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Nobody likes Batman: Arkham Knight’s Batmobile, here’s why

by Tyler Colpon July 1, 2015
Batman: Arkham Knight has a lot of things going for it. The combat is as good as ever, the gliding is still intuitive and satisfying, and the story is a solid conclusion to Rocksteady’s trilogy. But there’s one thing that’s bugged a lot of players: the Batmobile. There’s a few reasons why the Batmobile is […]

The one game we’re probably never going to see at E3 again

by Tyler Colpon June 10, 2015
Next month marks the eighth anniversary of Sony announcing that Rockstar Games was working on a PlayStation exclusive game, which we later learned was Agent, in 2007. It was officially announced at E3 2009 and since then we’ve heard almost nothing. With rumors of The Last Guardian, a game that was in a similar situation, actually […]

This is what makes good video game characters

by Tyler Colpon June 8, 2015
Good characters are made of a lot of things, but only two of them drive everything they do: wants and needs. The video examines The Last of Us’ Joel and how his wants and needs conflict to make a good story. This can be applied to other games, so it’s something worth understanding. Wants A […]

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 and South Park follow the same story structure

by Tyler Colpon June 2, 2015
The Witcher 3 uses the same basic storytelling structure as South Park, and it’s why even the game’s sidequests are so compelling. We’ll call it Therefore/But Structure. It’s purpose is to link scenes, be it from a film, novel, or game, with conflict and resolution. It gives stories logic. And its really simple to understand. It works […]

Rise of the Tomb Raider fans should hope for these features

by Tyler Colpon June 1, 2015
We don’t know a lot about Rise of the Tomb Raider. We know it will continue Lara Croft’s journey from where the 2013 game left off. We know it’ll have a crafting system and stealth combat. And we know it’s only coming to the Xbox One. That’s about it. So, there’s some things we should […]

The one developer that nailed video game storytelling this week

by Tyler Colpon May 28, 2015
The last Game of Thrones episode from Telltale, Sons of Winter, is very good. Like, very, very good. It used each of its four main characters to construct tough decisions, made even harder with the developer’s signature time-sensitive choices. If I had to point to one, specific thing that was great, it was the build up to […]


Review | Game of Thrones: Episode 4 – Sons of Winter

by Tyler Colpon May 27, 2015
To call a Game of Thrones episode, be it the HBO series or Telltale’s series, satisfying for its characters, is to introduce a thick layer of dread on what comes next. George R.R. Martin’s apprentices learned one thing very quickly: give them what they want and then tear it away from them. And, in-turn, the […]

Xbox One price drop, redesign and other big E3 2015 predictions

by Tyler Colpon May 26, 2015
The big day is coming. And that means the big announcements are coming. There will always be some that we completely didn’t expect, but there’s always even more that we can pretty accurately predict. So, let’s do that. Here’s what could happen next month at E3 2015. 1. PS4 price drop There’s already been some rumors […]
Gone Home on sale for limited time.

What games could still learn from Gone Home

by Tyler Colpon May 25, 2015
I keep thinking about how important Gone Home is to games as a storytelling medium. It’s difficult to put in words because the way the game handles it is very matter-of-fact. There’s nothing special about the way Gone Home tells its story while you’re playing it, but when you step away and look at it […]


Review | Life Is Strange: Episode 3 – Chaos Theory

by Tyler Colpon May 20, 2015
Like any good television or video game series, it sometimes takes a focused episode to highlight the best parts and drive them toward a larger, final point. Chaos Theory is the most self-contained episode of Life Is Strange yet, but it works off the strengths of what came before and uses that to set off […]

It’s like Mirror’s Edge but with physics and voxels

by Tyler Colpon May 11, 2015
Lemma, which is out tomorrow on Steam, might be the best way to spend your time until Mirror’s Edge 2 finally arrives. Developed by Evan Todd, Lemma follows a young woman, Joan, as she navigates her way through a cubical dream world. Except Joan doesn’t just walk, she runs, jumps, slides, and kicks her way […]

GTA 5 PC players without this mod are missing out

by Tyler Colpon May 8, 2015
If there’s one thing the Grand Theft Auto games have always been good at it’s chaos. I remember playing my first Grand Theft Auto, which was Vice City, and assuming that setting the city on fire with gunfire and explosions was the point of the game. I was wrong of course, but also kind of […]