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All Classes Revealed In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

With the reveal of the final two classes, all classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands have now been announced. While they all have pretty unique names, the classes themselves are pretty straightforward. If more than one class appeals to you, don’t worry, Wonderlands will feature a multiclass system. After completing one of the skill tree for your first class, you will be able to select a skill tree from a second class as well. Below is every single class available when the game launches on March 25th, 2022.


One of the first two classes announced, Brr-Zerker is Wonderlands equivalent to the barbarian. The class will revolve around a large axe and ice magic. The two action skills that have been shown so far are Feral Surge and Dreadwind. Feral Surge will launch you towards enemies only to bring your axe down on them, while Dreadwind will have you spinning your axe around, surrounded by an icy whirlwind.


If the Brr-Zerker is the barbarian, then the Stabbomancer is the rogue. The Stabbomancer is a sneaky assassin with a little bit of magic thrown in. The two action skills revealed are the Ghost Blade and From the Shadows. Ghost Blade summons a large spinning double sided blade. From the Shadows will give you brief invisibility while causing melee strikes to deal massively increased damage.


One the next two classes revealed, the Clawbringer doesn’t fit into any standard fantasy role. The closest equivalent would be a dragon knight. The Clawbringer is equipped with a massive flaming hammer that can be either slammed to the ground or thrown at a distance. If thrown, the hammer will create an electrical storm where it hits and can be recalled back, hitting enemies along the way. Clawbringers bring a small wyvern into combat with them as well.


The Spellshot is Wonderland’s answer to the wizard. Spellshot’s are glass cannon spell slingers that mix guns and magic. They have the ability to dual-wield spells and use polymorph to transform enemies. Spells in Wonderlands function similarly to grenades from past Borderlands games. The polymorph will will turn your enemies into Skeep, the skag version of a sheep.


One the two latest classes to be announced, the Graveborn will function as the necromancer of the party. Graveborn’s are high risk, high reward death dealers focused on blood magic. Their first action skill is Reaper of Bones. which trades your health for more damage. The second action skill shown off is Dire Sacrifice, a skill that will take a chunk of your health to deal massive damage to nearby enemies. They also get small demi-lich companion.

Spore Warden

Finally we have the Spore Warden, the druid/ranger equivalent. Focused on nature magic, Spore Wardens will give let you control the elements, and shoot a bow. The two action skills are Barrage of arrows and Blizzard. Barrage of Arrows summons a spectral bow to shoot seven arrows at once, while blizzard summons three tornados over a wide range. Like Graveborn and Clawbringer, Spore Warden gets a companion in the form of a small mushroom man.


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