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Game Builder Garage Comes to Switch This June

Yesterday, Nintendo revealed a brand new DIY title in the form of Game Builder Garage. Spinning off slightly from the Nintendo Labo games, Game Builder Garage allows players to make their own games. Using fun little creatures called Nodon, anyone can make a game using lessons provided by Nintendo themselves. The game comes to Nintendo Switch in just over a month on June 11th, 2021. To see it in action, check out the announcement trailer below.

Each Nodon has a unique function, and players will combine their functions to create their games. For example, the Stick Nodon can combine with the Person Nodon to create and move a bipedal character. Combining the Button Nodon with the Person Nodon can also perform actions like jumping. There are dozens of Nodon to familiarize yourself with, each providing the basics to game development. With these tools, players can make platformers, racing games, puzzle games and more.

Speaking about the game, Nick Chavez, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, had this to say: “For anyone who has always wanted to make their own video games, Game Builder Garage is the perfect place to start. Through the use of guided lessons and memorable Nodon characters, Game Builder Garage helps make creating video games just as much fun as playing them!”

Players can start the game with the basics of Lesson Mode. The game will introduce players to the various Nodon and teach you them how to do basic programming. Using these interactive lessons, players will learn to make their games in a step-by-step process. As players take their lessons, the game will offer Checkpoints to test their knowledge with fun puzzles or tasks.

With Free Programming Mode, players can take the lessons they learned and get the freedom to make their own games. Players will be able to swap between the programming and game test with a simple press of a button. When you finish your game, you’ll be able to share it online or locally to other players. Of course, this means you’ll be able to download their creations as well, able to look at them in Programming mode to see how they made their game. In a lot of ways, this is Nintendo’s answer to Media Molecule’s Dreams.

Interestingly enough, Game Builder Garage is also compatible with a USB mouse in the Switch dock. This might make things easier for those that want the precision of the mouse. Players will also be able to use the Joy-Cons or Pro Controller as well. Game Builder Garage will launch on June 11th for $29.99 both digitally and physically.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to building your own games the Nintendo way? Let us know in the comments below!


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