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access_time August 5, 2021 at 6:00 AM in News by David Poole

VR Title Pistol Whip is Getting an All New Campaign, Smoke & Thunder, on August 12th

Today, Cloudhead Games announced that their popular VR title, Pistol Whip, will receive an all new campaign on August 12th, 2021. The rhythm shooter will update with a new western-themed cinematic campaign, known as Smoke & Thunder, bringing with it several new additions. Set in the Wild West, Smoke & Thunder offers a fully voiced campaign, new music, and the all new “Styles” feature. All of this comes for free of charge to existing owners of the game. For newcomers looking to pick the game up, Pistol Whip will have a temporary discount at $24.99. You can check out the trailer below.

The Smoke & Thunder campaign ditches the first campaign’s 2089 future for a blast for a Wild West past. This brings new weapons, mechanics, and an all new threat with a new boss fight to take on. Players will join sisters Jessie (Victoria Hogan) and Tess (Avalon Penrose) on this new adventure. The adventure will contain cutscenes illustrated by comic book artist Fico Ossio with colors done by Raciel Avila. All of this will be set to the music of The Heavy, Black Pistol Fire, Bones UK, Devora, and an original track from Magic Sword.

After players have fun with the Smoke & Thunder campaign, they can take their skills to the all new Arcade mode. In Arcade, players can enjoy both campaigns with whatever modifier and weapon they wish. Check out the screenshots from the new campaign below.

On top of the Smoke & Thunder campaign, Styles brings an all new sandbox system to the experience. Players will pick their favorite weapon type and choose up to five active modifiers to tailor their experience to the personal preference. With their chosen style, players can take to the leaderboards with their unique choice and challenge their friends. Styles also brings the new Brawler weapon type, making for an all melee loadout. You’ll also have 2089’s Burstfire as well as all the new weapons in the Smoke & Thunder campaign.

Styles also gets four new modifiers for players to use in their own personal challenges. Cloudhead Games will curate weekly style choices as well, challenging players with Featured Styles. Players can also enjoy Styles with the 2089 campaign and Heartbreaker updates as well.

With the release of this update on August 12th, Pistol Whip will have a temporary discount until August 15th. After August 15th, the game will go back up to the regular price of $29.99. This will allow for new players to jump in at a good time on Steam, the Oculus store, or PlayStation VR. Now is the perfect time to jump right in and enjoy what Pistol Whip has to offer. To make it easy, Cloudhead Games provided a glimpse at all the new features coming to the game with the video below.

Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran, Pistol Whip will have plenty of content to enjoy on August 12th. What do you think? Will the Smoke & Thunder update encourage you to pick up the game? How about the new Styles feature? Let us know in the comments below! Feel free to keep up with Cloudhead Games and their updates on their official website.


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