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Nintendo Shop Weekly Update

by Kyle Lamberton January 9, 2015
Kyle here, Very personally excited for Megaman Battle Network 2! It’s one of my favorite GBA games, and I am definitely grabbing it ASAP! The rest is below! What are you excited for? What are you going to download next? This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content: Nintendo eShop on Wii U CHARIOT […]

Review | Beyond: Two Souls

by Kyle Lamberton October 17, 2013
Jodie will get scuffed up on occasion. Well, on very frequent occasions. “There’s nothing you can do.” a man tells our heroine, Jodie Homes – about halfway through this interactive drama; and that’s partly true. Most of the legwork and sometimes brutal acts are carried out by something connected deeply to our character. Aiden (pronounced […]