GGTV – Holiday 2016: Neonode Airbar Demo with Remo Behdasht

by Steve Masterson December 9, 2016
Remo Behdasht, SVP AirBar Devices and Business Development at Neonode shows us how to turn any laptop into a touchscreen with their new product, the Airbar. check it out!

Rare SEGA 32X Games! Spider-Man: Web of Fire – H4G

by hard4gameson December 7, 2016
Hard4Games covers the rare Sega 32X title, Spider-Man: Web of Fire! Web of Fire was released after Sega dropped support of the 32X and the game was all but forgotten. Debug Code: At the beginning Sega logo, enter up, right, left, A, Z, Y to activate the debug options. SEGA Playlist! JOIN US ►► […]

GGTV – Holiday 2016: Kyocera DuraForce PRO Demo with John Chier

by Steve Masterson December 7, 2016
Next Stop at the 2016 Holiday Pepcom event is John C. Chier, Director of Corporate Communications at Kyocera and the DuraForce PRO rugged, waterproof 4G LTE action camera. Check it out!

Review | Killing Floor 2 (PC)

by Charlie Grammeron December 6, 2016
A bit of a different beast from the titles I normally review, I was given the chance to check out Killing Floor 2. Will slaughtering the hordes of Zeds be as entertaining as it was in the original? Story The plot of Killing Floor 2 takes place a month after the original. For those unaware, in the original, a biotechnology […]

SNIPER ELITE 4 receives first story trailer

by Charlie Grammeron December 6, 2016
SNIPER ELITE 4 has received the first story trailer, dubbed, Italy 1943, which is the first in a series for the first AAA shooter of 2017.  This trailer, which you can view below, features previously unseen concept art, environments, factions, and new story details as it recounts the intricate machinations  of the Allied invasion of Italy. Karl Fairburne […]

GGTV – Holiday 2016: Rand McNally OverDryve Demo with Ryan Walker

by Steve Masterson December 5, 2016
Kicking off the 2016 Pepcom Holiday is the Rand McNally OverDryve. Ryan Walker, Director of Product at Rand McNally gives a us spin with their new portable smart dashboard device. Check it out!

Star Trek Timelines arrives on Facebook

by Charlie Grammeron December 2, 2016
Disruptor Beam was excited to continue celebrating Star Trek’s fiftieth anniversary by unleashing their popular strategy role-playing game, Star Trek Timelines on Facebook Games. For those unaware, the title was originally launched back in January 2016 for mobile, starting out with a temporal anomaly bringing together space and time. As such, you will be able to assemble your […]

Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- heads to Steam

by Charlie Grammeron December 2, 2016
Arc System Works was excited to announce that Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- will arrive on Steam come December 14, 2016, retailing at $49.99 with a special 10% launch discount. Those interested can spend $18 more to pick up the One Dawn bundle, which contains all of the downloadable content. The PC version will include the GUILTY GEAR Sound […]

Plarium unleashes Soldiers Inc.: Mobile Warfare on mobile devices

by Charlie Grammeron December 2, 2016
Plarium has unleashed their latest massively multiplayer online strategy game, Soldiers Inc.: Mobile Warfare, on Android and iOS recently. This title is a direct sequel to the web-based Soldiers Inc., which was released in 2013, and is set within the fictional failed state of Selva de Fuego. In this state, players will fight for control of a mysterious […]

Colt Express arrives on mobile and PC

by Charlie Grammeron November 30, 2016
Asmodee Digital and Frima Studios were excited to announce that Colt Express is officially available on iOS, Android, and PC at a price of $6.99 (mobile) and $9.99 (Steam). For those unaware, this is a digital version of the award-winning board game of the same name that takes players back into the Wild West. You will need […]

Review | Watch Dogs 2

by David Pooleon November 30, 2016
Ubisoft has an interesting reputation when it comes to new IPs. They tend to release a AAA title that gets a lot of hype, and often times, the game doesn’t live up to the hype. Despite not meeting the expectations of tons of fans, the potential for these titles is unmistakable. Assassin’s Creed is a […]