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The Halo 4UM: #5

by Tonyon July 2, 2013
(UM) After E3, anticipation for upcoming Halo games is definitely soaring. Not to say it hasn’t been already. So welcome to another set of all Halo 4 discussion, where I frequently complain about things that are missing or wrong with 343’s incredibly hard work. No offense to them, but it is sort of the fans’ […]

Wishlist #4: Sequels Wanted!

by Tonyon June 27, 2013
Well hey there folks, here’s some sequels to video games that I’d really enjoy. Previously, I’ve mentioned Movies, TV Shows, and Graphic Novels that would all be great to suddenly zap into existence–but what about pre-existing games that deserved sequels but got snubbed? Well here’s five of ’em. 1.)    Crazy Taxi 4 Supposedly, if one […]

The Halo 4 UM: #4

by Tonyon June 16, 2013
(UM) Hey there readers! Here’s another edition of the Halo 4UM, where all the discussion is Halo 4—my personal favorite at the moment, especially as a forger wielding Forge Island. But after E3, expectations can only go further and further up, sailing higher than ever with each new installment in the beloved franchise. So let’s […]

Video Games Pwn: 10 TV and Movie References

by Tonyon June 9, 2013
It’s a big world out there, and for the more casual readers out there…what brought you here anyways? No really, you’re probably wondering what all the hubbub is concerning us gamers. Hmm. Yeah, hubbub. Anyways, this significance built up around video games doesn’t make us crazy! You probably didn’t notice, but aside from all the […]

Nostalgia #3: HappiNES – Gems on Nintendo Consoles You Must Play

by Tonyon June 5, 2013
Whew, it’s been a while, but welcome readers to another article in the Nostalgia series! Here, I’ve listed outstanding video games that are good fun to walk down memory lane with. In “PS We Love You”, it was all Playstation, and in “the X-Files” it was all Xbox—but this time, as you undoubtedly have guessed […]

Anthony’s Wishlist #3: Graphic Novels that Should be Video Games

by Tonyon May 23, 2013
Hello readers, and greetings to another installment in the Wishlist run, where I’ve previously noted outstanding Television and Films which, thanks to short-sighted game developers somewhere, were not adapted into successful video games like most all popular media. But wait! There’s more! If you read for the next five minutes, you’ll hear all about Five […]

Anthony’s Wishlist #2: Movies that Should Be Video Games

by Tonyon May 16, 2013
  Hey there gamers and welcome! To another Wishlist of mine featuring mentions to media that would not only function well adapted into videogames, but deserve it, too. Now I know these lists may seem ridiculous, but any gamer knows—there can never be enough video games out there to quench our fingers! So let’s have […]

Medley Melodies #4: Video Game Soundtracks

by Tonyon May 10, 2013
  That’s right, it’s another round of songs that miraculously doesn’t include a vast number of Japanese vocals and tracks from Sonic games! Or the main theme from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which everyone enjoys, but has no place here. This is music you can actually listen to on the go and enjoy without the […]

Anthony’s Wishlist: TV Shows that Should Be Games

by Tonyon May 10, 2013
There’s a massive world of video games out there. It’s big. Really, really big. You just won’t believe how incredibly huge it is. Just about every popular piece of media has been turned into a film or video game at some point—and often reciprocated the favor, becoming both. This is a Wishlist for games that […]

The Halo 4UM: #3

by Tonyon April 30, 2013
UM Well hey there, and welcome to another article on all the new Halo 4 news! This week saw just one movement into one of the things I have always hated most about Matchmaking: the join-in-progress system. Let’s have a rant. Just about the only players inclined to leave games are those that obsess over […]

Medley Melodies #3: Video Game Soundtracks

by Tonyon April 23, 2013
  Hey there gamers! And say hello to my little friend. Another installment in the article series featuring memorable music from terrific games, and six more songs to add to our Pixels playlist for video game music on the go. It’s nostalgic, and it’s rocking, but you better keep any eye out because one of […]