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How Gamers Are Hypocrites

by Andrew Kenton September 11, 2013
Hypocrisy, we’ve all done it at least once in our life. It’s not always easy living up to our own standards, I mean trying not to eat cookies and preaching about obesity is HARD. Although for the most part we try our best to not preach about what we’re not going to practice. Recently though, […]

Nintendo 2DS screens are actually one screen

by Andrew Kenton August 29, 2013
Nintendo just announced their latest handheld and it’s been getting a lot of attention from the internet. The device, if you didn’t already know, plays both DS and 3DS games but in 2D. It’s a sort of wedge shaped device that will still take 3D pictures that can be viewed on the 3DS. One thing […]

Game Show web series by PBS analyzes video games

by Andrew Kenton August 28, 2013
PBS has started to air a new web series titled “Game Show”. The videos are hosted by Kornhaber Brown and analyze different aspects about video games. In the segment above, Brown is asking which games will be found when our graves/homes are dug up by archaeologists ages from now. He argues that they would find […]

Black Desert MMO has lots of promises to keep

by Andrew Kenton August 26, 2013
Black Desert is an MMORPG being developed by Korean company Pearl Abyss. The game is a “large scale sandbox” MMO and it seems that Pearl Abyss is putting in the works. Black Desert is promised to have a multitude of things like resource gathering, housing, and even climate and weather. Players will be able to […]

GLaDOS to be Dota 2 Announcer

by Andrew Kenton August 26, 2013
“Welcome to the Aperture Science multiplayer online battle arena experience.” Could be in your future Dota 2 players. GLaDOS has been confirmed as a Dota 2 announcer. You can listen to GLaDOS welcoming you to “Ota” in the snippet below. On’t forget, the D is silent.

There’s an unofficial Portal game for the DS

by Andrew Kenton August 26, 2013
Back in February there was a Portal game for the DS shown off. Now it’s come back, and with a more playable version. Obviously it’s pretty low graphics, but still looks genuine to the actual Portal games. Again, this is an unofficial copy so don’t go expecting too much. You can get the game here, […]

Get a golden Ducktales NES Cartridge

by Andrew Kenton August 26, 2013
To promote the release of Ducktales Remastered, Capcom sent press actual working golden (well not real gold) NES cartridges with the original game on them. If you’re feeling left out, don’t want to pay a million dollars on Ebay for one, and have great artistic/musical skills then you’re in luck! Capcom is hosting a contest […]

Help Soul Saga out by voting on Steam Greenlight

by Andrew Kenton August 25, 2013
I will admit dear readers, whenever I hear someone singing in Japanese I am sort of then inclined to look more deeply in to whatever is attached to the singing. In this case it was Soul Saga. Now, to be fair I was sort of skeptical at the beginning that this might be just another […]

Manage your own “Sentai” T.V. show with Chroma Squad

by Andrew Kenton August 25, 2013
A good amount of you have probably seen the power rangers series here in the US. They’re like on season a billion or something. Then there are those of you who know about the Super Sentai series in Japan, which the power rangers are based off of. Remember back in the day of Mighty Morphin […]

Is Nintendo’s Marketing Lacking or Are People Not Getting It?

by Andrew Kenton August 24, 2013
The Wii U has not been doing well. Sales have been dismal, the 3DS and the Wii have both been outselling the next gen console. Developers have either backed out of developing for the console or, like Bethesda, are not considering the Wii U at all. The biggest problem of all though is that consumers […]

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer exiting the company

by Andrew Kenton August 23, 2013
Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, will be leaving the company in the next 12 months, according to the company. Ballmer will stay on as CEO until his replacement has been found, which Microsoft says they will look for both internally and externally. Ballmer isn’t the only person to leave Microsoft this year, Don Mattrick left […]