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Review | Roundout by POWGI

Are you a wordsmith? Are you a lover of word puzzles? If so, then you’re probably already aware of the POWGI games by developer Lightwood Games. But in case you haven’t heard, their latest fare is the newly released Roundout by POWGI.


Tasking players with filling in preset word puzzles with only eight letters each puzzle, your brain will be put to the test! By combining the games Word Wheel and Criss Cross, Roundout is the end result. And while there’s some variety (three versus five letter minimum, for example) most of the 120 puzzles play out the same: come up with as many words as possible given the eight available letters and completely fill in the blanks. For those who might struggle with this task, there is a pretty friendly hint system that will fill in a blank square on the board.

With a regular price of $7.99 for PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, it has the potential for great value. But is it worth your time?


Like other POWGI games, the music is quite a bit of fun. The marimba is back in full force, but the composition is a little looser this time around. With more of a jazz composition, there are improvisations that are pretty entertaining. Roundout is a fun game to co-op with a friend or a loved one. You might even find enjoyment in said loved one pointing out super obvious words such as “Giant”, even though your favorite baseball team is the San Francisco Giants. This definitely isn’t an example of playing the game with my wife…


There isn’t a real sense of progression in Roundout. It feels like the second level is harder than the first, but other than that, it’s basically just the same concept and roughly the same difficulty for 120 puzzles. And the controls are a little awkward. Using the analog stick on a controller, it doesn’t snap on the diagonal letters very well.


In the end, Roundout by POWGI is a game that has the potential to provide hours of entertainment for word puzzle fans. Yet for the average player, it will probably only provide an hour or two of entertainment before moving on to the next thing.

Final Score: 6.5 out of 10

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