The 2013 E3 Epic Win Awards (part 1)

by Ryan Bateson June 24, 2013
We’re a week removed from E3 2013, we’ve finally had time to digest what’s been shown and what’s been hidden, and we hope you’ve been enjoying GotGame’s coverage. The crew has been culled, and it’s time to showcase the best (and worst!) of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Welcome to part 1 of the 2013 […]

Alaskan tribe creates video game company

by Charlie Grammeron June 22, 2013
According to a report on USA Today earlier today, members of  the Cook Inlet Tribal Council of Alaska, during the annual Games for Change Festival, announced that they are creating a game company called Upper One Games, LLC. This company will produce commercial (and educational) titles that will, they hope, “engage young people in fresh, vibrant ways” as they […]

Console race on Amazon UK and US shows differing loyalties

by Andrew Kenton June 21, 2013
  The console race has been brought neck and neck now that Microsoft took a complete 180 with their Xbox One console, and change it’s used games and DRM policy. So how are things doing on the retail side? As of this posting, Amazon UK has the PS4 at number two on their best sellers […]

The Halo 4 UM: #4

by Tonyon June 16, 2013
(UM) Hey there readers! Here’s another edition of the Halo 4UM, where all the discussion is Halo 4—my personal favorite at the moment, especially as a forger wielding Forge Island. But after E3, expectations can only go further and further up, sailing higher than ever with each new installment in the beloved franchise. So let’s […]

E3 2013: Art Academy heading to Wii U this summer

by Sean Garmeron June 12, 2013
During the Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct this morning, Nintendo announced a more vibrant version of the Nintendo 3DS “Art Academy” would be released as an App on the Wii U in the summer. Anyone involved in the Miiverse will be able to use the app to draw with colored pencils, pastels, and regular pencils. Nintendo has […]

E3 2013: Bayonetta 2 First Gameplay Trailer

by Sean Garmeron June 12, 2013
Nintendo had not shown gamers much of Bayonetta 2 since they announced the sequel was a Wii U exclusive at last year’s E3. So, it may have been a surprise to many Wii U owners to finally see gameplay and hear Nintendo speak at length about the highly anticipated title during the Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct […]

You, Me, and E3: Newbie at E3

by Andrew Kenton June 9, 2013
It’s that time of year again. Lots of developers and publishers get together and show off their shiny new toys. That’s right, Nerdrection 2013…err I mean the Electronics Entertainment Expo, or E3 as it’s more commonly called. This morning (6/9/2013) I hopped on a train and made an arduous trek down to the illustrious city […]

Video Games Pwn: 10 TV and Movie References

by Tonyon June 9, 2013
It’s a big world out there, and for the more casual readers out there…what brought you here anyways? No really, you’re probably wondering what all the hubbub is concerning us gamers. Hmm. Yeah, hubbub. Anyways, this significance built up around video games doesn’t make us crazy! You probably didn’t notice, but aside from all the […]

Nostalgia #3: HappiNES – Gems on Nintendo Consoles You Must Play

by Tonyon June 5, 2013
Whew, it’s been a while, but welcome readers to another article in the Nostalgia series! Here, I’ve listed outstanding video games that are good fun to walk down memory lane with. In “PS We Love You”, it was all Playstation, and in “the X-Files” it was all Xbox—but this time, as you undoubtedly have guessed […]

Ex-Zynga employees partied hard after being fired

by Andrew Kenton June 5, 2013
  Recently Zynga decided to fire a good amount of their staff, 520 people to be exact. Some of those people were from OMGPOP, who worked on Draw Something. Zynga representatives explained that the layoffs would aid in their “mobile-first” plan but desktop teams, like the ones working on Farmville 2, were not touched at […]

Twitch streaming worthwhile gaming events this year

by Andrew Kenton June 5, 2013
  It’s not every day that one gets to go to a gaming convention/conference. These things cost money…and a lot of it some times. There’s also events like E3 that only certain people can get into. But rage no more dear readers, a recent deal with Twitch and ReedPOP will be giving the live streaming […]