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Review | Urban Trial Tricky Deluxe Edition

I’ve been playing Trials-style games for as long as I can remember. In free periods during elementary school, I would log onto one of those flash game sites and do backflips on motorbikes to my 7-year-old heart’s content. When I came across Urban Trial Tricky Deluxe Edition, I just knew that I had to try it. Originally releasing on the Nintendo Switch and Steam, the game now arrives with a “Deluxe Edition” for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as re-releasing on PC. It’s been too long since I had a reason to flip bikes again, so I had to answer the call. As simple as the Urban Trial series is, it makes for countless hours of fun. Point stacking and Time Attack challenges never really get old for games of this nature.

To start out, the game presents itself in a very light and kid-friendly way. I found this really relieving in light of the more adult-oriented games that I usually play. The characters are bright, cheery, and all have a series of one-liners to let you know how you’re doing. My favorite was CyberGuy, wearing a Tron-like outfit while yelling computer puns whenever he scores or bails off his bike. The game looks impressive on the new platforms and makes great use of the Unreal Engine. Environments are welcoming and fun to look at while riding, though nothing is visually striking. The game is riddled with over-the-top, playful sound effects accompanied by an announcer who sounds way too happy to be calling your races.

The controls in Urban Trial Tricky are as simple as they come. You use the left stick to shift your weight on your bike as you ride along the course. You’ll also use a couple of the face buttons to execute tricks to rack up a huge score. A feature that I found increasingly satisfying was the special moves that give a huge boost in points (in slow motion, might I add). These can be executed with the shoulder buttons in mid-air. Of course, nothing really beats traditional backflips and front flips. The game knows that as well, as your score multiplier takes a huge boost whenever you decide to do one.

After landing a trick, a timer dictates when you need to do another trick to keep the combo going. I found that super motivating as I really wanted to get millions of points in a single combo to make my way up the leaderboard. On one high score-based level, I managed to get 12th on the leaderboard, feeling like a real accomplishment. It really made me feel that my hours back in grade school amounted to something. It definitely encourages me to keep playing to work my way up before the scores get too high to even attempt.

As far as content goes, there’s over 30 exhilarating levels to pull off tricks in. For the very simple gameplay mechanics that it offers, I’d say it’s rather fair. There’s tons of replay value alone in trying to beat the next player’s high trick score or best time on a course. Being able to do that 30 times over is more than enough for me, but ideally I’d want more content down the line. There’s an in-game currency that you can earn from completing challenges over the course of the game. This means more bikes, skins, and a few tricks to buy as you progress through the levels.

I would argue that Urban Trial Tricky is one of the simpler, yet more fun games that I’ve played in recent memory. It’s got a straightforward formula that works well and has a nice visual sheen. While it won’t be graphically stunning, the gameplay more than makes up for it. Overall, it’s quite one-note, but in a way that’s serviceable, fun, and unoffensive. It doesn’t try to be anything that it isn’t. If you need something to play in your downtime that’s as simple as it is addictive, pick this one up.

Final Score: 7 out of 10

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