John Teti is saddened by Mighty No. 9 campaign

by Charlie Grammeron September 12, 2013
In an article for the Gamelogical Society, John Teti expressed his disappointment in Inafune and the team behind Mighty No. 9. For those unaware, Mighty No. 9 is an upcoming project by Inafune, who was the most prominent guiding force behind the Mega Man series. His Kickstarter campaign has been successful, and the game itself resembles Mega Man […]

Two people that helped make Assassin’s Creed fun left to make their own studio

by Charlie Grammeron September 12, 2013
Specifically, Malik Boukhira and Simon Darveau, two people who worked for Ubisoft on both the Assassin’s Creed franchise and Prince of Persia have left the company in order to create their own, known as Spearhead Games. Some may be wondering why these two, who had such promising careers and likely thousands of fans would leave […]

Strange Jeopardy question raises eyebrows

by Charlie Grammeron September 12, 2013
During an episode of Jeopardy, Alex asked a group of kids a question about a PlayStation Vita game. The question was, “On Sony’s PS Vita, you can play ‘Touch My’ this Japanese word and roll balls of increasing size around the landscape.” The phrasing of the question has, unsurprisingly, raised more than a few eyebrows. […]

Eiji Aonuma laughs about Majora’s Mask remake

by Charlie Grammeron September 12, 2013
During a recent interview with IGN, Eiji Aonuma, the “Zelda bossman”, was asked if Nintendo has any plans to recreate The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. His answer? “Hahahahahahahaha”. That’s right, Mr. Aonuma laughed at the question, and insisted that fans be told this. Said Mr. Aonuma (once he finished laughing, of course), “Please tell […]

GTA V gets a Lifeinvader page

by Charlie Grammeron September 12, 2013
That’s right, the protaganist of the upcoming game by Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto V has gotten its own Lifeinvader page. This page shows off Jack Howitzer as he makes random comments. These comments include, “Seriously. I’m still funny. And I can still break people’s necks.” This comment followed a set of two others. 3 days […]

Blitz Games Studios closes down

by Charlie Grammeron September 12, 2013
That’s right, after 23 years in business, Blitz Games Studios is shutting it’s door. This has resulted in the loss of 175 jobs for employees of the company, although it is reported that the Oxford-based studio Rebellion is in “close talks” with the company in order to hire some of the employees affected by this […]

Jurassic World footage ends up having nothing to do with the upcoming movie

by Charlie Grammeron September 11, 2013
Several of you may have seen the below trailer, which was captured by a YouTube user during the Star Wars celebration in Europe a couple of months ago. If you are like many others, you likely thought that this was footage for the upcoming (recently renamed) Jurassic Park IV, or Jurassic World. If so, you […]

What would Attack on Titan’s opening look like with Super Mario Bros 3 characters?

by Charlie Grammeron September 11, 2013
This is something that has puzzled mankind for ages. Just what would the opening look like if the characters were replaced by the cast of Super Mario Bros 3? Ok, perhaps it hasn’t puzzled mankind for ages, but a YouTube video recently shared with us aims to answer the question. And the answer is? Pretty […]

Fan makes Last of Us plushie and gives it to creators

by Charlie Grammeron September 11, 2013
A master plushie maker named Anna, who happens to be a fan of the popular game The Last of Us decided to take a plushie from the game and make a real life version of it. What did she do with it upon successfully finishing it? Well, she began work a bit before the PAX event […]

Rumor: Mewtwo has multiple Mega Evolutions in Pokemon X and Y

by Charlie Grammeron September 11, 2013
That’s right, folks, Mewtwo will indeed have more than one Mega Evolution in the upcoming Pokemon games. At least according to recent scans of a Japanese magazine. These scans appear to claim that the Mewtwo we’ve seen in action so far is actually the Mega Evolution for him in Pokemon Y. He will, according to […]

How Gamers Are Hypocrites

by Andrew Kenton September 11, 2013
Hypocrisy, we’ve all done it at least once in our life. It’s not always easy living up to our own standards, I mean trying not to eat cookies and preaching about obesity is HARD. Although for the most part we try our best to not preach about what we’re not going to practice. Recently though, […]