which was released in 2013, and is set within the fictional failed state of Selva de Fuego. In this state, players will fight for control of a mysterious […]

Colt Express arrives on mobile and PC

by Charlie Grammeron November 30, 2016
Asmodee Digital and Frima Studios were excited to announce that Colt Express is officially available on iOS, Android, and PC at a price of $6.99 (mobile) and $9.99 (Steam). For those unaware, this is a digital version of the award-winning board game of the same name that takes players back into the Wild West. You will need […]


Review | Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode Four: Guardian of Gotham

by David Pooleon November 25, 2016
Telltale Games is getting close to wrapping up their first Batman story with the penultimate episode of the the season. Episode Four: Guardian of Gotham, starts to focus on what will surely be an exciting climax, though it’s clear that Telltale also wanted to use this episode to plant seeds for future installments. What most […]

Ditto arrives in Pokémon GO

by Charlie Grammeron November 24, 2016
Trainers enjoying the mobile title, Pokémon GO can now catch the Pokémon with a curiously blobby shape and capacity to mimic both the looks and traits of other Pokémon. That’s right, we’re talking about Ditto. As you catch Pokémon, you may suddenly discover that you’ve captured a Ditto instead, as it reveals its true form only once it has been […]


War Wings adds Fairey Firefly to aircraft list

by Charlie Grammeron November 24, 2016
Recently the 3D air combat game, War Wings, has added the Fairey Firefly to its fleet of over 70 pilotable World War II-era aircraft. For those unaware, the British Fairey Firefly was a World War II carrier-borne fighter plane and anti-submarine aircraft. It featured low-speed maneuverability, four 20mm cannons, and four RAM rockets, which made it a […]

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney prepares to take tablets and phones to court

by Charlie Grammeron November 22, 2016
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney will soon step into the courtroom once again, this time taking his case to the Apple App Store (December 1, 2016) and Google Play (December 8, 2016). Capcom has optimized the graphics and interface for the upcoming smartphone and tablet version of the title in order to take advantage of the superior […]

Mysterium heads to mobile and PC in December

by Charlie Grammeron November 12, 2016
Asmodee Digital has announced that they and French studio Playsoft have partnered with board game publisher Libellud to bring the award-winning board game, Mysterium to PC, iOS, and Android. The title takes players back in times to the 1920s to shed light on the mystery surrounding the murder of the Warwick Mansion ghost. Here are full […]


Adam Wolfe Episode 4: Zero hour and full bundle now available

by Charlie Grammeron November 12, 2016
Mad Head Games has recently unleashed the fourth episode in their Adam Wolfe series, Zero Hour. In addition, they have also launched a full bundle, which allows players to check out all four episodes at one price. Since launching Episode 1, Adam Wolfe has managed to capture the interest of Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure fans […]

Review | Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode Three: New World Order

by David Pooleon October 27, 2016
Well… that was different. The newest episode of Batman: The Telltale Series brings with it a lot of answers, but also a lot of new questions. Episode three, “New World Order”, continues to make Bruce Wayne’s world crumble before his very eyes. Even with some of his victories, he suffers much more brutal defeats, and […]

NetEase Games unveils Immortal Conquest

by Charlie Grammeron October 26, 2016
NetEase Games has recently unveiled the next title they are bringing to the West. This is a free-to-play terrain-based strategy game known as Immortal Conquest, and will launch in the first quarter of 2017 on both iOS and Android. In it, you will need to manage your armies and cities as you compete with others […]