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Review | Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline

Watch Dogs: Legion was the final game I’ve played in the last console generation, and I really had a blast with it. Maybe it’s the fact that I started playing it right after a short trip to London, where the game’s action took place, that I enjoyed the game even more. Seeing the city and its busy streets recreated with such craftsmanship in Legion by the developers at Ubisoft was a sight to behold. Ubisoft has quite a reputation for making some of the best and most polished worlds in the business, and that’s probably the main reason I wanted to play this game. Now we’re at the first story expansion for the game with Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline, and the result is surprising. Just not in a great way.

The main game adopted a rather strange style of building the plot. Players have the possibility of choosing their own team members and creating their own story with these random characters. With Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline, the DLC focuses on two of the most important and hilarious characters in the franchise: Aiden Pearce, the protagonist of the first Watch Dogs, and the goofy masked vigilante from Watch Dogs 2, Wrench.

The story is now tailored by the developer and feels kind of disconnected from the rest of the game. Unfortunately, it also does practically nothing to introduce new areas in the game. While I enjoyed my time in London the first time, I would have loved to see some new zones. At the very least, a couple of new blocks would make it much more worthwhile. Sadly, that’s not the case, as the city remains pretty much unchanged.

With both Aiden and Wrench playable, you’ll start the journey with Aiden and his first contract in the English city. The gameplay is somehow simplified, with the main story progressing and a handful of side quests that offer some in-game upgrades. Each character has their own abilities and gameplay style to help differentiate them and make them unique. You’ll unlock several new gadgets and weapons if you complete all quests, making the story progression a bit more fun.

Aiden feels a bit more standard when it comes to the gameplay, bringing a few abilities to spice things up. On the other hand, Wrench has much more enjoyable gameplay, with modified flying drones, and electrified sledgehammer to bash enemy skulls, and much more. On top of that, Wrench’s humor and personality are what give flavor to the DLC.

The story is good enough to keep you engaged, and the switch between the two characters mid-game is like a breath of fresh air. The plot focuses more on Aiden rather than Wrench, which makes sense with Aiden having been a previous main character. Aiden spends the story attempting to fix his relationship with his nephew Jackson. Wrench brings an interesting dynamic to the plot, becoming Aiden’s total opposite in personality and providing plenty of banter.

Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline takes roughly four to five hours long to complete. It comes with 12 main missions and a couple of side missions to help fill things out. The side missions are also kind of required if you want to get any good gear or upgrades. Yes, it’s not a lot of content for an expansion, but it comes at a pretty moderate price. For $15, that’s pretty good when comparing to other AAA games. It’s also part of the season pass, which has already delivered other content for the game, with more to come. If you’re not really into the game, then it might not be worth going all in.

All in all, the Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline gives players who were disappointed by the original game a taste of a classic single-player campaign. It’s not as interesting as I would have hoped, but it’s still worth checking out. You have two new playable characters, some new unlockable abilities, gadgets, and a few achievements to keep you busy. If you’re a hardcore fan of the series there’s no question if you should be jumping in. For those just hearing of the game, it might still be worth picking up for a fun and relaxing weekend. It’s especially worthwhile now that we have this new expansion.

Final Score: 7 out of 10

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