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Lost Dimension - Header

Preview | Lost Dimension (PS Vita, PS3)

by Josh Boykinon July 24, 2015
Most RPGs start pretty similarly: one or two party members begin a journey, meet other characters to join them along the way, and everyone discovers new powers and skills along the way. As the game progresses on, players get favorite party members, relegating their least-favorite character to dust collection outside of battle. But what if […]
Iwata voices his opinion on free-to-play games.

Farewell, Mr. Iwata.

by Josh Boykinon July 13, 2015
I was born in 1987 to a mother and father in love with the Mattel Intellivision. The late 80s and early 90s were the scrappy days for console creators, trying to convince consumers to spend hundreds of dollars on hardware to play games in their own homes instead of at arcades. When the Intellivision broke […]

Do We Still Need E3?

by Josh Boykinon June 25, 2015
   Attending my first E3 felt like something out of a dream; as a gamer, E3 felt a bit like a lengthy daydream: three days of nothing but games, the people who make games, and the people who love the games and the people who make games. As a journalist, E3 felt a bit like […]

Inside My Radio - Minigame

Review | Inside My Radio

by Josh Boykinon May 25, 2015
Playing Inside My Radio feels like a blending of minimalist-platformer 140 and roguelike rhythm-game Crypt of the Necrodancer; you’ll need to perform jumps, dashes, and other maneuvers to the beat of the soundtrack to save the boombox from destruction. The Premise: You’re an electron summoned to the inside of a boombox to rid it of digital […]
ARK - Hunting

Survival, Story, and Dinosaurs: Inside ARK: Survival Evolved

by Josh Boykinon May 11, 2015
With survival sandbox games like DayZ, Don’t Starve, and State of Decay taking up plenty of time in gamers’ days, there’s interest in the market for a new take on the genre. Studio Wildcard thinks it has the solution to breathe some fresh air in to the space: take your open-world survival game, add nonlinear […]

SmuggleCraft - Header

Preview | Hands-On with SmuggleCraft

by Josh Boykinon May 5, 2015
EDIT: Originally the story said there is no crafting in SmuggleCraft; in fact, there will be a crafting system used to create new ship parts used to customize the hovercraft. Also, Ben Triola was noted as a lead programmer; though he has done some programming, he actually is the gameplay designer and producer. To dispel […]

Procedurally-Generated Racer SmuggleCraft Makes Me Excited

by Josh Boykinon April 13, 2015
I lived in the St. Louis-area for a few months this past year; during that time I was lucky enough to check out the PixelPop Festival; a new convention with a large focus on games, game development, and music. The Midwest tends not to get the hype that events run on either of the coasts […]
Mortal Kombat X Mobile - Kombat

Mortal Kombat X Debuts on iOS, Android Coming Soon

by Josh Boykinon April 8, 2015
Mortal Kombat X is the bloodiest entry in the franchise, but the gore won’t be exclusive to the big screen: Netherrealm’s newest fighter released on iOS today, with an Android release in the future. Taking nods from the success of Injustice: Gods Among Us and WWE Immortals  Scorpion, Sub-Zero (my personal favorite), and more will […]

Supreme League of Patriots - Americas Got Hos

Review | Supreme League of Patriots: Issues 1-3

by Josh Boykinon February 1, 2015
Adventure games are coming back into vogue, particularly with the success of Telltale Games’ Walking Dead games and high-profile releases like the classic Grim Fandango Remastered. Point-and-click adventure games are a great way to highlight writing and story in a game, and Phoenix Online Studios is a publisher that focuses on both of those things. Their […]
Supreme League of Patriots - True Believers

Preview | Supreme League of Patriots

by Josh Boykinon January 26, 2015
I feel a twinge of guilt every time I see the Cognition series from Phoenix Online Studios in my Steam queue; Phoenix Online brands itself as a company focused on story, and I always love a game with great storytelling. I couldn’t look away anymore though when I heard about Supreme League of Patriots: a […]
Purchase the digital version of Advanced Warfare on PS3 or 360 to receive free upgrade to next-gen.

Review | Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

by Josh Boykinon November 18, 2014
As one of the industry’s biggest franchises, Call of Duty’s reputation generally precedes it. One of the grandparents of modern-era first-person shooters (alongside Halo), many fans worried that the franchise showed its age and antiquity with last year’s Ghosts, an Infinity Ward title that felt more derivative and lackluster than yearly iterations of Madden football. […]