Interview | LiS: Before the Storm with Zak Garriss and Chris Floyd

by Josh Boykinon September 18, 2017
Life is Strange 2 is still cooking, Dontnod Entertainment’s follow-up to the sleeper-hit Life is Strange. Based in the fictional Pacific Northwest town of Arcadia Bay, the series’ first game followed high school girls Max Caulfield and Chloe Price as they investigated mysteries and rekindled their friendship. The newest game in the series, Life is Strange: Before […]

Preview | GRAVEL

by Josh Boykinon September 13, 2017
Racing games these days seem to scratch one of two itches: simulation, or kart racing. Series like Forza and Project Cars reach for realism, with tons of customizable car parts and unforgiving controls. If that’s not your speed, there’s always Mario Kart and the like: light customization, weapons, booby traps… It’s been a while since […]

Watch us stream Earthfall today, a Left 4 Dead-style FPS

by Josh Boykinon July 17, 2017
Valve doesn’t seem to like the number “3.” Whether it’s Half-Life, DOTA, or Left 4 Dead, Valve seems perfectly happy leaving us hanging for years. That doesn’t mean other developers aren’t trying to scratch those itches, though. Holospark, a developer based out of Bellvue, Washington, is working on an FPS that brings Left 4 Dead […]

Full Steam Ahead

by Maggie Wilandon May 30, 2017
Last Christmas, I finally, after over a decade of being unwillingly stuck with Apple devices, made the switch back over to Windows. After my Apple ID, that I’d had since I was maybe a teenager, had been hacked by someone in Russia, I run into a myriad of problems. Not only did it make it […]

5 Skills that Make Gamers the Best Drone Pilots

by Guest Authoron May 15, 2017
In the last few years, drones have become a global sensation and every day, more and more people decide to start this hobby. The reason for the expansion of this hobby is the fact that today’s UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, but we will use the more popular term – Drones) are far simpler to control […]

Black Friday: Blood Money

by Maggie Wilandon November 25, 2016
“Black Friday: Blood Money” is a sandbox open world RPG, where you play as Steven Lamb. Steven’s life hasn’t been going too great lately, especially since his wife has asked for a separation and took his beloved 6 year old daughter, Emilie, with her. When Steven discovers she’s seeing another man, he feels desperate to […]

Why Crash Bandicoot will save the PlayStation 4

by Lukas Jaroon November 16, 2016
Crash Bandicoot became one of the most successful and iconic titles on the original PlayStation helping put the console on the map. With critical acclaim around the globe and being the unofficial mascot, the PS1 wouldn’t have been the same without Crash. It was THE game everyone admired or wanted to play and THE game that secured Sony […]

The NES Classic Edition: In Nintendo’s Defense

by David Pooleon November 11, 2016
Today was the launch of Nintendo’s retro-inspired NES Classic Edition console, a miniature system with 30 beloved games already loaded. While many have criticized the incredibly short controller cable, the system has still gained a lot of surprising demand in such a short span of time. This has caused many of the systems to fly […]


It’s All I Have

by Maggie Wilandon November 4, 2016
As far as hobbies go, collecting has to be one of the dumbest, and as a collector, I feel I can say that with some validity. I’ve collected multiple things over the years, ranging from comic books to movie posters to human hearts. So, for me, when achievements came out, it was an instant buy […]

Click On Me, Senpai!

by Maggie Wilandon October 25, 2016
  A few years ago, I started getting into visual novels. Being someone who’s enjoyed reading my whole life (I know; a woman, reading?! What will they let us do next? Vote?! Operate them fancy motor vehicles?! The possibilities are endless!) it just seemed like the obvious move to combine both reading and video games […]

Conquering Melee Combat for Glory in For Honor

by Josh Boykinon September 16, 2016
If there’s one benefit to Assassin’s Creed moving to a bi-yearly release cycle, it’s that it makes space to show off other games in the off-years. Ubisoft brought three titles to PAX West 2016 for press to get their hands on, including For Honor, the upcoming multiplayer title where players cross swords as Vikings, medieval knights, and Samurai […]