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Review | Game of Thrones Episode 3: The Sword in the Darkness

by Tyler Colpon March 25, 2015
“Words are wind, Asher. It’s choices that define who you are.” That’s a line plucked from the third episode of Telltale’s latest adventure game, Game of Thrones. The man who said this was nearly burned to death by a dragon when I chose not to rescue him instead of my long-time comrade. In a series […]

Review | Life Is Strange: Episode 2 – Out of Time

by Tyler Colpon March 24, 2015
The ability to go back in time and change what you’ve done is a life-changing super power. One that can fix mistakes, explore different options, remove regret, and save lives. There’s so many possibilities that it would be hard not to abuse it. For a story, especially a video game story, a power like that […]

What happens to Silent Hills if Kojima leaves Konami?

by Tyler Colpon March 19, 2015
GameSpot is reporting that Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima will leave Konami once his contract ends in December due to a fallout between the parent company and his subsidiary Kojima Prodcutions. His upcoming game, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is still coming out on Sept. 1, but after that, according to GameSpot’s source, the […]


Bloodborne review says it only has 12 weapons in the first 40 hours – fans are upset

by Tyler Colpon March 11, 2015
Edge magazine just released its early review-like cover story on From Software’s Bloodborne. The article resembles a traditional review sans numerical score, which the magazine says it coming in the next issue. Almost all of it sounds good for people looking forward to the next Souls-like game, but one specific thing has some fans confused and […]

The 5 things only World of Warcraft veterans remember

by Tyler Colpon March 10, 2015
If you’ve played World of Warcraft for several years, you’ve likely come across some of the game’s quirks. They’re the kind of quirks that are hard to explain to people who don’t play the game, but are a great way to reminisce about the game’s past with those who do. These are five of the best […]

Only true Bloodborne fans are doing these things before it’s out

by Tyler Colpon March 5, 2015
Bloodborne is almost here. Like FromSoftware’s Souls games, it deserves some preparation. There’s an entire world with characters and lore and themes to learn about. So, with only 2 weeks left, here’s what the biggest Bloodborne fans are doing to get ready. Picking a name You can’t just walk into Bloodborne’s dark, victorian setting with […]


It’s about damn time Unreal Engine is free

by Tyler Colpon March 2, 2015
Epic Games has made its hugely popular game-making software Unreal Engine 4 free. There’s no trial period, there’s no pro version; it’s completely free. It’s a big move for the company, particularly because for the longest time Unreal Engine was unaffordable for most independent developers. It’s been used mostly for big games like Gears of […]

This is why The Order: 1886 is almost a great game

by Tyler Colpon February 23, 2015
The Order: 1886, Ready At Dawn’s gothic shooter, isn’t very good. It’s simply bad by most accounts. But there are bad games and there are bad games that are so close to being good. The Order: 1886 is one of the latter, a game that takes a solid foundation and flubs the execution. There’s a […]

This is the reason why game length matters for some people

by Tyler Colpon February 16, 2015
Disclosure: I’m a financially stable young person in a house were I write about games for a living. I do not care whatsoever about how long The Order: 1886 is. I also understand that other people, deeply, deeply do. My mom downloads various match-three and word games on her phone. She plays them until they […]

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Data shows our favorite games are getting shorter

by Tyler Colpon February 11, 2015
The average length, according to How Long to Beat’s Main Story timings, of the top rated 20 games on Metacritic (excluding endless games and re-releases) in 2014 was 14.7 hours. And for 2013, the average length of the top 20 games was 16.1. It’s not a big decline, but it’s notable. What could have caused this? […]

Review | Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords

by Tyler Colpon February 9, 2015
Spoilers for Game of Thrones Episode 1: Iron From Ice. Read our review of that here. I’m not sure Game of Thrones lends itself well to the Telltale model. That is, a five-episode season where you play as an unestablished new character, talk to the ones that are, and do the thing video games love […]

Review | Life Is Strange Episode 1: Chrysalis

by Tyler Colpon February 4, 2015
If there’s a genre that consistently and courageously explores the relationship between you and the character you play as, it’s adventure games. It’s a genre built on aligning the player and the character into one perceptive whole. It’s about empathy, as all stories are, but it’s also about careful design that builds into this sort […]