Total War: WARHAMMER shows off campaign map in new trailer

by Charlie Grammeron November 26, 2015
Total War: WARHAMMER comes ever closer to release, and Creative Assembly has shared a new trailer that shows off the gigantic campaign map for the first time. Focusing on Grimgor Ironhide, who has slaughtered many as he adventured through the Blasted Wastes and is now searching for a new foe to conquer.   The Greenskin Legendary […]
first assault

Ghost in the Shell: First Assault arrives in December

by Charlie Grammeron November 26, 2015
Nexon was happy to share that their upcoming first-person shooter, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: First Assault Online, or First Assault, will soon be arriving for Steam and Nexon launcher players to enjoy. As the game moves through the beta phases, Neople is asking for your help to shape the game into the best it can […]
Ura Shouten-min

WWE 2K16’s first downloadable content pack goes live

by Charlie Grammeron November 25, 2015
2K was recently happy to have the first bit of downloadable content, or DLC, for WWE 2K16 go live on PlayStation 3, 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. This DLC, known as the New Moves Pack, is priced at $3.99 and features over 30 new moves, such as Nikki Bella’s Corner Enzuigiri, Diva Paige’s Avalanche Ram, Kevin Owens’ […]

clannad 2

CLANNAD now available on Steam

by Charlie Grammeron November 25, 2015
Fans of romantic visual novels have been waiting for CLANNAD to arrive in English officially for around a decade, and Sekai Project was recently thrilled to announce that this wait is finally over. Thanks to the cooperation of VisualArts/Key, CLANNAD is currently available on Steam for Windows-based PCs at the price of $49.99/£29.99/45,99€ with a 15% discount for […]
sociable soccer

Sociable Soccer receives new video

by Charlie Grammeron November 25, 2015
Jon Hare and the team working on Sociable Soccer recently shared a video of the title, which boasted the honor of being the most backed live PC & Console game on Kickstarter. This video can be viewed below:   Jon Hare spoke on the title, stating, “We are six weeks into development and Sociable Soccer is […]


Albion Online currently in Closed Beta

by Charlie Grammeron November 25, 2015
Sandbox Interactive recently began the Closed Beta of Albion Online, their cross-platform sandbox MMORPG. Legendary, Epic, and Veteran Founders were able to join starting on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday respectively prior to the upcoming 2016 release on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. There are more than 30,000 founders that are able to participate in the […]

Cynane the Queen Slayer enters the battlefield of Total War: ARENA

by Charlie Grammeron November 20, 2015
Creative Assembly has today unleashed a new Commander in their free-to-play team strategy game, Total War: ARENA. This Commander is known as Cynane the Queen Slayer, and is a brilliant female military strategist and field commander. Here are her four unique orders, courtesy of the official press release:  Shock creates a scattering cavalry charge that ramps […]
albion online

Albion Online Closed Beta starting times announced

by Charlie Grammeron November 20, 2015
Sandbox Interactive yesterday unveiled the final bit of information before their upcoming cross-platform sandbox MMORPG, Albion Online, enters Closed Beta on Monday. This information is none other than the official starting times that each type of Founder groups will be able to access the servers. Here they are, courtesy of the official press release, and […]

sociable soccer 1

Sociable Soccer gains steam on Kickstarter

by Charlie Grammeron November 19, 2015
Jon Hare’s upcoming soccer title for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, Sociable Soccer, has made quite a bit of progress as it gathered steam on Kickstarter. Here’s what has been added so far, courtesy of the official press release: GAME MODES “Sociable Soccer’s gameplay is getting crisper by the day and we have been […]

WWE 2K16 receives Momentus trailer

by Charlie Grammeron November 18, 2015
In support of WWE 2K16’s recent launch on PlayStation 3, 4, Xbox 360, and One, 2K has shared an extended WWE 2K16 highlight gameplay trailer, known as “Momentus”. Check it out below:
albion online

Sandbox Interactive shares video detailing Albion Online’s classless combat system

by Charlie Grammeron November 18, 2015
Albion Online has less than a week left before it enters Closed Beta, and Sandbox Interactive has decided to share a new video explaining one of the game’s most unique features, known as the classless combat system. Check out this video below: In this classless system, the role that each character plays in combat is […]