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Review | The Outer Worlds: Peril On Gorgon

The Outer Worlds was, in my opinion, quite underrated last year. While it wasn’t the most unique title, it did deserve more of a look than it got. Obsidian’s action RPG stacks up when compared to the smaller size of its studio. The first expansion, Peril On Gorgon, is finally out (Switch release coming soon). For newcomers, the DLC isn’t available from the start, though you only have to complete half the story to access it. As for the content itself, Peril On Gorgon is a well rounded, if average experience.

If you like the core gameplay loop of The Outer Worlds, you will likely enjoy this expansion. Ultimately, it’s more of the same, albeit good, content. The story begins with the protagonist receiving a strange, yet gruesome package. From there, you get an invitation to an asteroid mansion to begin a quest of galactic intrigue. This involves a search for Dr. Olivia Ambrose, providing a new mystery for players to uncover.

The planet of Gorgon is about as large as a normal planet in the game, and several returning locations are fleshed out as well. Unfortunately, you find all that content and breeze through it fairly quickly. You can complete the main quest in about five hours, and if you go into every scenario guns blazing, you’ll run out of targets even quicker. For those worried about a lack of content, there are several strings of side missions available to bide your time.

The graphics will feel familiar for the most part, with Gorgon offering an extra atmosphere to explore. In addition, you’ll find new armors, weapons and variants on Gorgon. Several of the new guns offer a unique way of play or take advantage of the in depth weapon attachments. There’s even a new melee weapon that can pull enemies in for your attack. For the min-maxers, the level cap gets a boost to 33, allowing players access to new perks and traits. There’s also new flaws for players to gain if they so choose.

While short, this is a decent expansion, and I got a solid ten hours of play while trying out the new gear. Personally, The Outer Worlds is not really my cup of tea. However, Peril On Gorgon proves that Obsidian is still capable of putting out capable expansions. While it doesn’t stack up to expansions by larger studios, it’s a great effort by Obsidian. If you’re a fan of the game, this will be essential to continue your experience. However, if the original experience didn’t grab you, you probably won’t gain much more from Peril On Gorgon.

Final Score: 6.5 out of 10

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