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Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost 2021 has Begun

Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost has been in effect for several weeks. Now that we’ve hit October however, it’s time for Destiny’s annual Halloween event, Festival of the Lost. The event will be hosted once again by everyone’s favorite space grandma, Eva Levante, this time with a little help from Glint, Crow’s lost ghost. You can check out the trailer below.

This year’s formula sees some alterations compared to previous years. Past festivals had us taking on the dark forest, a procedurally generated map within the infinite forest. This year takes things in a different direction. The new activity will be haunted lost sectors, replacing the normal ones with a spooky twist. These lost sectors will award spectral pages, which can players can use to purchase lore from a new vendor. 

Earlier in the year, Bungie held a vote online in order to decide what the Festival of the Lost gear set would look like. The choice was between dinosaur themed armor and movie monster themed armor. It looks like the dinosaurs ended up winning this time, giving players armor that makes their guardian look like a dinosaur. On top of that, the special weapon is a dinosaur themed pulse rifle, Jurassic Green. 

There will also be other Halloween themed items available as well, from a cobweb covered sparrow to the chain covered ghost shell. As with past Festival of the Lost events, everyone will have access to wearable masks as well. Players will have the ability to wear the heads of their enemies in the form of paper mâché. Wearing the mask will also cause candy to drop enemies you defeat. This candy works as a special currency while the event is active.

Festival of the Lost is shaping up to be a little better this year, with a new activity and some major remodeling around the system. Festival of the lost will be available to all players from October 12th – November 2nd. Are you excited for the Festival of the Lost? Did you vote for the Dino themed armor? Let us know in the comments below!


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