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access_time September 23, 2020 at 8:10 PM in News by Cole Nixon

Here’s the Fortnite 14.20 Patch Notes

Fortnite’s 14th season has reached the beginning of its halfway point. Released tonight is the Fortnite 14.20 update, with new changes and additions for you to explore.


First up, is the addition of Wolverine as a roving boss around the Weeping Woods. As part of this, Weeping Woods and Salty Springs have been slightly redesigned. In addition, the Rocket League and Fortnite Birthday challenges are now available for players to complete and earn exclusive cosmetics as part of the anniversary events. For the Kpop fans, the BTS Reveal will bring two new dance emotes inspired by the music. Meanwhile, the Limited Time Mode added is Marvel Takeover, a point defense inspired match-up.


While the additions may not be as substantial as previous updates, the changes are where it’s at. Collectors can finally rest, as the Midas flopper is finally obtainable, albeit at a 1% drop. Several classic Team Rumble modes have been unvaulted, along with the Gift Box collectable. Going into the vault is the scoped assault rifle, though not in Unvaulted Team Rumble.

There are also lots of new bug fixes, including:

  • Replay save issues on PlayStation 4.
  • Disappearing fishing spots on PC with low settings.
  • Fishing spot visibility on Nintendo Switch and Mobile.
  • Saving Heroes Park and Ghost House as Discoverable Locations after discovering them.
  • Boundless set sticker customization: menu sticker limit.
  • Placing objects on the ground no longer removes grass.
  • Removed grass flickering issues.
  • Fixed issue with Redline Ramirez’s Commander Perk not working with Sniper Rifles.
  • Fixed issue where starting a game inside a B.R.U.T.E. allows players to take inventory items back to the Hub.
  • Resolved issue where fiends weren’t pursuing players properly.
  • Ball spawners no longer launch extra balls after equipping using the Quickbar.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dark Tilted Theater Prefab doors could be opened up through a boarded up prop.
  • Removed blocking collision issue with Meteor Particles.
  • Fixed a broken shadow on the Fortilla gallery street light.
  • Trick Tiles no longer destroy staircases beneath the floor they were attached to when triggered in minigames.
  • Fixed an issue where players weren’t granted items from the Team Settings and Inventory device at the start of a round.
  • Team Member Eliminated Transmit On setting now works properly.


Currently, Epic has begun the process of granting access to the updated store layout. Presumably once the rollout has been concluded, more cosmetics will be offered per day. As of writing, the BTS emotes are now in store for all players for 800 V-bucks. An edit style for the Venturion skins was included for players who currently own it, and presumably the skin will return to the store sometime soon. As for the Marvel cosmetic content, all evidence points to Blade being the next marvel skin to be released.

What do you think of the new Fortnite 14.20 additions? Are you currently playing the season or waiting for more of the content to drop? Let us know down below.


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