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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Details Revealed

With the Vex defeated and the endless night lifted Destiny 2 has transitioned into its next season, Season of the Lost. This season will focus around the Awoken Queen, Mara Sov. However that’s not all, we also got our first look at the long awaited DLC, The Witch Queen. After years of subtle hints and small teases, Savathun has finally revealed herself. You can check out the full stream below.

During the half hour-long reveal event, many new details were revealed about the upcoming changes coming to Destiny 2. The Witch Queen will take place inside of Savathun’s throne world, where you’re tasked with stopping her new creation, Hive guardians. In addition to the darkness, Hive now have access to the light just as much as we do. This includes their very own Hive ghosts. However, we will also have another addition to our arsenal to combat them: glaives.

The glaives will be a brand new weapon archetype sitting in the energy slot. This combination of melee and long range weapons won’t be found, however, as you’ll need to forge them. Weapon crafting will now be available in Destiny 2 starting with the construction of our first Glaive. In the beginning, the crafting will be limited to certain weapons available in the DLC, but as the seasons go on, more and more weapons will be craftable. 

Bungie also announced their plans for a special event in December, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Bungie. Details for the event have not been revealed yet, but we do know that another classic raid will be released, as well as a dungeon that delves into an old territory. To top it all off, this dungeon will include one of Destiny’s most famous (or infamous) weapons, Gjallarhorn. Bungie also announced that each season following The Witch Queen will include either a dungeon or a raid. 

In the meantime, Season of the Lost is active now, and will give us our first taste of Savathun before the DLC launches. Join Mara Sov in retaking the Dreaming City from it’s curse. New exotics, weapons and cosmetics will be available including new events taking place in the shattered realm, a mirror version of the Dreaming City. The season should run until February 22nd, with the release of The Witch Queen following the season. Are you excited for The Witch Queen? Will you jump into the Season of the Lost today? Let us know in the comments below!


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