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Kate Bishop is Coming to Marvel’s Avengers December 8th

The newest War Table for Marvel’s Avengers just announced that the first season one hero, Kate Bishop, is arriving on December 8th. With a new operation known as Taking AIM, Kate will go on a search for her mentor Hawkeye Hawkeye. This new operation will involve time travel, secret conspiracies, and an all new enemy: the Super Adaptoid. This new enemy is an omega level threat and therefore requires a full team of Avengers to take down. Like all future characters, Kate is also available for free to all players. You can watch the full War Table Deep Dive video below.

Ashly Burch plays the role of Kate Bishop, bringing her spirit to the performance of the character. Using quantum energy, Kate can use special abilities like teleportation, double jumping, and air dashes. Of course, being Hawkeye’s protege, she also has a wide selection of bow skills and special arrows. Razor arrows allow for rapid fire damage or even charging for more powerful attacks. Scatter shot arrows allow for a wire spread of arrows, useful for crowd control from a distance. Explosive deal high damage and stagger enemies with higher defense. Finally, the smokescreen arrows create a cloud of smoke that makes enemies within easier to stun.

For Kate’s Heroics, she has a few different techniques that players will find unique to her. Her support heroic, Decoy, creates a quantum decoy that shoots arrows at her enemies. It’s basically making an auto turret. Furthermore, her After Image ability allows her to swap places with the decoy, allowing you to remotely detonate it to explode near your foes. Her assault Heroic, Warp Arrow, allows her to warp to her arrow, emerging with a quantum explosion. With an upgrade, you can even create wormholes for allies to use with these arrows. Finally, her Ultimate Heroic, Quantum Overdrive, powers up Kate’s bow and delivers unlimited quantum arrows for a short time.

The War Table concludes with a quick look at Hawkeye’s upcoming operation: Future Imperfect. We see a distant future where things don’t look good for humanity. This also includes a look at Maestro, an alternate more sinister version of Hulk with high intelligence. We can look forward to seeing more soon, as Hawkeye will arrive early 2021. For now, it won’t be too much longer before Kate arrives. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below!


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