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Review | The Outer Worlds: Murder On Eridanos

Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds has finally finished off its season pass of DLC with Murder On Eridanos. Dialing back on the combat heavy prior DLC, Murder On Eridanos instead prioritizes the robust dialogue system. Murder on Eridanos tasks the player with investigating the murder of famous actress Halcyon Helen. To do that, you’ll have to talk, shoot, and sleuth your way through an entire resort. In addition, Eridanos adds a higher level cap and several more items to adorn your character with. But just how well does this shape up for the game as a whole?

As far as the gameplay is concerned, the answer is a resounding yes. Murder On Eridanos fits in perfectly with the established content, recommended towards players close to the prior level cap. The introduction quest line also fits in nicely with the game at large, since it can be triggered at practically any time. Primarily, the player interacts with the world of Eridanos through collecting clues. To accomplish this, you obtain what’s essentially a talking eyeglass. The wisecracking eyeglass is who you’ll be spending most of your time with, and adds a unique twist on the typical companion system. When you’re not exploring for clues, you can do several side activities or even visit the hotel itself. Eridanos also adds several endgame items for you to use that rewards you for exploring. The main location feels very immersive in a way that the prior DLC’s Gorgon didn’t.

Like the rest of The Outer Worlds, the story does a good job of balancing tone. It can be funny when it needs to be, and well acted. The new and returning characters flesh out the Rizzo group, which continues the absurd corporate tone of the game with a unique twist which I won’t spoil. Meanwhile, the wealthy hotel guests you meet flesh out the upper crust of The Outer Worlds not often seen. Thanks to a focus on dialogue, the story really shines here.

Murder On Eridanos can be completed at your own pace, and doesn’t lock you into the quest-line, so if you miss something, you can come back. The core quest-line is possible to finish in a few hours, but completing the entire expansion on higher difficulties takes a lot more time. The core hotel area is resource heavy, but is also more fleshed out than the average in game location. Outside of the Hotel itself though, the DLC runs great and shows great optimization. You would be hard pressed to find a seam between Eridanos and the core game.

While The Outer Worlds still isn’t my cup of tea, mostly a lack of interest in the subject matter on my part, there is no doubt that there is a rare level of polish here. The Outer Worlds feels like an RPG from decades prior, primarily due to its attention to detail. While its tone and story may feel dated at times, each expansion improves on a solid foundation of great gameplay, and Murder On Eridanos is no exception.

Final Score: 8 out of 10

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