MAG Interactive unleashes revamped iOS version of Ruzzle Adventure

by Charlie Grammeron June 15, 2017
MAG Interactive was excited recently to launch a completely revamped iOS version of their word title, Ruzzle Adventure, which adds in new level design, rules, and more features. This single-player game offers up the same finger-swiping mechanic as the original Ruzzle, but proceeds to apply it on level-based word puzzles. Johan Persson, VP of Product […]

E3 2017 | GotGame Third Party Predictions

by David Pooleon June 9, 2017
We’ve covered Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, but this year, with so many third party press conferences and announcements, we had a few special predictions just for them. Some of these will be pretty safe bets, but others might be a nice surprise. Some of these may even make an appearance at other press conferences, but […]

Review | Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series – Episode 2: Under Pressure

by David Pooleon June 9, 2017
The second episode of Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series is finally here, further expanding Telltale’s take on the universe. After the first excellent episode, it raised expectations for the second episode to continue with that momentum. With the plot well underway, episode two gets to carry the story further and even expands on […]

New story and art shared for The Walking Dead: March to War

by Charlie Grammeron June 7, 2017
Disruptor Beam has, on their official blog, shared quite a bit of new art and story details surrounding the upcoming mobile title, The Walking Dead: March to War. Lead Narrative Designer, Jessica Sliwinski, spoke about how she developed the main narrative for the title. The upcoming title occurs shortly before volume 20 of the comic […]

Review | The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series – A New Frontier: Episode 5

by David Pooleon June 2, 2017
Telltale Games has had a long career in crafting stories based on various franchises. One could argue that they didn’t really hit their stride until they released The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series. Over the past few years, fans have grown to love the Telltale spin on Robert Kirkman’s zombie infested universe. The emotional storytelling, […]

Immortal Conquest: Europe receives Legions update

by Charlie Grammeron May 17, 2017
Funcell123 was excited to announce that Immortal Conquest: Europe has received an update that allows players to form Legions. This  new feature becomes available as Center City is occupied by an alliance, allowing for more than a single army to stay in the city and be commanded by a general who may lead the legion […]

Survival Arena pits player against player in tower defense

by Charlie Grammeron May 13, 2017
Game Insight has recently unleashed a new tower defense game that pits you against players from around the world. This title, available for free on the App Store, Google Play, Windows 10, Amazon App Store, and Galaxy App Store, is known as Survival Arena, and features cross-platform play across all platforms. The game takes the […]

Mabinogi Duel and BlazBlue collaborate for second update

by Charlie Grammeron May 13, 2017
Mabinogi Duel, and BlazBlue have collaborated with a second update, now available for new and returning players alike. Mabinogi Duel, for those unaware, is a title that allows trading card game strategists to clash with beautifully designed character cards against their rivals, as well as rising stars from across the world. This second collaboration update […]

The Lion’s Song’s full release to arrive in July

by Charlie Grammeron May 13, 2017
Mipumi Games has recently announced that The Lion’s Song will arrive in full this July as the final episode, Closure, arrives. The first episode was released back in July 2016, and has captured the hearts of players around the world. The final episode will arrive on Steam, and the full release will make its debut […]

Super Senso receives launch trailer

by Charlie Grammeron April 29, 2017
GungHo Online Entertainment America’s synchronous PvP action-strategy game, Super Senso, has recently arrived on Android and iOS. and now it has received an official launch trailer. Check it out below: For those unaware, the fast-paced PvP match starts with players controlling one SENSO, which is a powerful and specialized hero that is critical to determining […]

Disruptor Beam shares details on The Walking Dead: March to War’s Council System

by Charlie Grammeron April 14, 2017
With The Walking Dead: March to War creeping ever closer, Disruptor Beam has recently shared details surrounding the game’s Council System, which is one of the most crucial mechanics. To survive the walkers, you will need the guidance of powerful Council Members. These are series-favorite characters, such as Rick and Rosita, who will lead other […]