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Review | Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1

by JP Curzion February 6, 2015
Bouncy bouncy… With all the anime side boob going on in this game, it is one tentacle monster short of being bumped from Teen to Mature rating. Despite a Teen rating, they do not miss an opportunity to do a boob jiggle, or insert some suggestive dialogue; within 5 minutes of starting the game the […]

Dungeon Defenders II Review (Early Access)

by JP Curzion December 9, 2014
As someone who put 300 hours into the original Dungeon Defenders, and another 60 into Dungeon Defenders: Eternity, I was hoping that this installment of the franchise would be more of the same (only better). I was a little disappointed to find out that the tower defense game with action elements that I enjoyed so […]

Review: Wasteland 2

by JP Curzion October 8, 2014
Wasteland 2 is the game I wished Fallout 3 would have been. That’s not to say that that Fallout 3 was a bad game; I had a lot of fun playing it, but the shitty FPS platform was a turn off for me. Wasteland 2 is a turn-based RPG with tactics-style combat similar to X-COM: […]

E3: What to look for…

by JP Curzion July 6, 2014
     E3, the veritable video game Mecca, has come and gone again. Although this was my first year participating, it went about how I expected; that is to say that there were a lot of booths showing off games and the entire Zerg army disguised as nerds were swarming the place. I was a little […]

Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

by JP Curzion May 20, 2014
My first impression of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 was “this is a clunky version of Batman Arkham (insert Asylum, City, or Origins here) with web swinging instead of flying.” Turns out that my initial reaction was right on the money. But with a movie based video game, what do you expect? I was playing the […]

Preview | Company of Heroes 2

by JP Curzion May 15, 2013
Company of Heroes 2 is a WWII era RTS.  From what little they let me play on the preview version, this game looks awesome.  Solid gameplay, epic war music, and hordes of expendable conscripts to send to their deaths…I’m already hooked. Having never played the first one, I don’t know how this one improves upon […]

Review | SimCity (2013)

by JP Curzion April 1, 2013
This game is the biggest disappointment since Diablo 3. Hopefully unlike Diablo 3, this doesn’t eventually turn out to be a PS3 port that PC users get to beta test. My biggest complaint about Simcity is the DRM setup which forces players to log on (and stay logged on) to Origin any time they want […]

Preview | The War Z

by JP Curzion November 20, 2012
Set in the near future, The War Z throws you into a world where food and water are in short supply, guns are in even shorter supply, and friends are nonexistent. The War Z is an MMO zombie survival game, and although it’s still in alpha, it is addictive.   Despite what the game genre implies, […]

Review | XCOM: Enemy Unknown

by JP Curzion October 19, 2012
I’ve never played any of XCOM’s predecessors, but a friend of mine has been hyping the series for years.  Naturally that set my expectations pretty high, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown didn’t disappoint. Set in the not so distant future, aliens have invaded Earth, and it’s up to the globally funded (evil?) XCOM organization (complete with […]

Review | Endless Space

by JP Curzion July 6, 2012
Endless Space is a turn-based 4X strategy game set in space.  For those of you who haven’t played Master of Orion (MOO), it’s essentially Civilization in space.  You colonize planets, research techs, and make space dust of any alien foolish enough to get in your way. Endless Space seems to have been heavily influenced by […]

King Arthur II Review

by JP Curzion March 1, 2012
King Arthur 2 first impression: “This looks like Heroes of Might and Magic crossed with Total War.”  Turns out I wasn’t too far off.  The game is full of mythical creatures and magic spells, and the combat is played on huge terrains with hundreds of troops.  When you’re not fighting, most of your energy is […]