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Has Persona 5’s Release Date Been Revealed?

by Peter Whiteheadon March 5, 2015
UK Retailer ShopTo has listed the JRPG on their website for a release date of March 27th. There has been no official release date for the game from ATLUS for Japan or North America, though the teaser trailer back in February stated that the game would be released for PS3 and PS4 in 2015. It’s […]

Review | Bound by Flame (PS4)

by Peter Whiteheadon May 9, 2014
Rule number one of any game should always be to make sure you know what your lead character is called. Unfortunately it’s a rule that Spiders Studios seems to have forgotten as within two hours of Bound by Flame the subtitles have referred to you as ‘Volcan’ more than once, instead of the actual name ‘Vulcan’. […]

Mass Effect 4 Rumoured For Spring 2015 Release

by Peter Whiteheadon April 24, 2014
Mass Effect 4 is due to be released in Spring 2015, according to B-Ten. They report that they have been in contact with a member of the team in Bioware who stated that “if I was you, I’d get to playing the Mass Effect trilogy before next spring…” Though Bioware and EA have yet to […]

Preview | Alien: Isolation

by Peter Whiteheadon April 7, 2014
They say that in space no-one can here you scream. After going hand’s on with Creative Assembly’s latest project we’re inclined to disgaree. The Xenomorph will hear you, it hears everything. Before you have flashbacks to last year’s disaster with Alien: Colonial Marines let us assure you that Alien: Isolation is a different beast entirely. Set after the […]

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD (Vita): Review

by Peter Whiteheadon March 31, 2014
Ever had the experience of meeting an old friend after 10 years? The uncertainty of what may have changed, whether you still have anything in common, the joy of realising that everything is still as it was. Well that’s the experience with playing Final Fantasy X HD and Final Fantasy X-2 HD. In Final Fantasy X we have one of […]

5 Worst NPC Jobs in Games

by Peter Whiteheadon February 3, 2014
It’s Monday again, which means that it’s time to start work for the week. Before you get too down about all the meetings you’ll have to stay awake through and your boss’ ‘motivational’ speeches just think, it could always be worse. Don’t believe us? Then read on and find some of the worst jobs in […]

Konami reveal new Castlevania artwork and screens

by Peter Whiteheadon January 10, 2014
Konami have released a new batch of screenshots from the forthcoming Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2 focusing on Dracula’s role in the game. In a press release Konami said ,”Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 concludes the revamped series in epic style. Featuring a sprawling, open-world environment, free-roaming camera, and over 24 hours of action, combat and […]

Konami confirm PES 2015 for PS4, no word on Xbox One

by Peter Whiteheadon January 9, 2014
Konami have announced that Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 will be coming to next gen, at least on PS4. In response to a fan question about PES 2014 being playable on PS4, the official PES twitter account announced that this year’s version of the game will be coming to Sony’s new machine. @Mor_Sch PES 2014 will not be released on […]

Review | Trine 2: Complete Story (PS4)

by Peter Whiteheadon December 5, 2013
The fact that one of the best looking launch games on PS4 is a port of a PC game from 2011 should come as something of a shock. Trine 2 has always looked handsome but now that it’s running in 1080p at 60 frames per second it looks even better. Some wonderfully realised locations will really […]

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD leads this week’s eShop updates

by Peter Whiteheadon September 19, 2013
Despite all the troubles that have been surrounding the Wii U Nintendo have been pro-active in the games that they are promoting via their eShop. Today the’ve annpunced that latest games that will be joining the service this week. From tomorrow The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD will be available to download, bringing one […]

Heavy Rain was turned down by Microsoft because of child kidnapping themes

by Peter Whiteheadon September 4, 2013
David Cage, the founder of Quantic Dream, has revealed that Microsoft turned down the opportunity to publish Heavy Rain because they were worried about the theme of child kidnapping, according to Polygon. Cage revealed this during his BAFTA games lecture in London yesterday. Cage said that he had turned to Microsoft after releasing Fahrenheit as they were […]