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Preview | Riders of Icarus

by Josh Boykinon May 27, 2016
Mounts aren’t unusual in MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars, but a whole game that revolves around mounts? Nexon’s newest game does just that: players in Riders of Icarus explore the land in search of new, powerful mounts with special abilities. I checked out a small demo that Nexon hosted to show off the gameplay […]
NoScope Andromeda Gaming Glasses (1)

Review | NoScope Andromeda Computer and Gaming Glasses

by Josh Boykinon May 26, 2016
I’ve reviewed NoScope’s gaming glasses since they released their self-branded model in 2014. Gunnar Optiks introduced the concept of special, yellow-tinted lenses into the professional gaming space before, but their prices made the glasses cost-prohibitive for many. NoScope’s latest model brings the trendy “wayfarer” style into the mix; They sent me a pair and I’ve […]
Vainglory - New Hero

UPDATED: New Vainglory Champion Leaked at GDC 2016

by Josh Boykinon March 16, 2016
UPDATE: Twitter user <a href=””>@BenGlory</a> relayed a link to me showing the newly-posted lore confirming the new champion! Her name: Alpha. @Wallstormer — Brian (@BrianGlory) March 16, 2016 We’ve removed the question mark from our old title as a result. Alpha, welcome to the Halcyon Fold. One of the best parts about going to […]


Preview | Arena Gods @ GDC 2016

by Josh Boykinon March 15, 2016
The Game Developers’ Conference is a great chance to meet other professionals in the game industry and learn about successes and failures from the past year, but it’s also a chance to play some new games. During the first day of GDC 2016 I spent some time at the Day of the Devs section, a […]
Sword Coast Legends - Lava

Review | Sword Coast Legends

by Josh Boykinon December 7, 2015
Most video game RPG players are familiar with elements found in tabletop RPGs: focus on story and character development, character progression, equipment improvement and the like. Still, one of the big draws to in-person, tabletop gaming is the interaction between the dungeon master and the players, and the conversations that take place between players as […]

Laserlife - Molecules

Review | Laserlife

by Josh Boykinon October 15, 2015
Laserlife isn’t as much of a game as it is an experience. And that’s not a statement about its interactivity, but more about its intent: clocking in around an hour and a half, the rhythm-based sci-fi game is designed to be consumed in a single sitting, preferably with the lights off and the volume up. It’s […]
Cards and Castles - Headmaster Saurus

In-Depth Interview with Bit Mass Lead Developer Matt Siegel on Cards and Castles and the “Warlock Academy”

by Josh Boykinon October 7, 2015
There are plenty of virtual cards games competing in the mobile space right now, but one of the growing ones is based right out of St. Louis, Missouri. Cards and Castles has been around for roughly a year and a half on iOS and Android, but the team behind the turn-based-strategy/card game hybrid are working on […]
Smugglecraft - Split-Screen

Preview | A Second Look at Smugglecraft

by Josh Boykinon October 2, 2015
PixelPop 2015 featured plenty of indie games spread throughout the show floor. St. Louis-based Happy Badger Studios was on-hand to show off the current build of their upcoming hovercraft racer, Smugglecraft. We’ve taken a look at Smugglecraft in the past, and the put a lot of work into their current build. So graphic touchups, refined […]

NoScope Banner

Hands-On With NoScope Glasses, Round 3: An Evolving Line of Eyewear

by Josh Boykinon October 1, 2015
UPDATE: The article originally stated that the Gemini model was NoScope’s first metal-framed model, but the Hydra models actually also had a metal frame. According to NoScope, the metal frame from the Hydra was abandoned for the polycarbonate frame because they’re lighter and easier to wear, which is true when comparing those two models! Odds are […]
PixelPop Header

PIxelPop 2015: Small Conventions Can Have Big Impacts

by Josh Boykinon September 28, 2015
  As gaming culture grows into the mainstream, more and more conventions are popping up in communities around the country. Last year I attended the first year of PixelPop, a St. Louis, Missouri-area convention that covered gaming, music, and other interests from the STL area. This year PixelPop honed its focus while expanding its content, […]
Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma - Splash

Review | Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma, Volume 1

by Josh Boykinon September 28, 2015
I haven’t played the original Afro Samurai, and I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the original anime. That didn’t stop me from being excited about Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma when I heard about it. A hip-hop infused, swordplay-oriented fightfest is hard to turn down, after all. Or, at least, it should be. […]