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Donkey Kong 1, 2, 3 Nes & Arcade Review (Jr, Math) – The Irate Gamer S5E7

by Chris Boreson October 7, 2016
To put us in the spirit of Pixels the Movie, This review covers Donkey Kong 1-3 plus a few others! Don't miss this triple hitter!

ROB the Robot Amiibo Prototype pictures Leak Online!

by Chris Boreson September 29, 2016
Whoa,a special Reddit user has apparently gotten his hands on a ROB amiibo Prototype and it looks incredible. Hit the jump to see more detailed pics as well as a height comparison to all the other figures. They only other thing to wonder about now is if Japan will have the red/white one while the US gets the red/grey one. hmmmm...

The Irate Gamer – DuckTales NES Video Game Review S5E1

by Chris Boreson September 18, 2016
Here is the Long awaited Season 5 episode where the Irate Gamer reviews Ducktales for the NES.

Nintendo Amiibo – Supply & Demand Wave 4 Fiasco Explained

by Chris Boreson September 1, 2016
Here is a fantastic video (if I do say so myself) that explains a lot of crazy things transpiring with the recent events surrounding Nintendo's amiibos. In this video I will try to explain what is going on, why its going on and what it means for the future of this franchise. hit the jump for the video

E3 2014 Gauntlet Reboot Video Game Interview

by Chris Boreson August 24, 2016
Here is the Gauntlet reboot. So glad this is coming out. But it is only on steam. wtf?! We need some console action on this bad boy. Check it out!

After Angry Birds Suffer 73% Profit Drop, Banks on 3D Animated Movie!

by Chris Boreson May 19, 2016
Rovio posted that they company has suffered a 73 percent profit drop showing the latest sign its mainstay Angry Birds brand is losing appeal. Now they are pinning their hopes to a costly 3D movie project to help return the appeal back to normal.This could be an interesting move. Rovio said total sales fell 9 […]

GotGame Exclusive! IG NEO: Tales of Zestiria Game Review 2015

by Chris Boreson December 3, 2015
Irate Gamer takes a look at the new Tales of Zestiria game. A gotgame exclusive video!

Mario Party 10 Wii U – Irate Gamer Neo Video Game Review

by Chris Boreson March 27, 2015
Here is my review of Mario Party 10. It is a brief overview of want you can expect from the game

E3 2014 – After Hours, Empty Expo Hall

by Chris Boreson June 24, 2014
Rounding up the last of my E3 videos is this, I was able to wander around a bit after hours, here's the video. Pretty cool to see

E3 2014 Skylanders Trap Team – Buzzer Beak Playable Villain

by Chris Boreson June 24, 2014
Totally forgot about this guy, He was shown in the E3 backroom, but I did not have a chance to play him myself. I explain why.

E3 2014 Dragon Age: Inquisition Video Game First Look Interview

by Chris Boreson June 24, 2014
We are checking out the new sequel to the first Dragon Age game. Check out this interview to learn more!