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Hawkeye Has His Sights Set for March 18th in Marvel’s Avengers

During the Marvel’s Avengers War Table Deep Dive, it was revealed that Hawkeye would release on March 18th. This is the same day that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X versions will release as well. Hawkeye is the second new character to join the roster after Kate Bishop’s release in December last year. With Marvel’s Avengers Operation: Hawkeye – Future Imperfect, players will visit an apocalyptic future where a Kree invasion has decimated the Earth. Check out the entire Deep Dive below.

In this operation, players will meet with an older Hawkeye who didn’t take part in the fight to save the Earth. Living with regret, he tries to make amends with his actions now, though it appears to be too late. Hawkeye wasn’t the only survivor though, as the Hulk also survived, though he has gone mad an assumed a new identity as the villainous Maestro. Maestro aims to rebuild the world in his own image, and he’s defeated the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and villains to reach that goal. This story takes inspiration from both the Old Man Hawkeye: An Eye for an Eye and Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon comic runs, as well as The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect. Taking place in both present and future timelines, this will likely set up events for future updates to come.

Clint will be joined by his trusty one-eyed canine companion Lucky for this adventure as well. Like Kate, Clint will have use of both his bow and sword, with multiple differences between the two. His Intrinsic Defense, Quickdraw Reflexes, allows him to dodge and parry with a quick bow shot on his foes. Dead Eye Skill allows Clint to focus his aim on a single target to increase damage from his shots. He’ll wield ten different types of arrows in his arsenal, making him a very versatile hero. This includes Grapple Arrows, which players can use for both traversal and attacks. Boomerang Arrows will seek out targets before they return to Clint for another shot. Implosion Arrows will pull enemies close to each other or work to move them away from you.

Tripwire Shot fires three arrows in a wide range, staggering foes and pushing back larger enemies. Rocket Arrows will attach to enemies and launch them in the air in a dazzling display. Pulsar Arrows attack to surfaces and build up energy before releasing to deal explosive damage. Clint’s Assault Heroic allows him to use Nightstorm Arrows, raining a volley of arrows down on an area. Interestingly enough, Clint’s Support Heroic, the Recovery Arrow, restores health to allies, making this Hawkeye a capable healer. His Ultimate Heroic, Hunter’s Arrow, will zip through enemies with ease in a large area (think Yondu’s arrow from Guardian’s of the Galaxy).

Just like all the heroes, Clint will come with a diverse set of skins and emotes that perfectly capture his character. This includes costumes inspired by his early comic appearances as well as his Ronin arc. We look forward to seeing Hawkeye arrive in March and we’ll have our review of the DLC when it arrives. What do you think? Does Hawkeye’s arrival make you excited to play more Marvel’s Avengers? What about the next-gen versions? Let us know in the comments below!


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