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Tell Me Why Episode Three Collectibles Guide

Tell Me Why, the newest narrative adventure game from Dontnod Entertainment, tells a whimsical story of two siblings and their memories. While players will discover Tyler and Alyson Ronan’s memories in the game, they’ll likely also discover collectibles. These collectibles are usually characters found in the Ronan’s Book of Goblins. With several to find in each episode, GotGame has you covered with this Tell Me Why Episode Three Collectibles Guide. If for whatever reason you miss them, you can still go back to collect them in Isolation Mode. Looking for the collectibles in the first episode or second episode? You can click here and here!

Episode Three:

There are three collectibles in the third episode of Tell Me Why. This is different than the previous episodes, which had five each. Two of the collectibles in this episode require solving a puzzle while another is slightly hidden.

The Secret Keeper:

During the chapter “Like Mother, Like Daughter”, Alyson will be able to go into Eddy’s room. In his closet is a special lock box that references The Book of Goblins. Reading the story shows that the box requires a coin (you have to find the box before going to get the coin). After placing the box down, enter the living room and on a small table near a window, you’ll find a wallet and a few other items. There’s some Quarters on the table as well, so take one and return to the box to insert the coin, collecting The Secret Keeper inside.

The Old Bear:

In the chapter “Adrift”, you’ll eventually make your way into Sam’s living space. Examine his desk near the workshop window and you’ll be able to open the desk drawer. Inside is The Old Bear for you to collect.

The Gold Lady:

For the final collectible, this takes place during the chapter “Princess and Tiara”. After entering the loft, the first puzzle will be the key to collecting The Gold Lady. If you’re having trouble solving the puzzle, you need to select the differences that don’t appear in the story in The Book of Goblins. These differences include the opening text at the top, the princess behind the tree, the castle, the bush underneath the Mad Hunter, and the Mad Hunter’s hands. Selecting these will open up a secret compartment with The Gold Lady inside.

And that’s it! With this and the other two guides, you should have all 13 collectibles in Tell Me Why. After collecting The Gold Lady, you should also be able to place each collectible at their altar in the loft.


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