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Preview | Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

by Josh Boykinon March 23, 2017
Mobile fighting games tend to be hit-or-miss (pun intended). Ports of games like Street Fighter IV don’t feel great without physical controls. Injustice has a great mobile fighting game, but you can’t pound on your friends in real-time. A new title from nWay and Saban tackles both of those issues and tosses in nostalgia: Power Rangers: Legacy […]

GDC 2017 Preview | Desolus

by Josh Boykinon February 28, 2017
A game where you manipulate a miniature black hole sounds like a title bathed in combat and explosions. Desolus, however, is far from that: you use the black hole to manipulate energy between dimensions, opening gates to new stages. Moving between light and dark dimensions, each puzzle takes you through a world that feels both familiar […]

GDC 2017 Preview | Invert (iOS, Android)

by Josh Boykinon February 28, 2017
The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco provides industry members the chance to learn from one another and play upcoming games. At The MIX (Media Indie Exchange) event last night I got my hands on a few indie titles I hadn’t heard of before, including a new mobile puzzle game I stayed hooked to for […]

Vote for the GDCA and IGF Audience Awards Given at GDC 2017

by Josh Boykinon January 24, 2017
The 2017 Game Developers Choice Awards (GDCA) and Independent Games Festival Awards (IGF Awards) are right around the corner. Hosted during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, they highlight some of the previous year’s most standout titles. If you’ve ever wanted to be part of an awards committee, now’s your chance: vote for the […]

Review | Elgato Game Capture HD60 and HD60 S

by Josh Boykinon January 19, 2017
Streaming and recording is a full-fledged part of the gaming ecosystem. Getting the right tools to capture your gaming is key to a fun, stress-free experience. This is where tools like the Elgato Game Capture HD60 and Game Capture HD60 S come in. These external capture cards process gameplay for recording or streaming via computer. Combined […]

Review | Rise & Shine (PC)

by Josh Boykinon January 17, 2017
Adult Swim Games has a track record for publishing slick, polished platformers. Super House of Dead Ninjas stays in my playlist, and and Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe blends Tetris Attack-style block matching with a shooter in ways I can’t help but love.  You can add Rise & Shine by Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team to […]

Review | Overcooked (PC, PS4, XB1)

by Josh Boykinon December 22, 2016
Local multiplayer never quite feels the same online as it does in-person: all the energy of the game feels amped up when you’re playing next to real people. Ghost Town Games’ Overcooked captures that energy and throws it into a fast-paced, hectic restaurant kitchen: you and up to three other friends work together to make meals while […]

Review | E-Blue Auroza FPS EMP011 Mousepad

by Josh Boykinon October 10, 2016
You’re probably thinking, “Why are you reviewing a mousepad? Seriously?” When I saw the box for the E-Blue Auroza Mousepad I thought the same thing, really. “Oh, it’s a mousepad. Great.” Turns out it’s actually one of my new favorite pieces of hardware on my desk. Tons of us have encountered those traditional, throwaway mousepads that […]

Review | E-Blue Auroza EHS 950 Gaming Headset

by Josh Boykinon October 10, 2016
If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times: a quality gaming headset is one of the best ways to dramatically improve your gaming experience. Even just using headphones is better than most TV speakers, but headsets deliver better sound and clearer communication with teammates and rivals.E-Blue Gaming sent over their newest audio hardware for review, […]

Review | E-Blue Auroza FPS Gaming Mouse

by Josh Boykinon October 8, 2016
When it comes to gaming hardware, the mouse is a critical component to success. When you’re PC gaming, an enjoyable mouse improves the entire experience. E-Blue Gaming sent over the Auroza FPS Gaming Mouse for us to check out and review. Boasting an 8200 DPI sensor, the Auroza offers a lot of power at a budget price. Overall, […]

Review | E-Blue FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

by Josh Boykinon October 8, 2016
Plenty of companies want to take advantage of the passion games have for their hardware. PC gamers want great function and great fashion as well, and much of this shows through the choice of keyboard. E-Blue Gaming sent over a sample of their FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for review, and we tested it out. Though […]