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Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed in the Wolverine PS5 Teaser

During the recent PlayStation Showcase, Marvel fans everywhere were excited to see a brand new Wolverine game teased for PS5. Even better that it would be coming from the brilliant minds at Insomniac Games, the developers of Marvel’s Spider-Man (specifically, the Miles Morales team). While the teaser is pretty brief, eagle eyed fans may notice several hidden Easter Eggs in the video. While many have pointed out several of the big ones, we didn’t see many collecting all of them in one place. With that in mind, we decided to point them out ourselves. You can check out the teaser below.

It may only be about 50 seconds long, but we’re already excited to see more about this Wolverine game on PS5. Spot any Easter eggs yourself in the video? Perhaps you missed some? Well, let us shed some light on things.

The Princess Bar

The bar that the teaser takes place in seems to be The Princess Bar, a location from Madripoor. First appearing in Marvel Comics Presents Volume 1 #1 in September of 1988, this bar sets the stage for a story where Wolverine seeks a crime lord. Entering the bar, he fights a bunch of random thugs that mess with the owner going by the name O’Donnell. He also comes face to face with Jessán Hoan, or better known as Tyger Tiger (more on that later). At one point, Wolverine actually becomes the co-owner of the bar under the name “Patch.”


Obviously being in Madripoor, the Princess Bar will reference the setting with tourism posters. Madripoor recently got a big spotlight in Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+ (which also referenced the Princess Bar), and there seems to be a big push for making it an important setting in Marvel lore. Wolverine obviously has a lot of history there as well, and it’s likely we’ll see that history come to light. It may also be a story where Wolverine returns to Madripoor after many years. Only Insomniac knows the truth as of now.

Radio Lowtown 104.8

Numbers are always a good Easter egg, and this teaser is full of them. The Radio Lowtown 104.8 sticker for example actually makes a couple references. First, it references Lowtown, which is a district in Madripoor where the Princess Bar resides. As for the 104.8, this is a reference to Marvel Earth-1048. This is the universe that Marvel’s Spider-Man and the associated media and sequels take place in. We don’t know for sure yet if this is the same universe as Insomniac’s Spider-Man games, but we hope it is.

HLK 181

Another number, but an important one. This license plate says “Quebec HLK 181,” which makes a couple references. The obvious reference here is The Incredible Hulk #181, which features the first full appearance of Wolverine himself (he makes a small cameo at the end of the previous issue). The second reference here is that it is a Quebec license plate from Canada. Not only is Wolverine Canadian, but the story of the comic book took place in Quebec. As for the big green monster statue next to it, this is a stretch, but this could be referencing the Hulk with a generic green monster.

Register Mode 19.74

Continuing off The Incredible Hulk #181 references, this cash register has a specific dollar amount on it. $19.74, or 1974, references the year the comic book came out. October 1974 is the month that this mutant graced us with his sharp claws. Who would’ve guessed he would be this popular after such humble beginnings?

Wendigo (Paul Cartier)

This one is another stretch, but not an unfounded one. These stickers have a design very reminiscent of the villain Wendigo. If we apply the context of the other Easter eggs, this could reference Paul Cartier, the Wendigo that appears in The Incredible Hulk #181. There’s a good chance the villain could show up in the game. We also considered this as the symbol for the Bronze (Brass) Monkey Saloon, which is another Madripoor establishment. The only thing that would rule that out is that it would be a bit strange for a bar to advertise their competition on their taps.

Tyger Tiger

Earlier, we mentioned Tyger Tiger, who is a key character in Wolverine’s Madripoor history. She starts as his enemy, but they quickly form a stronger bond, and in one moment, become lovers. She now resides as the current crime lord in Madripoor after the two kill Roche, the previous crime lord. This reference may not be direct, but this thug bearing a tiger tattoo clearly in the shot may suggest Tyger Tiger’s involvement. When Wolverine comes to the Princess Bar in the first place, he seeks “the Tiger,” and he definitely found her.

The Dark End of the Street

The song that plays during the teaser is “The Dark End of the Street” by James Carr. It’s a classic soul song that speaks of a forbidden love story, particularly of infidelity. Wolverine is no stranger to the concept, as his prolonged life has given him plenty of lovers, many of whom still haunt his past. In this particular situation, this song could be referencing the relationship with Jessán Hoan, as their bond does have some baggage. This song could also suggest a small love story taking place in the game, but only time will tell. We can’t wait to see this Wolverine story unfold from Insomniac Games on PS5.

These were all the Easter eggs we could find in the Wolverine PS5 teaser, but there may be more. See anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below! Marvel’s Wolverine is coming exclusively to PlayStation 5, but no release window is currently available. It’s likely to come out after Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, so the earliest we could expect it is probably 2024. Until then, stay tuned for more info on the game from GotGame!


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