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Postal 2: Paradise Lost Expansion Out Now

by Dragos Dobreon April 18, 2015
A new expansion for Postal 2 just popped out on Steam today, introducing a new single-player campaign to the game. The story follows Dude once again, in his quest to find his lost dog. The expansion also features some improvements to gameplay, HUD, and graphics — but none of them are major. We’ve played it for […]

GTA 5 Patch 1.01 Now Live on PC, Fixes Launcher and Framerate Issues

by Dragos Dobreon April 18, 2015
GTA 5’s launch on PC wasn’t a perfect one, as gamers encountered a few issues that might have ruined their game. Some of them were related to the launcher, which randomly crashed, and others to unstable framerate even on high-end machines. To fix most of the issues, Rockstar launched today the GTA 5 patch 1.01, […]
The Witcher 3 - 6

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has Gone Gold

by Dragos Dobreon April 16, 2015
Developer CD Projekt Red just announced that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has gone gold, meaning that the game is out of development and ready to be played! With over one month left before the game is out, there’s plenty of time for discs to be made and delivered. “We worked so damn hard over […]


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Developer 2K Australia is Closing

by Dragos Dobreon April 16, 2015
Australia’s last AAA developer 2K Games Australia is now officially closed, with numerous developers being relocated to other studios or fired. The company has released an official matter on the statement, saying that they decided to close the studio in order to “better manage” ongoing development costs. Is this a nice way to say that Borderlands: […]

How To Play GTA 5 Using Oculus Rift Dev Kit

by Dragos Dobreon April 16, 2015
If you by any chance have an Oculus Rift Dev Kit lying around the house, you might want to try playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on your PC with it. VorpX, a dedicated software for games that don’t have VR support has just been updated and now supports GTA 5. It surely has some inconveniences, and […]

Mortal Kombat X Walkthrough & Guide

by Dragos Dobreon April 15, 2015
Get over here! It’s time for Mortal Kombat X, one of the most awaited fighting games of 2015. As most MK games in the series, the game can become quite difficult for new comers, especially those who never really played a fighting game. This is where our walkthrough comes in your aid, with a video […]


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Xbox One Bundles Announced for Europe

by Dragos Dobreon April 15, 2015
Microsoft has revealed two new Xbox One bundles to celebrate The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt launch. Both of them have a custom artwork on the box (sadly, not on the console), and come with an Xbox One, a controller, HDMI cable, and a digital copy of the game. The only difference between the two bundles […]

New European PlayStation Store Discounts Start Today, Featuring Dying Light

by Dragos Dobreon April 15, 2015
Sony just revealed the new batch of discounts on the PlayStation Store, and this week’s spotlight is on Dying Light. You can grab the post-apocalyptic zombie game for €49.99/£39.99, from the original €69.99/£54.99 — and as always, PlayStation Plus subscribers will get an extra 10% off. The entire list can be found here, and includes games such […]

Vevo App Launching Today on PS4 and PS3

by Dragos Dobreon April 15, 2015
Sony announced today that Vevo will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles as an music app. The app will be available in certain countries including United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland and Spain with today’s PlayStation Store update. You’ll also be able to watch your favorite shows […]


You can Build Ships in the Next World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Update

by Dragos Dobreon April 15, 2015
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor patch 6.2 will be bringing some new cool features for the Garrison alongside the usual new boss encounters and raids. One of them is the ability to build a shipyard, once you’re Garrison is at level 3. You’ll also be able to build ships using it, and then sail on […]

GTA 5 PC First Mod Released, Gives you Infinite Ammo and Invincibility

by Dragos Dobreon April 15, 2015
The best part of Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC are the mods created by the community. Only a day after the game’s official release, someone already coded a quite handy mod for your singleplayer use. It gives you infinite ammo, without the need of reload, alongside the awesome invincibility. You can see a video […]

Wildstar Pulled from Retailer Shelves Ahead of Its F2P Transition

by Dragos Dobreon April 15, 2015
According to an EB games employee, the retailer started taking Wildstar off shelves without any notice a few weeks ago. This decision comes in preparation for the MMO’s transition to a free-to-play model, where micro-transactions rule the place. Wildstar already has in place a system to bypass the monthly subscription by paying with in-game currency, […]