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Saturday Morning RPG Interview! – PAX East 2013

by Kwingreviewson March 28, 2013
[starrater tpl=10] Saturday Morning RPG is one of the best looking classic JRPG games I’ve seen in years. I was stoked out of my mind to chat with Mighty Rabbit and learned so many Radical things about SAT MORNING ...

Two Brothers Interview – PAX East 2013

by Kwingreviewson March 28, 2013
Two Bros is a upcoming Wii U Eshop game that looks like a classic Gameboy and GBA game.

Shovel Knight Interview

by Kwingreviewson March 27, 2013
Luke interviews the founder of Yacht Club Games and former director of Wayforward Technologies, Sean Velasco, about the upcoming title, Shovel Knight. The game includes retro elements inspired by Zelda II, Castlevania and others, and it has that unforgettable touch...


High Strangeness Interview – PAX East 2013

by Kwingreviewson March 26, 2013
Luke’s interview with Ben Shostak, lead developer at Barnyard Intelligence, on the upcoming 12-bit Action Adventure game, High Strangeness. The game has been a collaboration between Barnyard Intelligence and Crystal Labs an...

Duck Tales Remastered (WiiU) Interview – PAX East 2013

by Kwingreviewson March 25, 2013
Duck Tales first released in 1989 for the NES and it was one of my favorite games. After all this time, Capcom, Disney and Wayforward are bringing Scrooge Mc Duck and Family back for a new generation of play...


Mutant Mudds Wii U Interview – PAX East 2013

by Kwingreviewson March 24, 2013
One of the most successful 3DS E-shop games is heading heading to the Wii U this summer. Featuring new levels and the ghost mechanics to make the game even more challenging!
Toki Tori has returned after a 5 year vacation in Toki Tori 2! Having hung up his Guns, Tori is all about Puzzle solving and exploring....

Sanctum 2 Interview – PAX East 2013

by Kwingreviewson March 23, 2013
The Sanctum Saga continues as does our trip through the halls of PAX 2013.

Guncraft Interview – PAX East 2013

by Kwingreviewson March 22, 2013
What happens when you combine Guns with Minecraft? You get GUNCRAFT! I bumped into Exato Game Studios John Getty and he told me all about the game.
[starrater tpl=10] Please Like-Share-Comment-Subscribe! Tank Tank Tank Nintendo Wii U Review. This game was sent for Review purposes by Namco Bandai. More Wii U Reviews – Thanks for watching. My Facebook pa...

Wreckateer Kinect Interview

by Kwingreviewson April 13, 2012
Kurt from Iron Galaxy chats with Luke about their latest game for Kinect. Wreckateer! Think Angry Birds meets Boomblox.
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