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Brick-Force: Killing in the Time of Minecraft

by Elyas Gorogo-Bakeron March 4, 2013
Brick-Force, from Infernum and EXE Games, has been out for some time now, though you may not have come across it yet. It’s what would happen if you took the block based building aspects of Minecraft, took out the fact that you have to pay, and combined it with first person shooter mechanics. Did I […]

Preview | Project X Zone

by Elyas Gorogo-Bakeron January 25, 2013
Something has to be said for a game that has over fifty playable characters, of which only two are unique to the game. Though if the title of said game is Project X Zone (pronounced Project Cross Zone) then there’s really no other way to have it. Project X Zone is like a tactical, semi-turn […]