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Interested in Cyberpunk 2077? Try Deus Ex First.

CD Projekt Red has been around for over two and a half decades, though they’ve only gained notoriety in recent years. Their depiction of The Witcher novels gained them a lot of fans, though it wasn’t till 2015’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that the mainstream crowd truly realized their contribution to the industry. With the popularity of the Netflix adaptation, the game has more people playing than ever. Despite this, CD Projekt Red has another game that has gained them a lot of attention, and excited gamers will get to play it in just one month. That game is Cyberpunk 2077, a game that has left many impressed, including our team here at GotGame. As impressive as the game looks though, some may be following the hype train too much. That’s why we have a suggestion for those that are interested in playing: play the Deus Ex series.

It’s easy for consumers to have high expectations, especially when a product gets a lot of hype. While we think the hype for Cyberpunk 2077 is deserved, we felt it was our duty to set expectations. The last thing we want is to see people buy games that simply aren’t their cup of tea. After seeing a bit of the game, we couldn’t help but notice how similar it was to the Deus Ex franchise. It’s pretty easy to compare the two. Both are set in a futuristic cyberpunk setting with RPG and stealth mechanics used from a first-person perspective. They both offer dialogue options to potentially alter the story, and they have playable characters with cybernetic augmentations. In a lot of ways, Cyberpunk 2077 is just a broader version of Deus Ex.

There are four Deus Ex games available. This includes Deus Ex, Deus Ex: Invisible War, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. While all of these games showcase a lot of the same elements, Human Revolution and Mankind Divided will give you the closest Cyberpunk 2077 experience. All four games are available on Steam, though if that’s not an option for you, Mankind Divided is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well. You can play Human Revolution on Xbox One through backwards compatibility, but it’s also available on PlayStation 3 and Wii U. These games do go on sale very often, and none of them exceed $29.99 as of this writing. The original Deus Ex and its direct sequel are even currently $6.99 on Steam.

While there are still plenty of differences between the two franchises, Deus Ex should give a good idea of what to expect. While you can’t drive around a city as lively as Night City, you can explore futuristic slums and residential areas. Visit red light districts and see what the underbelly of the city has to explore. One big difference is that Cyberpunk 2077 gives three different campaign life paths: Nomad, Corpo, and Street Kid. Playing in these different life paths can give you vastly different experiences. If any of them were close to Deus Ex, it would probably be Corpo, but it’s still apples and oranges.

Either way, this isn’t so much play Deus Ex instead of Cyberpunk 2077. It’s more like one will help you understand another before playing it. People gamble on game purchases all the time and sometimes come back disappointed. If playing an older game helps you know what to expect before the purchase, then we hope this suggestion helps. Cyberpunk 2077 releases on November 19th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia. We should have a review sometime around the release as well.


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