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Darksiders 2 Interview with Lead Designer Haydn Dalton

by Raychul Mooreon February 4, 2012
Lead Designer Haydn Dalton discusses with GotGame some of the key points of the story and why their version of death can die.

Resident Evil: Revelations Interview with Mike Schmitt

by Raychul Mooreon January 26, 2012
Product Manager, Mike Schmitt sits down with GotGame to talk about the story of Resident Evil: Revelations, the cool new games modes and the fan feedback.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories Interview with Producer Tomm Hulett

by Raychul Mooreon January 7, 2012
In this Interview, Producer Tomm Hulett discusses why Silent Hill: Book of Memories is a very different game from your typical Silent Hill and what he thinks about making a game on a new system like the PS Vita.

Silent Hill: Downpour Interview with Sr. Associate Producer Tomm Hulett

by Raychul Mooreon January 6, 2012
Raychul sits down with Sr. Associate Producer, Tomm Hulett to discuss some of the important things that makes Silent Hill: Downpour a Silent Hill game and the definition of survival horror.

Ask Raychul: part 40

by Raychul Mooreon December 15, 2011
In this week’s Ask Raychul, I talk about The Last of Us, Suda51 games, Dark Souls party chat, and Anarchy Reigns. To send me your questions, email me at [email protected] and put “Ask Raychul” in the subject line! 🙂

ABBA: You Can Dance Interview with Liam Mayclem

by Raychul Mooreon December 7, 2011
At a recent event here in San Francisco, Raychul got the chance to talk to CBS 5’s TV host Liam Mayclem about unleashing his inner dancing queen with ABBA’s new game on the Wii, ABBA: You Can Dance.

Review | Skyrim – My most confusing review ever.

by Raychul Mooreon December 6, 2011
So here I am, finally getting my Skyrim review out which I would have had done sooner I had been able to put the controller down for a few minutes. But the thing is. even though I am so hopelessly addicted to it, I still can see that the game is not a well put […]

Review | Kinect Disneyland Adventures

by Raychul Mooreon December 4, 2011
This game totally had me fooled, I actually thought it could be fun. Well, that’ll teach me never to trust a cool-looking game for Kinect ever again. What a shame, because this game could actually be a lot of fun if Microsoft realized the Kinect is a terrible idea and not fun to use. Kinect […]

Ask Raychul: part 38

by Raychul Mooreon December 2, 2011
This week I answer questions about games I am missing out on because my PC isn’t very powerful, why I would want to be Elena, games I still have yet to beat, and I get asked questions I know nothing about. 🙂 To send in a question, email me [email protected] and put “Ask Raychul” in […]

Your Apple product wants to help you play Skyrim

by Raychul Mooreon November 29, 2011
Why do I love the iPad and iPhone so much? Well one of the reasons is all of the awesome apps people make for both devices. Like the guys over at Dragon Shout app who understand that the map in Skyrim is one of it’s biggest faults. In just a few days, all Skyrim gamers […]

Games I am thankful for this Thanksgiving!

by Raychul Mooreon November 24, 2011
It’s the one day a year where calories don’t count and I am about to eat myself into a coma. Hope you are about to do the same and have a great Thanksgiving! If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, that ok, you should still fill your bellies with the yummiest of yummy food today. 🙂 Every […]