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Ten Final Fantasy 7 Moments That Would Be Awkward in HD

by Justin Weinblatton July 2, 2015
Ten FF7 Moments That Would Be Awkward In HD The Final Fantasy 7 remake that everyone wanted is on the way. Part of me is eager to see the classic in HD, yet another part has mixed feelings. On the one hand, I want the experience to stay as true to the original as possible. […]

Amiibos Are The Biggest Rip Off Since Horse Armor

by Justin Weinblatton April 19, 2015
Since DLC first arrived on the scene, gamers have been understandably skeptical about it. Complaints have ranged from DLC being overpriced, on disc content being paywalled, and customers being prevented from a full experience unless they bought DLC. Nintendo has proved that gamers are indeed willing to accept all of these things, as long as […]

Top 16 Mario Platformers

by Justin Weinblatton April 13, 2015
Top 16 (All) Mainline Mario Games Mario is celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of his series (oh and Luigi too I guess). As my own personal celebration, I’ve been replaying the plumbers best games, and I’ve even ranked them for your reading pleasure. Without further adieu, here are the top 16 mainline Mario games. Actually, there […]


For the Love of God Stop Calling it “E-sports”

by Justin Weinblatton April 11, 2015
For The Love Of God Stop Calling It e-Sports For a dark and shameful portion of my life, I worked as a retail clerk at a major national chain (I won’t name them here, but it rhymes with vest guy).  When I’m forced to admit to as much on my resume, I don’t say I […]

Why Nintendo Needs To Launch A New Console In 2016

by Justin Weinblatton March 16, 2015
Since this is the internet, and fans get very sensitive about these things, I’ll start by saying that I enjoy my Wii U.  It is the only current gen console I own as of now, and its 2014 lineup wreaked havoc on my wallet.  My personal enjoyment aside, the Wii U is clearly not a […]


The 10 Best Games To Replay On Your New 3DS

by Justin Weinblatton March 11, 2015
So, you’ve upgraded from your now obsolete model 3DS, and you’ve noticed that 3D is actually pretty cool when moving the system a centimeter doesn’t ruin it.  Or, maybe you’re just happy to have a second joystick.  Maybe, you’re appreciating the faster processor.  Whatever your reason for upgrading, here are the games that will make […]

Nintendo Is Right Not To Offer The Standard New 3DS At Launch

by Justin Weinblatton January 20, 2015
If the internet isn’t happy about something, they’ll let you know about.  Nintendo has been on the receiving end of a virtual tongue lashing for two recent decisions regarding their New 3DS line.  One criticism, regarding the lack of a charger, is legitimate.  The other, the lack of a standard size 3DS, is not.  Not […]

Super Smash Bros 3DS Demo: Gameplay and Character Impressions

by Justin Weinblatton September 15, 2014
I was lucky enough to snag a code for the demo of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.  Needless to say, all unessential activities have been put temporarily on hold.  If you weren’t fortunate enough to snag a code, here are some impressions to hold you over till the 19th. Visuals After its humble blocky N64 […]


7 Things I’d Change About The Wii U

by Justin Weinblatton August 9, 2014
After what may be the rockiest console launch in history, the Wii U is finally starting to gain some traction.  Mario Kart 8’s effect on the console has been nothing short of remarkable, and has shown that there might be light yet at the end of the tunnel.  While I love my Wii U, there […]

Mass Effect 3’s Ending And Gaming’s New Uncanny Valley

by Justin Weinblatton April 17, 2014
Mass Effect 3 was released nearly two years ago and was one of the finest games ever crafted…….. right up until the last 5 minutes.  For many gamers, a thoroughly amazing trilogy was decimated in 5 minutes of star child babble. Even an updated ending in the form of free DLC was not enough to […]
Kid Icarus Uprising

Top 10 Games On The 3DS So Far

by Justin Weinblatton March 24, 2014
Soon after the 3DS launch, I glanced disappointingly towards the dust covered 3DS sitting on my desk.  I wanted desperately to enjoy the system that I paid 250 dollars for, but the games weren’t there.  How many times could I play the same missions in Pilot Wings?  How many rounds of Street Fighter IV could […]