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This is why The Order: 1886 is almost a great game

by Tyler Colpon February 23, 2015
The Order: 1886, Ready At Dawn’s gothic shooter, isn’t very good. It’s simply bad by most accounts. But there are bad games and there are bad games that are so close to being good. The Order: 1886 is one of the latter, a game that takes a solid foundation and flubs the execution. There’s a […]

This is the reason why game length matters for some people

by Tyler Colpon February 16, 2015
Disclosure: I’m a financially stable young person in a house were I write about games for a living. I do not care whatsoever about how long The Order: 1886 is. I also understand that other people, deeply, deeply do. My mom downloads various match-three and word games on her phone. She plays them until they […]
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Data shows our favorite games are getting shorter

by Tyler Colpon February 11, 2015
The average length, according to How Long to Beat’s Main Story timings, of the top rated 20 games on Metacritic (excluding endless games and re-releases) in 2014 was 14.7 hours. And for 2013, the average length of the top 20 games was 16.1. It’s not a big decline, but it’s notable. What could have caused this? […]


Review | Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords

by Tyler Colpon February 9, 2015
Spoilers for Game of Thrones Episode 1: Iron From Ice. Read our review of that here. I’m not sure Game of Thrones lends itself well to the Telltale model. That is, a five-episode season where you play as an unestablished new character, talk to the ones that are, and do the thing video games love […]

Review | Life Is Strange Episode 1: Chrysalis

by Tyler Colpon February 4, 2015
If there’s a genre that consistently and courageously explores the relationship between you and the character you play as, it’s adventure games. It’s a genre built on aligning the player and the character into one perceptive whole. It’s about empathy, as all stories are, but it’s also about careful design that builds into this sort […]

Tips for playing Grim Fandango Remastered

by Tyler Colpon January 26, 2015
If there’s one thing I noticed while playing Double Fine’s remake of the 1998 classic Grim Fandango, it’s that old adventure games were much more mechanical than The Walking Deads of today. You might have to find one or two things as you make your way through the story of The Wolf Among Us, but Grim […]


Review | Grim Fandango Remastered

by Tyler Colpon January 26, 2015
The classics of any art form come with so much baggage. Heaps of praise and discussion on how seminal the work was for everything that followed. It can be hard to get over the assumptions that other people have created for you. You feel like the best parts have already been summarized. You’d love to […]

Sucker Punch continues to staff up for next PS4 game

by Tyler Colpon January 20, 2015
InFamous developer Sucker Punch is hiring several positions as for Jan. 13 to work on its next game, rumored to be an open world adventure for PlayStation 4. The job listings include a concept artist, environment artist, narrative writer, lead mission designer, environment texture artist, and a character shader technical artist. The narrative writer position […]

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor almost had climbable Great beasts

by Tyler Colpon January 20, 2015
At some point during development, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor let you climb the hulking, rhinocerous-like Great beasts, according to a post-mortem written by design director Michael de Plater on Gamasutra. These guys: The feature was eventually cut as developer Monolith focused on the core parts of the game, like the Nemesis System, which had some […]


5 secrets only true Souls fans will know

by Tyler Colpon January 19, 2015
Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and Dark Souls 2 all hold secrets. If you’ve played any of them, you’ve probably ran into one or two. But if you really dug into them, researched all the areas and items, and theorized with the online community, you are likely aware of some of the Souls series’ most mysterious […]

Is this the end of review scores?

by Tyler Colpon January 13, 2015
Popular gaming website Joystiq just dropped its review scores.The end of its reviews will include a few stand-out facts about the game but no five-star score. You’ll have to read the whole review for more information. Video game websites have been arguing over review scores forever. There’s people who think numbers are the answer, people who […]

You Missed the Giant Lobster in Dark Souls 2

by Tyler Colpon January 12, 2015
Hidden inside Dark Souls 2 map files are remnants of discarded models and unfinished designs. It’s the kind of stuff you’ll never see by playing the game normally. Thankfully, Souls-series sleuth Illusorywall is digging through the map files and posting the most interesting finds on Tumblr. One of those is a giant lobster (above). The crustacean creature […]