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Review | Destruction AllStars

I’m not a huge fan of vehicular based titles, but Destruction AllStars caught my attention when Sony announced the title back in June of last year. It was originally planned as a PS5 launch title, but it was pushed forward to February for additional polish. It’s an over-the-top action game that provides you with two real tasks. Go as fast as you can, and inflict as much damage on everyone else as possible. With a colorful cast of unique characters and fast-paced car carnage, this game serves as a promising yet hollow multiplayer introduction to PlayStation 5.

The game has four modes: two of which are team based, and the other two are solo. My personal favorite of the four is Mayhem. It’s definitely the most engaging and most competitive mode available. Lucid Games has given us 16 playable all-stars at launch to choose from, each with their own unique vehicle, vehicle ability, and an on-foot ability called a Breaker. Of the 16 characters, I found Twinkle Riot to be my character of choice. Her Breaker allows her to attack enemies consecutively on foot for a limited time, making her a destructive force. You and 15 other players are brought to one of several arenas with the goal of destroying vehicles for points. The overall goal is to rack up as many points as possible to achieve first place.

The game has a whole lot of personality in small doses. Part of this comes from the presentation. For starters, the commentator is none other than the voice of Bruce Buffer of UFC fame. The in-game commentary is colorful and cheeky, though super repetitive after about three games. Buffer doesn’t really have a ton of dialogue, though he really gives it to you if you’re losing. There’s also a bit of customization for the characters and vehicles, including emotes, skins and banners.

My favorite feature of Destruction Allstars is the gameplay transition to on-foot when your vehicle gets wrecked. You have to dodge other player’s vehicles by timing presses of the circle button, which is super satisfying when you successfully pull it off. All of the characters are quite nimble and provide traversal that was far better than what I would have expected. You can even leap on to other cars in an attempt to either blow them up or take them over. Sometimes, long stretches of time can go by before you find another vehicle, which can be pretty debilitating and make it hard to garner enough points to win. Vehicles spawn often in some areas of a game, and not in others, perhaps due to the remaining time of the match.

Where Destruction Allstars lacks so far is the amount of content that comes with its $69.99 price tag. Of course, you would only pay this if you weren’t a PlayStation Plus member, which is a requirement. Otherwise, the game will be available for free for all PlayStation Plus members till April 5th. Since the game is practically free, micro-transactions are pretty abundant, as expected. This is how you unlock new character skins, emotes, car skins, banners, etc. You’ll have the in-game currency you can earn just by grinding and leveling up, which grants access to most items. However, the premium currency will cost you some real-world dollars, which some cosmetics require. The skins are pretty, though a bit basic, and I’ve personally never really seen the value in the emotes.

Generally, I enjoy Destruction Allstars. It’s a fun, high-energy, launch window title with a future that simply relies on the attention to content moving forward. There’s a great formula to start with, but if this game is going to become as big I want it to be, the content roadmap needs to be promising. If you have a PlayStation Plus subscription, I’d oblige you to give it a try. You never know, it might just be your thing.

Final Score: 7.5 out of 10

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