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Resident Evil HD Remaster | Review

by ohnoroboon January 19, 2015
Back in 2002, GameCube owners were treated with arguably one of the absolute best game remakes ever produced. Not only was it a remake of the classic that basically defined (or redefined) the survival horror genre, but it was clearly handled with extreme care and seemed to be a labor of love to the original […]

Congo – Early Access – Prelaunch Trailer

by ohnoroboon November 20, 2014
Time to get excited about developer The Innocent Devils upcoming game CONGO. We’ve been following this game for several months now and it looks like we’re going to finally get to play it really soon on Steam. Congo will be be released in an Early Access stage on Steam November 27, 2014. We’ll be posting […]

Evolve: Monsters (Big Alpha Gameplay)

by ohnoroboon November 2, 2014
We’ve been doing some serious damage in 2K’s Evolve Big Alpha this weekend and the monsters are the best part, in our humble opinion. Monsters have the ability to use their sense of smell to locate other players, do melee attacks, and either jump or fly to use up their stamina meter. The ultimate goal […]

Evolve: Classes (Big Alpha Gameplay)

by ohnoroboon October 31, 2014
After spending a couple of days playing 2K’s Evolve Big Alpha and capturing as much footage as possible of our gameplay, we can say things are looking and feeling pretty good. Aside from the lack of experience most players have with this new IP and the teamwork involved in taking down a huge monstrous beast, […]

Dark Souls 2 DLC4 Leaked

by ohnoroboon October 22, 2014
With From Software‘s successful release of their Crown of the Ivory King downloadable content now behind them, some have speculated that Team B may have a few more DLCs for Dark Souls 2 up their sleeve. is a tool that helps give better insight into the applications and packages that Steam has in its database. […]

Ohnorobo | How Bad Is It? (Splatterhouse 2010)

by ohnoroboon September 28, 2014
Our first entry in the new “How Bad Is It” segment, where we take a look at games that were universally hated by critics and find out if they are actually all that bad. Up on the chopping block this time, is Splatterhouse (2010). Notorious for failing pretty miserably. But was it justfied? Let’s find […]

Chasm is On The Radar

by ohnoroboon September 22, 2014
This week ON THE RADAR, Keesh introduces us all to the upcoming indie title Chasm.   Developed by Discord Games, Chasm is a 2d metroidvainia hack’n slash dungeon platformer with some modern day game mechanics inspired by games like Dark Souls and Tomb Raider. We’re super excited about its upcoming Fall 2014 release! Are you? […]

Time Glitch Jammers Kickstarter Trailer

by ohnoroboon September 21, 2014
We here at Ohnorobo have this exclusive first look at the new tower defense game called TIME GLITCH JAMMERS! Ever wanted to take control of a chicken-slaying raptor while your best friend creates the greatest game ever made? Of course you do! We got a chance to play the beta version of this very unique and […]

Gods Will Be Watching – Chapter 5 – Walkthrough

by ohnoroboon September 21, 2014
Absolutely loving Gods Will Be Watching and highly recommend it! Check out Keesh’s walkthrough for Chapter 5. Great Strategy for getting though this tough chapter and keeping all of the soldiers alive! He beasted this one on Hard Mode. Be sure to check out the rest of Keesh’s walkthrough videos and Ohnorobo‘s other videos! Check out […]

Bloodborne | TGS 2014 Trailer

by ohnoroboon September 18, 2014
This new trailer for From Software’s upcoming title Bloodborne is made up mainly of in game footage and it looks spectacular! According to Joystiq Bloodborne is scheduled to release in Japan on Febuary 5, 2015. Source: Sony Playstion

Blossom Tales now on Kickstarter!

by ohnoroboon September 17, 2014
Our friends over at Castle Pixel are letting us show off their new upcoming title Blossom Tales – The Sleeping King! Now on Kickstarter, Blossom Tales is an action role playing game (ARPG) with a top down style very similar to the wonderful classic Zelda: A Link to The Past. With influence stemming from other […]